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  1. Ive heard of some people wrapping duck tape around the top of the nappy to stop them taking it off at night - may be worth a try. DS is 8.5 and still runs around the garden in his pants and never gets dressed unless we are going out so I have no real advise only sympathy.
  2. <'> <'> <'> <'> It sounds very painfull, you must have had a nasty fall. Poor you! Give all the food they hate untill they start being nice to you - that'll teach em.
  3. From what Ive seen and experienced around the school that my children go to if someone said those things to some of the parents about their child they would have been knocked flat! So I think you delt with it well. I would have been upset because it's none of thier business and if it isn't affecting them directly they should keep out of it. My son acts like a toddler very very often, but I am the ONLY person who is allowed to say it. If someone in the supermarket is annoying me I move to a different isle - its quite simple.
  4. I started filling in DLA forms this morning. The PIP's woman from school has been bagering me to do them for a while now so Ive finally got around to it. DS's teacher has done her part and has basically said what high maintanence he is, can't sit still, needs to be watched constantly, can't do group activities at school with out TA support etc. He is waiting for a consultant diagnosis but CHAM's and school treat him as Aspergers (poss ADHD) because thats how he acts. He also has sleep problems which I am exhausted from. He can only be left alone when his sisters are not around or he hurts and agrivates them and I have to sort it all out. I think its worth you trying, I'm still new to all this but PIP's are sure he will get the DLA and said he is harder work than a lot of the kids she knows who get it and they also deserve it. YOuve got nothing to lose.
  5. I think it's innapropiate and I would not have been happy about it at all but agree with baddad in that my DS would probably have been impressed with the comment When I told my cousin about DS probably having ADHD as well as ASD she said grinning "ah so he's a live wire then" which is a much nicer way of putting it. So, yes I think you should let them know that comments like that can be hurtfull and shouldn't happen. Wait till youve had a bad day and phone them up and give then hell.
  6. Sooze2


    That comment brought tears to my eyes, so true. I hope your ok today enid <'>
  7. Yes, we've done all the above. My younger two sleep very well and theyve all had the same routines since babies. Weve been to the doctor for menatonin under the advise the person who observed him at school but he won't prescribe without the advice of DS's consultant who we haven't seen yet so the wait continues.. Someone is coming here tomorrow to teach him some relaxation techniques, they use pulse points and he can do them all himself so we shall see how it goes. !!!!
  8. He would go to bed and go straight to sleep. He went to bed about an hour ago and has been up 4 times. He's had tummy ache, a weird pain in his shoulder, can't sleep etc. He hasn't been for an hour long poo yet with 5 books so that will be next even though he sais he didn't want to go at bed time. He does the same every night, tonight he is very tired so I made him go to bad at 9.30 for an early night! Ho hum
  9. Huge <'> DS has massive meltdowns, If he's being totally unreasonable (like today because its fathers day - "why is it never childrens day"!) I ask him to go to his room or take him untill he;s calmed down. Or if its because he doesn't want to go out with us or wer'e not having pie for tea etc we just have to ride it out and make him get ready while he's screaming at us or just tell him thats just the way it is and carry on as if its not happening. It must be harder when they are older though so I don't really think I'll be much help really.
  10. Yes! He hums too. I'd wondered if it was a facial tick. One of his most interesting mouth movements is one where he moves his mouth from side to side opening each side a tiny bit and doing this humming noise. Its facinating to watch because we can't do it, he's been doing it since about a year old. I don't mind that one too much but this squelchy one is doing my head in especially when I'm driving!
