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  1. No that wasnt the right way to handle things - i would have a word with this teacher. At my daughters Nursery they use a sad catepiller and if a child is naughty their name is put on sad caterpillar for a day - not that my daughter is bothered she's quite often on sad caterpillar Clare
  2. Where i am there is a social services run nursery(there might be where you are) both my kids went there 2 full days a week free (but only if your on some kind of benefit e.g. family tax credit etc.). you could look into it Clare
  3. Oi Whats wrong with Sunderland (mackem and proud of it) I can do Newcastle but dont know my way round very well Clare
  4. But if you dont know anything about asd's/aspergers you think your childs just quirky, i did and as i said i lived with him 24/7 and he never cried when i left him with other poeple but when he was in my company he was, still is very clingy and if he hurts himself he runs away not to me - he never cuddled me - i cuddled him or pointed to anything and i didnt notice that until it was pointed out. dont feel giulty <'> i bet most of us on here didnt see it coming, if you dont know what your looking for you just think thats the way your child is. Clare <'>
  5. <'> Dont beat yourself up over it - even when your living with that child 24/7 you cant always notice things until they are pointed out to you, to you he's just your quirky little boy, thats how i felt anyway sorry i cant really help with the behaviours - my sons severe asd so his behaviours are different but from what you have said they all sound like typical aspergers to me. Clare
  6. Quick someone get the men in white coats for Baddad
  7. I know Kathryn, they always pick things that are either unsiutable (hoovers, washing machines etc) or hard to replace or easily broken Saying that i dont think anything is H proof Clare
  8. Ugggghhh Baddad - thats gross Warts and Verucca's are a sore point with us - H has them all over his feet and the GP just gave us cream to put on them - says it'll take about 3 months for them to go - in the meantime his shoes are rubbing the warts on the side of his big toes
  9. I e-mailed Elc and they sent me the name of the manufacturer Red Toy Box Factory - but i cant find them anywhere on the net, so i e-mailed them again asking for their contact details ans she said she hasnt got them So i'm stuck and H's "light bulb" is starting to break Clare
  10. I ordered my copy about a month ago from HMV Clare
  11. awwww i'm sure you wont have to wait that long <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> Clare
  12. Thanks CMiur, I'll try ebay - but there isnt a discount shopping centre near me and i cant drive
  13. AWW thats soooo funny i'd have been laughing too H went through a phase of saying crapped - he would say "H Crapped" whenever he pood - i know it's not as bad but i was still mortified when he said it That's all i need H saying he's crapped in public Clare
  14. Thanks Baddad, thats a great idea - i 'll give them a try - half a dozen would be even better as he has a habit of putting things in hidey places and we have to search everywhere Clare
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