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  1. Hello i am 25 Woman with Aspergers. My passion is animals. i breed dogs. I own 6 dogs and a cat.I love music and tried varies insruments as a child but never could learn to read music so i didnt get very far. I like may kinds of music but not hard rock with swear words in etc.
  2. i am 25 with Asperger i left school with 6 GCSE and then wen to college. i had little money and needed a job but i could no cope with geting a job. i kept thinking of things that i could not do like bar and restaurant because of the quick pace and lots of people. my mum than went through jobs that i could manage Working in New Look organising the clothes - that i love offering dog walking services for neighbours or gardening My mum did have to help me ge the job with a lot of pushing but once i got it i love it as i was working alone but had the occasionally work friend help.
  3. Hi I am 23,HFA and dyslexic diagnoised Dont look people in the eye : Cant start a conversation Dont have an obbesive topic but do like animals Think literly Never dated or had a boyfriend as i have little to say and dont know what to say Currently living in France with my mother but trying to start my oxn business breeding my dogs and looking after peoples dogs. From Emily ps i m going to see you video now
  4. I am 23 My report says i might have aspberger.I kind of wanted a yes you definating have it or no. She says that in my speach there was no odd prosody or inflection in my speach but it was rigid which i thought that if you speach isnt odd or formal etc you dont have aspberger. What is odd anyway because i talk fast sometimes not at all is that odd. However she talks about my IQ test showing signs and my love of routines and not understanding meanings like 'One Swallow does noes make a summer' Whatever you feel i am not offended but what i cant do is ask her for a yes because she coundt do it and said that i would have to go privately cost money i will bever have.
  5. Hi I have been on this site for a while now but now that i am diagnosed with HFA(Aspberger) i feel better to write on it. At the beginning (few months ago) i was depressed my mother told me that i was retarded and some thing was wrong,then as if it was a sign a true movies came on about a boy with autism his was severe ie no communication just rocking and watching things spin.Something snapped i knew that i rocked so i search autism and found aspberger. It was like the description was about me. i feel better now that i have a diagnosis and in some way i thank my mum for say that i am retarded as it pointed me into the direction of Asperger. I am 23 years old, recently moved to France to set up a animal business,I speak no french and due to not being great with talking to people i have never had a boyfriend and fear that i never will although i love being alone.
  6. I am 23 British but live in France recently.My mum had a huge row over something and declared that i must be mentally handicaped because i cant manage on my own. It was all very hurtful but some of the things that she mentioned were right like no friends and i have been told by other people that i am very polite but come off as being rude sometimes with no eye contact.I also rock back and forth when happy listening to music and when anxious. I believe that i have asperger as i know or have been told that i show many of the signs.I always put my behaviour to dyslexia and being slow but believe maybe my attitude to people compared to my dogs might be something else. my mum is all for me getting a diagnosis.I AM SCARED SHARING MY THOUGHT TO MY DAD THOUGH. I will be going to the UK and also anxious about what they will test me on as i have never done well with ed pys test and dyslexia test i get very scared and this impairs my result. Any help on what to say to my dad and especially what roughly will happen when getting a diagnosis. Thank you in Advance Emily
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