  11. When he was a baby my DS mouthed things constantly and I mean constantly, he always had something in his mouth up until he started school. He is still the same but over the last few years it has progressed to constant nose picking, his fingers are always up his nose and it is looking sore most of the time now. He has also gone back to biting his nails aswell which I am gutted about because he stopped biting them about 2 years ago after a lot of persuation. He also makes the most anoying noises with his mouth which are getting worse and worse, this week he is making this weird echoy squelchy noise constanly and it's very very annoying. He seems calmer though. My question is do I stop the mouth noises or let him carry on, he isn't aware he is doing it. Do you think the nose picking, nail biting, mouth noises are all just linked to him needing to do something with his mouth? I don't know, I don't understand it but I know I have stopped him from doing a lot of things or at least nagged him to stop but I am not sure if I should just let him carry on if he is unaware that he is doing it in the first place. Also the other day he was eating tea and started rocking and just couldn't stop, we told him to stop several times but he seemed unaware that he was doing it or that we were telling him to stop! He's not done tat before. Hope hope this makes sence. Any knowledge or advise would be greatfully received. Thanks a lot
  12. Wow, thanks a lot! The people I talk to think I'm mental - or he is!! I think I'm going to like it here! One of my twins often gets up and puts something in the toy box for no apparent reason and one evening recently DH was brushing DS's teeth in the bathroon and she came into the bathroom with her doll, held it under the tap, pretended to turn it on and wash the dolls hair and then pretended to turn the tap off sat the doll in the tooth brush pot very precisely and then walked back to bed! She didn't respond to them talking to her at all! She rarely does it though - yet DS must be in the middle of a dream when he gets up because he is usually distressed and it's usually something about monsters at school etc. He did once get up and sit on the stairs to tell me all about how a certain freind was lovely and was just gushing about him for ages - so sweet, remebered nothing in the morning. I don't tell him what he's done when he gets up because he never remembers it, sometimes he remembers the dream but thats it. Breathes sigh of releif! I am not alone after all.
  13. HI there, my son who is 8 and (almost) diagnosed with Aspergers and possibly ADHD has suffered from night terrors since he was about 7 months and has been sleep walking since age 2. I was wandering if anyone elses child sleep walks, no one I know has a child who sleep walks so it would be good to hear other peoples experiences. He's been up the last 2 nights, he goes to sleep by about 11 pm at the earliest and if he is going to walk he will do so before 2 hours after that. Last night he walked but settled with me on the sofa quickly. The night before he was very frighted and asked if Daddy as still alive so I had to wake DH so DS could talk to him and then fell asleep in our bed - with his eyes half open. He seems awake and you can have proper if stilted conversations with him so you have to be carefull what you say, sometimes I say something really stupid just to see if he's awake - if he was he'd tell me not to be stupid and get grumpy but if he's asleep he'll always answer nicely. Last week he was up for a long time one night, I was so tired that I didn't wake up so for the first time DH woke to hear him screeming for me and running around in the hallway. He tried to calm him down and put him back to bed but he kept getting up so they went in to the frontroom. Once he was asleep DH put him to bed but after about 20 minutes DS went to the loo and came back to the front room again, still asleep. I'm sure that it went on for a long time because I didn't catch it in time and he was getting distress. He was up and down for 2 hours from 2 am - 4 am. Does anyone have the same with there child?
