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  1. Thats wonderful! what a fantastic christmas present!
  2. Well I am married to a man with Aspergers. I have to say if he did that to me I don't think I would just say oh well! he would get a right earful! ADS is a reason behind the behavour not and excuse! (in my personal life might be different with others )
  3. My daughter is still waiting for an official diagnosis but the school have been told to treat her as though she has the label. At school she has massive tantrums and the latest resulted in her being removed from the school and place in a mobile because she was a danger to others. The children were in the dinning room and R wanted to talk to the cook after she had finished her meal. She got out of her seat and was told (calmly apparently) to sit down till everyone was finished. By this time R was so determined that she wanted to speak to the cook that she wasn't listening to anything any of the adults were saying. She started to pull away from them and get angry. She wouldn't sit down and was screaming that she wanted to talk to the cook. Then she tried to leave the dining room and a TA blocked the door. R punched her (not hard the TA states) in the stomach. She then (apparently stood back smiled and slapped the TA on the arm) She then tried to leave by the other door where a male teacher was blocking the door. R hit him too (not hard as they keep telling me). She was asked to apologise and she kept screaming NO and got louder and louder. By this time they couldn't control her and let her out with the TA to sit in the calm zone. She kept telling them she has too much in her head while slapping her ears over and over. She then was 'out of control' and was placed in the mobile till I could come to collect her. The school tell me that they are getting fed up of hearing this 'too much in my head' excuse. She apparently uses it every time she gets angry and looses control. They said that there was 'nothing to upset her' and the day was the same as normal nothing out of routine. I don't think this 'too much in my head' is a excuse but then I am her mum and could be letting her get away with too much? What I normally do is make her have a time out to calm down then we ask how many things she has in her head, normally its 20 and we count down from 20 to 1 and she is 'all better'. I don't know if I am doing to wrong giving her a get out clause?
  4. Any ideas how I can disapline my 6 year old? She screams and shouts I tell her to sit in her room to calm down. This normally works if she has 'too much in my head'. However when her brother wants to play with her it always turns into a screaming match when he doesn't play in hte exactly way she wants or touches something of hers. He also is being 'really helpful' and telling her off! She gets very distressed and upset and starts flapping her arms or slapping her ears over and over. This arguement get very bad even if I try to intervean, it normally ends up with R hitting her brother. Nw obvously this is not somthing she can get away with so we have been putting her on the stairs (yes I watched suppernanny ) This works really well on my 4 year old but with R it sends her into a huge tantrum and rage. She kicks and headbutts the walls. She ends up being there much loner than the 6 mins recormended. I just wondered if anyone had any ideas?
  5. Only just seen this! So glad he is home and safe. Does he understand how scared you were?
  6. Welcome to the site
  7. ogsplosh


    Do you use them at home and if so where did you get them from?
  8. Family and Friends (no one professional) has said about me applying for DD who has a initial dx of HFA, one DR said yes and wants another to agree. I'm not sure if I would deserve it though. My husband was very ill with Mental health illnesses and ended up unable to work and having me as a full time carer. He needed 24 hour supervision 7 days a week, he could go into any room alone so we always were together in the same room. To cut a long story short he was awarded high DLA for care and Lower for mobility. If I compare how much time and effort I cared (and still do some days) to how much extra effort it take for our DD it feels wrong. After all everyone has to care for their 6 year old. I don't have her waking in the night and I can leave her alone in a room for a while. All I get from people is 'think of all the extra time you have to give for all her routines and tantrums'. My head is a mess and I remember the stress I had while filling in DH DLA form! I was thinking of waiting for a solid dx before going for it. any advice?
  9. Thanks Warren. Think I better do some reaserch
  10. I have been told that they are not convinced R has Asperger's syndrome but rather ASD. They said it had something to do with how she developed as a child? she was late in talking and walking.
  11. it went quite well. She said that R aproches things n a very austic way. He diagosis is leaning towards ASD raher than AS now. She said that she was in the lower end of average for maths, reading and writing. She is putting in for a 1:1, and has given the teaching staff some tips on how R best retains and learns. So ok as meetings go. We have a CAF reveiw meeting set for the 27th June.
  12. R is being observed this morning my the ED psych! We are meeting up after at 11.30am. She was due there at 9am but didn't turn up till 9.15 and miss one tantrum I hope hse gets a real sense of R and that she doesn't just still there like an angel!
  13. We have a yellow budgie called Herbie DD has not left his side past hour and half!
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