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  1. Merry Christmas Everyone Hope you all have a goodun' and it's not too stressful
  2. Pleased to hear you all had a good time - hopefully next time.
  3. Hi Jadzia Welcome to the forum, I have one dx'd son on the spectrum and the rest of the family are all aspie to some extent. You'll love it here, excellent people, excellent advise. You're obviously a Star Trek fan me thinks
  4. To relax and switch off varies. If it's a weekend relax after a long week at work then I take the Land Rover and go off-roading On the evening (once the youngest ones are in bed) I get a nice big glass of something alcoholic and then curl up in front of TV watching a nice historic or geographic documentary or I go to bed and read a book
  5. <'> >< <'> JenRose - it hits you like a brick babe but it'll all be ok, your little one is still the same person she's always been and the help is there for her now she's been dx'd. Take it easy, the anger will subside and with acceptance comes a strength you never know you had.
  6. The only jokes I know are not suitable for daytime viewing
  7. From Geordieland - born and bred
  8. Last night Martin set fire to the kitchen I'm not angry with him just despairing. Luckily no one was hurt just a bit of shock but the cooker will need replacing. Thankfully just smoke damage to extractor hood and nearby units which I've managed to clean up with Cillit Bang! I was out but hubbs was at home so when he discovered the fire he sent all the kids over to the neighbour's house after getting Martin to phone the fire brigade! I'd love to have seen it, 2 fire engines, lots of burly firemen (with big smoke extractor machine) and Martin running up and down the street screaming that he was "the worst kid in the world". Ah well, life with autistics, never a dull moment. I guess that's why we get DLA. Wierd thing is I remember posting not so long ago that I wondered if Martin would be able to live alone without setting fire to the house - guess that answers that concern.
  9. When I see Martin upset Not when he's angry or violent or swearing....that's just exasperating! But when he's sad it just seems to totally envelope him - he really does become misery personified. When he was little someone once described him as the "most miserable child they'd ever met" (that was before his dx and he was hiding under a truck at the time) but his misery is so extreme, so low, so sad. I worry some days what life will be like when he grows up, assuming he ever does make it that far. On the other hand when he's happy he's delirious - he swings like a pendulum from one extreme to the other. Do you think he'll be ok in the future? I worry that's all.
  10. :thumbs: :thumbs: Jen that's fantastic news. I reckon you get the Best Mum Ever award for all the fighting you've been through the last couple of years.
  11. Hi Anne - welcome in Twins with AS it's no wonder you feel
  12. Hi Russ welcome to the boards. This is one of the best asd forums ever and you'll find plenty of support here. Sounds like you have plenty to give too having been through 16 years of this already. Hi to your son too.
  13. He obviously feels a need to talk about this so perhaps instead of an alert bracelet you could get him an "autism awareness" bracelet - I got one for Martin when he was first diagnosed (it was during the charity bracelet fad) and he was then able to talk to people about his AS and the bracelet helped as a conversation piece. This way he could maybe talk about his sister's diagnosis and how he thinks he's got it too but his isn't as obvious. I know when Martin was first dx'd the whole family began to see aspieness within themselves too and I do believe that one of my other kids (he's 14) has AS too but it wouldn't be dx'd now. I'm pretty certain I'm AS but I don't see the need for a dx at my age. As you say alert bracelets are more for medical emergencies like diabetes, epilepsy etc.
  14. Drat I'm not going to make it now, just been told about some Scout leaders thing I'm supposed to go to. Sorry all. catch you at the next one.
  15. You know what I like this thread and why? It's just so good to know your kid isn't the only one struggling in a world of homework. My older lads have never struggled with homework and the daughter only occasionally so to hear you all talk this way about the problems I have with Martin - well it's kinda comforting in a strange way
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