  14. Just edited to say - this is really long, I didn't realise how long untill I posted it!! Sorry! I'm new to this site and seem to have got a bit over excited! We are sure my husband has Aspergers as well as my son, DH has never thought our son has a problem but was just difficult and "doing it to wind us up" up untill recently. A couple of weeks ago I made him read the reports from the Child expert and from his teacher and DH was shocked and said "they could be writing about me" that is when he realised and I started to relax a little because he started to understand. This was only a couple of weeks ago. He's what I would call a solid, dependable man, he's charming with others and people and think I'm very lucky - I am very lucky but he's not like that with me. He is always reliable. He drives for a living and if I phone him he will always have time to talk, its the only time I can talk to him because there are no distractions and I can't see that he isn't looking at me and he can't walk off half way through a conversation whistling so phoning him when I want to talk works well for us, especially if I need to discuss DS. If I didn't phone we would never have a proper conversation. I love the sound of his voice on the phone. If freinds visit he is very charming and attentive to them, if they are my freind he doesn't realise that I may like to talk to them too and dominates the conversation which usually turns into a discussion about his work. You see the persons eyes glaze over. The other week my freind mentioned that she was taking her car to the garage because it kept stalling and she couldn't get it started again - he spent the next hour telling her what he thought the problem was and how to fix it - he didn't notice that she was bored with the conversation after 5 minutes and had no intention of putting overalls on and doing it herself so he droned on and on! We don't really mind because we love him, but it's irritating. When someone very close to us is here we just exchange looks and start busying ourself around him, he doesn't notice as long as we say "oh yeah" occationally. When we're on our own I have to give him my undivided attention when he s talking or get gets very annoyed, when I talk he doesn't listen at all which I find very very upsetting. He is very tolerant of the kids most of the time. He can't function unless there is a lot of noise. They could be killing each other and he wouldn't notice. The other week DS threw my 5 year old daughter out of the trampoline, she was screeming - DH didn't react even though DD was badly hurt. He has to have either loud music on or TV on very loudly or he hums, whistles, taps constantly. When he isn't here I enjoy the silence and he can't understand it at all. He can't see any dangers when it comes to the children or even the dog! I often say "quick get so and so" he just stands there so off I run. His favourite phrase is "they'll sort themselves out" He can't show affection unless I ask for it and then he is like wood, if I ask for a hug he says why. I can relate to Minxygal totally. If I am upset, even cry he will never comfort me. I was put on anti depressants for a while when my twins were 5 months - he said "god how do you think that makes me feel!" and got very angry. He didn't realise that because he wasn't listening to how I felt and didn't help at all with the kids was part of the reason I was depressed. I was diagnosed with rhumatiod arthritus, he said "great thats the end of my life then, I'll be pushing you around in a wheel chair soon" no sympathy, no hugs nothing he was only concerned with how it affected him. He doesn't meen it though, he does care but he says things without thinking and doesn't realise how much it upsets people. He isn't a nasty person at all, he just can't help it. I read him an article about Aspeis and love, it mentioned that the person couldn't understand why their partner needed affection and to be told they loved them saying "I told her I loved her once, she knows!" we laughed because he has said that to me loads of times! Some days he's hyper, talking constantly and coming out with silly jokes and sarcastic comments all day long and can't understand why I snap at him by the end of the day. Other days he has a face like thunder and you have one word conversations unless he wants to rant about something. He doesn't see the need for freinds and can't see why I need to socialise. He has never phoned his freinds or family unless I nag about it for weeks, I stopped naging in the end and now no one phones - his freinds are gone. Its a shame. I feel like a single mother of four rather than a married mother of three most of the time, it IS a lonley place to be. I love him, I do but sometimes its hard. I hope I haven't upset anyone, but I wanted to reply because when I read this post I agreed with it all.
  15. Oh poor you. My son suffers from night terrors and also sleep walks regulary, he 's been walkabout tonight - which is why I'm still up at this on godly hour so I sort of know what you are talking about. The problem we have is that if I mention the next day that he was up in the night he can't remember anything about it and it frightens and upsets him. I have no idea what causes them but I am trying to get some answers at the moment. If the people who are working with him can find out why it happen I will let you know. He does walk more often when he is stressed, the run up the Christmas, birthdays and towards the end of the school year are especially stressful for him so he walks more then. Also it always happens about 2 hours after he has gone to sleep. I hope you have now managed to get some rest and good luck with your appointment tomorrow Night Night.
  16. I think it takes a while to work, my lot had them a couple of weeks ago (very itchy bottoms) so I bought the tablets from the chemist (chewy strawberry) and they said to be on the safe side it's best to take another lot of tablests after 2 weeks. The chemist said that I was the the 3rd person that morning to buy tablets for worms, she said these things always come in waves just like nits so don't think it's just because your son sucks his thumb, all kids get them but people don't talk about it. I have a thumb sucker, and 2 nail biters so I have just resigned myself to them getting worms every so often and pop to the chemist.
