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  1. apparantly if you put conditioner thru ur hair, then put a shower cap on over it, leave it overnight, it suffocates them and they die! also I have heard vodka in the hair is a good alternative to the hedrin stuff, and may work out cheaper lol I have not tried either tho!
  2. work or some sort of voluntary work will provide some sort of social contact at least......do u work?
  3. another thing i wanted to add is, of course ur not a 'bad mother' you are just trying to help your son as best u can, it sounds as though the school will be very supportive. Hopefully if you all work together, things will improve for both u and Christian. ur aknowledging the fact something is 'wrong' (whatever the cause may be) and doing something about it. There may be some underlying issue thats bothering him.
  4. great the school are so supportive, so hopefully they will continue to help him through it. communication between you and the school is the best thing, so you can work together.
  5. Great u managed to get him to go into school anyway, and that he stayed there. Did he call you from his own phone or school office phone? If he was using his own phone why was he not in class? Or why was he using his phone in class? what procedures have the school put in place for when he says he feels like this?? Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to meet with school staff to discuss the issues he is having, and decide what should be done when this happens. Also perhaps tell him its not ok to call u during school hours, and if there is a problem he should seek help from staff, who will call you if it is indeed an emergency. Do you and he know the staff well enough to trust them to work through the problem with?
  6. why not put what u want to say in writing, it might make it a bit easyer.
  7. I think AS affects each individual so differently, and each person has different ways of adapting and coping that often no one will see the 'signs' of being Autistic. What about any close family members? You could ask about what your interests were as a child. What you played with etc. Rather than asking if they think you have Aspergers, because u probably won't be steriotypically AS. Many people have the wrong perception of Autism. thanks: its an old song, i just stole the lyrics ha ha
  8. Aspie hunting This group contains passive hunting traits. One part of the traits is related to preferred habitats (e.g. slowly flowing water; caves; woods; liking mist or fog). Another part seems to be close-contact hunting traits (e.g. jumping over things; climbing; chasing animals; biting; enjoying spinning in circles; strong grip; strong hands; physical endurance; enjoying rodeo riders). Some other traits are related to sneaking (e.g. sneaking through the woods; sneaking up on animals; walking on toes) and general hunting tactics (e.g. mimicking animal sounds; digging; throwing small things; building traps; fascination for fire; sniffing) this was from the same website, after you take the quiz, click on 'detailed results suitable for printing PDF'
  9. It depends on who they are and what you have sent them a message about, is it a close friend just someone you know do they have a busy stressful life (probably most people on here do) But I totally understand your frustration and upset when people don't reply to your messages, esp when u think of them as a friend.
  10. thats good then, perhaps the school could start him off with something computer related, that will interest him.
  11. it is understandable that he will be anxious, new place, new people etc. Though with only 10 pupils it will probably be an ideal setting for your son, the fact that it is attatched to a mainstream school is also great, as when he feels comfortable enough he may be able to access some mainstream classes with support of the unit. How many staff will there be for the 10 pupils? Deff ask them lots of questions, poss without ur son being there at the time. How they handle challenging behaviour, or if he becomes withdrawn etc. Do they offer daily communication as in home school diary etc or even a phone call at the end of the day at the beginning, just to let u know how things have been, and you could also let them know of any worries your son has. hopefully things go well for him, will he be attending full time?
  12. does he know any of the staff who will be working with him? or any of the other pupils? also has he been for a visit? was it a successful visit?
  13. I would aknowledge the fact that he is feeling 'ill' and finding things difficult, but that you are still going along with the plan, so a picnic, take him along, and if he feels ill offer him an alternative to help him cope. a quiet space to sit away from others untill he feels better. or go for a walk untill he feels better and then join in. or plan for it to be shorter than usual. So you are only making him stay for a short while. Ok I know you are feeling ill, but we are having a picnic and we are going to stay untill 2pm and then we can go home. As it does seem strange that he recovers quickly and that its doing things that are not usually stressful for him. As he has done them before for years.
  14. Hi, can anyone recommend a good website to buy these or something similar? So many around so b good to use one others have used and is reliable. Thanx
  15. i felt very sorry for the little girl who had eating issues. wee girl age 4 mealtimes were soo stressful for both her and her mother. the mum was soo worried and anxious about her daughter not eating that she force fed the child who ended up very distressed. was happy to see that mealtimes were becoming more relaxed and that the wee girl was beginning to eat without food being forced back her throat. the one with the violent little boy and the 2yr old was also interesting. but his mum admitted herself that she did not want anyone to disipline her son, and she did not do it either because he was her 'baby' at 5 yrs old. But dad wasn't really allowed to intervine too much either because he was not the wee boy's biological father. All he did was tell him to hit 'dad' and not mummy, which wasn't really teaching him anything other than re-enforcing that its OK to hit, kick and punch.
  16. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics...ith-bleach.html very tragic story
  17. awe thats a shame that the meeting didn't go ahead. hopefully any concerns will b in the e-mail and will be looked at.
  18. i think if you do get a dx it will eventually bring u some relief in away.............u will know that there is a reason for the way you are. and i am sure your family will just be the same with u, your friends and collegues may treat u differently though as maybe they are unsure about what AS is, and maybe nor sure how to react to you. hope everything goes well for you whatever happens and hope my reply makes sense
  19. hope things go well at the appointment at college tomorrow
  20. glad that u have had a chat about things now. tho writing an e-mail is 100 times easyer than approaching someone in person OR making a phonecall. I still find making phonecalls very difficult, and I even have problems with talking to people I know well on the phone, e.g if my sister phones me. If I do manage to make a call i spend loads of time thinking about it, planning it, working out what I should say, and i prefer to go off somewhere on my own to do it. So it doesn't surprise me it took her 3 weeks to do it. What harm can it do to make the occasional call for her? because its something she will always have difficulty doing and will always cause a lot of stress. I know because no one will make phonecalls for me, and while I do occasionaly have to make a phonecall, i will always try to avoid it if possible because of the stress it causes. I have been left to do it on my own for years and its not got any easyer. I do realise you want her to be independant, but life is a struggle as it is without adding to the stress. though I could be totally wrong just offering my opinion.
  21. bean bag to sit/lie on? or a nice rug or even just a mat on the floor or small matress? depends on where it is and what u plan on putting in it? its all dependant on what your child likes really i suppose. do u have a toy library? we have one and they have several diff sensory packs that can be borrowed, v good as u can try things out before you buy them. they also have projectors and fiberoptics etc that can be borrowed they have a nice vibrating cushion tho not tried that yet, and a pillow that u can plug an ipod.mp3 player in to. what about a wee tent to hide in? or a table to hide under? also u can buy these....tho not sure u would want one. as they cost £50 http://www.tts-group.co.uk/Product.aspx?cref=TTSPR1103642 good luck with it
  22. what age is T and what was this exam for? I can understand where she is coming from about the unable to approach people or make phonecalls/appointments etc. she probably gets 'offish and unresponsive' when you are nagging because you are nagging at her to do something that she finds almost impossible to do. i don;t think its because she doesn't like the sound of your voice. tho she probably does not want to hear you repeat what u have asked her to do when she is already streesed/worried about doing it. (i think the nagging could just make things worse) not sure what to advise really as i am unsure of the whole situation. but hospital apointments etc could you not offer to help with the phonecall, i.e you make the actual call??
  23. sorry no advice but helloand welcome and love your quote
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