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  1. shop online is my advice! also do what ever is safe, as you say, lucky a nice person found him, its not worth the risk..
  2. Know this is an old topic but logged on for the first time in AGES, and wondered how J`smum was doing? As for me, my son is 17 and a half now, didnt get the placement as only just opend last month due to delays and he isnt deemed priority anymore, which is good, still goes on night a week and now has a weekend every 6 weeks. Life is good... when I think back to the awful years, when the good folk on this forum were the only thing that kept me sane! I am sooo glad to be out the other end. hope alls well with you all. Enid.
  3. sending you hugs and support. I was where you are a few years ago. xx
  4. yes, have been in this position many times, always when I was doing something for myself, as you were, did you tell him, I learnt not to, as if I was doing anything other than, working or staying at home I would get that call, they also wouldnt follow him once he reached the gates, (health and safety) and would just phone the police, who as you say were too nice.
  5. Hi, hows it going. my own lad is 16 now, things are good at the mo but will be in your position soon, probably looking at supported living, so will be interested in replies. scary to think they will be adults soon.
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