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  1. Hello. Thanks for your reply. I noticed the Tony Attwood book previously but was put off slightly by the title, thinking it would be specifically for people bringing up kids. Is the information just as relevant for adult sufferers and the friends/family of?
  2. I'd also like to post this because it amuses me-
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a good general overview of aspergers syndrome for myself and my family. I'm 23, and while I haven't sought a diagnosis, I feel as certain as I can be after a fair bit of reading on the internet that I am an aspergers sufferer. I have had a good look around on amazon and elsewhere for a book which would tell me more about the condition and also help my family to understand, but the majority of books on the subject seem to be focused on parents raising children with aspergers. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good book which looks at the condition and related issues as they affect adults? Thanks for your help.
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