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  1. Happy B'day hope u had a nice day x Happy, happy, happy, happy, birthday to you, Have a happy day today! Everybody here wishes you a happy birthday, Have a happy day today! twentyone, twentytwo, twentythree, twentyfour? twentyfive, twentysix, or maybe more? Everybody here wishes you a happy birthday with lots of birthday cards through your door. Happy Birthday!
  2. that is fantastic news you must be so proud!
  3. have not watched this yet, but will wathc it on bbc iplayer.
  4. sounds like a fun day out! yeh ur meant to tie the specs on! didn't you know that???
  5. glad ur enjoying urself bid
  6. great glad ya enjoyed it mumble, i think i will watch it when it comes out on DVD
  7. enjoy the peace and quiet
  8. nice to hear from you again Warren.
  9. i wouldn't worry too much about it to be honest, he eats a lot healthyer than what i do, and i am still here! haha i would reccomend a blender tho, i still blend my soup, its the only healthy thing i will eat.
  10. The Autistic Me the bbc3website tells u a wee bit more about it.
  11. ah that was fun and when u complete it u go back to the beginning and find diff objects.
  12. rubber glove? (the disposable type that drs etc use) or food bag tied around ur hand?
  13. sending lots of positive vibes your way + + + + +
  14. sorry just thought i would put them all at top of one post so its easyer to find and vote for them stuart Sian Cameron (north kyme)
  15. I've seen one................in a museum!
  16. yup saw that on the news the other day
  17. added my votes good to c sian back shame she is way back at the beginning again
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