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  1. My son Tyler was diagnosed Autistic 3 weeks ago but has been a long time coming. We started the tests etc off at 2.5 years. He has varied in his behaviour but has recently started screaming - a really high pitched scream - for no reason. We tell him not to do it and he always says sorry but does it again anyway. He also makes odd noises, for example, bangs his chest and go's 'na na na na na na na' over and over again. He has another new habit too, whereby he shouts VERY loudly "Nee High Hair" and I've no idea what this means or where it comes from. Reading this posting before I send it, it almost makes me laugh but what I really need is some advice to try and curb this vocalisation. He has fairly good verbal skills but these elements worry me. It attracts unwanted scowls from "The great uninformed" as I call them. Thanks, Nicki
  2. I'm in Swindon. LEA have been OK but pre-school were SUPERB. Tyler is 5 in September but has been accepted to a fantastic special school, 6 to a class with 1 teacher and 2 assistants, which specialises in ASD. Its called Chalet School and I am massively impressed with it and am delighted he was accepted - although had the LEA refused they would of had a campaign going on - I'm not easily pacified!!!!!! The professionals involved with his ongoing assessments have been brilliant too - we've been very fortunate.
  3. Have bought some of these - a badge that says 'I have autism, please be patient with me', 'I'm not naughty I'm on the autistic spectrum' and 'god gives special children to special parents for a special reason'. I've also bought a chamr bracelet from Ebay with the autism awareness ribbon on (in silver) and lots of people comment on it - it gives the opportunity to explain too.
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    Thanks - that really helped. Not sure if there is another Tylers Mum - I only joined last week though! I think I put his earnings down as about �400 a month (on a good month!). It said it was refused on the basis of earnings. I need to do some digging. Thanks for your help
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    Hi - am hoping you can help. This is only my second posting. My son will be 5 in September and we get middle rate DLA (about �165 a month?) and was diagnosed with ASD 3 weeks ago. We've been getting DLA for a few months though, based on his 'behaviour' and general symptoms. My husband stays at home with him while I go to work (financial reasons - I earn more) and has a part time job which he does very early in the morning, before I go to work. We recently applied for Carers Allowance foir my husband because if he could give up his part time job, his life would be considerably easier, but they turned him down. Do you think its worth re-applying now we have a diagnosis? BTW, my son has also had lots of sight tests since and he has very bad eyesight, which is another new thing since we applied for Carers/DLA. Should we re-apply for both?
  6. Yes, I did. He hated the taste of it - I bought the citrus one, so I "hid" it in some milk. He drank it no problem but 2 minutes later threw up everywhere. Its very oily. If you can get your child to take it, I'm sure it is good stuff, but my son just couldn't cope with it, I think it was the denseness of it.
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