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  1. yep jo, it's the red hot chilli peppers must admit though it's quite catchy My boy stepped in the door from school today and straight to the comp to add to his theme park! he actually wants me to give him the money to build a 'real' one, I always say 'yes son, if I win the lottery' Brook
  2. :o We have the roller coaster obsession as well :o thought we were the only ones He has a roller coaster simulator and has created his own theme park on the comp, he goes trawling through youtube for roller coasters If I hear that song he keeps finding one more time I'm gonna scream... Roller coaster oooh oooh.... Brook
  3. Try googling concerta and tics, a few things come up. Brook
  4. Hi Cariad, don't quote me on this! but I think it's because if kids are generally prone to tics then these meds can increase tics, so obviously if he has tourette's then he has tics, so I suppose it could increase the severity of his tics. I'm sure I've read this somewhere, I'll have a search as well. Brook
  5. Brook


    Hi Linda, has he had his thyroid levels checked? probably okay but I have an overactive thyroid and I am constantly hungry, I don't put on weight with eating either. Having said all that my ASD son hasn't got thyroid probs and he is forever in the fridge, we are always saying he should be built like a brick **** house with what he puts away but he is like a rake Brook
  6. Brook

    MRI scan!!

    Hi Mel, they will probably give him a little sedation in the form of liquid, my son had an MRI and this is what they did for him. Hope the results are good, I'm not even gonna try and say 'don't worry' cos you are a mum and that's what we do.. Brook <'> edited to say: my son went for a visit a few days before and they showed him the machine and explained about the 'drink', also they showed him the headphones he would wear etc.. maybe they do the same at your hospital.
  7. Sounds Great hope he continues to enjoy it, and nice one for you and hubby to have some chill time. Brook
  8. My NT son has always done this to get to sleep, he does it very fast from side to side and I sometimes wonder why it doesn't end up giving him a headache. Brook
  9. Hi all, I know this is a very old thread, but we still have these same issues, just wondering if anyone else has either found a strategy that works or if anyone else is experiencing similar. Thanks Brook
  10. So very shocked and saddened at hearing this very sad news... my thoughts and prayers are with mrs P and the phaslets... <'> >< <'> Brook <'>
  11. Hi all, When my son is angry or going into meltdown he immediately starts to punch the back of his head.. , he used to go straight to the door or the floor and start head banging on it, that seems to have faded, but he now does this awful punching.. I immediately jump up and re-direct him, but it is really horrible to see him try to do that. He is not physically violent to anyone at all, in fact if someone annoys him he starts thumping his 'own' head! He doesn't seem to be doing it as much lately, but it does appear when he is very upset, now I know it probably is his way of dealing/expressing his anger, but I really need to find a way for him to express it without doing that, as I said I do re-direct him as soon as he starts doing this, but do you think that I could teach him a more appropriate way of expressing..? I'm just concerned that in the heat of the moment this will be his initial reaction. He definitely is not doing this for a reaction from me or attention, this is his sheer frustration. I have asked him when he is calm if, it hurts when he does it and he says 'no'.. but he doesn't do it full pelt, so maybe he is sort of controlling how hard he does it, but nonetheless I really need to help him out of it. Anyone experience or suggestions please, I really would appreciate them, it goes right through me when he does it and I really want to help him out here. I was thinking of using an anger chart, like the ones that rate where you are on the anger scale, but he goes from zero to a hundred in two seconds flat, so I don't think we would be in time to catch it. Thanks Brook
  12. Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone else's child or yourself experiences similar..? My son cannot look up at the ceiling/sky or basically up above him, he says that it makes him feel sick. Also when we go on escalators he has to look down at his feet and grips the handrail tightly cos he says it makes him sick. I must admit I'm a little like that myself when looking at the video games they play with the motion of it, but he doesn't seem to mind these.. don't know why I'm asking really, just curious.. thanks Brook
  13. Just saw this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/7231388.stm not that my son is at all athletic, he hates it.. but I know there are others that are. Brook
  14. Just looking at things from a slightly different angle, I think somedays when we are feeling ill, rundown, headache etc.. our kids are not setting out to annoy us because they sense our problem, but more the case of when we are down we are less able to handle it all, ie.. if my son is shouting at the top of his voice, most days it goes right over my head, 'but' if I have say a headache and he is shouting at the top of his voice I cannot obviously stand it..! but he is not doing it because he has picked up on my headache and is trying to make it worse, he is just doing the things he always does and it is 'me' that is the one reacting differently. So whilst I do agree that routine etc.. is vital and the consistency must be kept up, it isn't always possible, I think it's asking the impossible.. Did any of that make sense.. Brook
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEV Have a great day.. Brook
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