  17. Sorry long reply I get carried away! I had counceling arranged for me by the Parent Support Worker (PIP's) at school at first I was a bit embarrassed but it made all the difference and it was 6 sessions for free! It was at the beginning of this year and I was putting myself though hell feeling guilty about my son's behaviour being all my fault - the GP's told me he was fine and I was just an over anxious parent! I was also rejected by a very good freind who told me he would be better off without me because he was still having meltdowns a 8 - she told all the other parents at school about me falling out with her and I was left with out anyone when I needed them most. Anyway the councelling helped me massively, I learnt that I was making the best decisions for him and I was right to fight for him untill he got help. People started to listen and things got moving whilst I was going through councelling which helped enforce this. I was just one mass of guilt and self loathing because I couldn't stop the way he was behaving and felt I had caused it, I had really dug myself into a black hole but now I am upbeat and not going back to distructive freindship if they are critical instead of supportive of me. I would rather have no one than be surrounded by negativity. So, yes go for it. It may not be for you but its worthing having at least a couple of sessions to see if could help you. You won't know unless you try it out. You may feel upset during the first coulpe of sessions because everything comes pouring out like a tidal wave (In my case) but afterwards the releif is immense, as if someone as released a pressure cooker. I'd recommend it to anyone.
  18. No, I have to be very strict and wish I didn't. I had to learn very quickly when DS came along not to ever give in at all. If I show any sign of weakness he jumps on it and won't let go lol. I find it hard because I am naturaly a soft touch and used to get pushed around by everyone. Now I'm the iron lady and feel very guilty about it but DH keeps out of it and walks away from any conflict so either I deal with it or I end up with the wild man of Borneo (DS) on my hands.
  19. I had this with my son, he's not so bad now because he's gone back to biting his nails and continuing his nose picking habit with a vengence! At 4 I managed to take his dummy way from him which is when the clothes picking and chewing started. Up till then he always had toys in his mouth and his dummy when ever he could sneek it away from its hiding place. Once the dummy was thrown away he started chewing his clothes and his tops were always soaking wet at the neck and cuffs. As soon as he started school he started eating his ties, I could tell when he had been in assembly because his tie was a mangled mess that evening and I had to buy a new one. He used to pick the writing out of his socks with such precission and pull all the threads out of the top of them too. He'd undo all the hems of his trousers and rip all the label out of his clothing. I had to replace lost jumpers every month or so because he pulled all the name labels out even though he would never wear them. He wouldn't and still doesnt wear jumpers even on the coldest day, when it was really cold here in March all the mothers and kids were in the playground after school dressed in hats and gloves and jumping up and down to keep warm, DS come out of school with only his trousers and shirt on unbottoned which he took off and gave to me when he gave me his bags. The other parents couldn't beleive it! He also hates jeans and generally wears shorts or tracksuit bottoms. I have to make him get changed every day in winter after he comes down with shorts on. At home he generally only wears pants around the house. He just hates clothes. I just thought I'd let you know youre not alone.
  20. My 8 year old son has 5 year old identical twin sisters, he loves one of them and loathes the other. Every time I leave the room he does something to hurt her and usually picks on her for no reason. Yesterday she showed him her first wobbly tooth in the playground and he kicked her hard saying you don't get wobbly teeth until year one! If it had been the other sister he would have gone all soft and been really sweet about it. This has been going on since they were born. It could be a general sibling thing, the twin he likes the best has always been happy to do as he says but the other one is very independant and isn't a follower at all.
  21. My DS has never wanted any fuss when he's ill, he wants to be left alone to watch the Pink Panther with his duvet over him. He rarely wears clothes at home but when he's ill he wouldn't be persuded to wear anything but pants if I'm lucky! I know that he's really ill when he can watch more than half of an episode without jumping up and down!
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