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  1. I had a meeting with his OT at CHAMS last week to go over the statement and what needs to be done to help him make progress. She is great and since no one else will communicate with me, not even the communication interaction team (which is amusing considering their name ) she is now a bit of a life line. CHAMS phoned the teacher and left a message for her to call for a chat. CHAMS have said that she wants more specialist 1:1 help geared towards his learning style and needs and wants to meet with the teacher to see how they can impliment this. At our meeting she was very interested to hear about what training or knowledge the teacher/TA have had, I said I gave the SENCO my ASD information folder to photocopy and show the staff but I know the teacher hasn't seen it etc. We shall see what happens. Carol, I love the idea of the list of when help is given. Thankyou, what a great idea. Parent Partnership work in the school and she is the ONLY reason that anything is done, every thing that has been done so far is down to her stopping me from giving up and making things happen.
  2. If they fail they go into timeout. None of them fail because we parents help them, my freind told me today that she sat down on Satuday and did 12 of the questions herself without her daughter which I thought was a bit extreme but I can see her point. If they get 5 or less spellings right they go into timeout. After the first spelling test of the term nearly all of the children went to time out and a lot of the parents were all set for a mutiny. I asked DS how many he got right, he got 2 out of 10 and went to time out but we didn't learn the spellings due to being too busy doing maths so I just laughed and said perhaps we should learn them next time. They also have to write a sentence about each word in class, that week they had 15 minutes to do the sentences, DS would have taken 15 minutes to write 1 sentence if they were lucky. None of the children did all the sentences so that is the other reason they were in time out. Aparently the teacher has now decided to give them more time. She is a newly qualified teacher so still learning I guess.
  3. That is so great. I bet you are very proud, I can just imagine his beaming face when he came out of school.
  4. Sooze2

    It gets better!

    Went in to see DD's year 2 teacher today. She is struggling with reading and is still on level 2 books at age 7 (her ID twin is on level 6-8 books) and understanding - she is a cherub, as in away with the fairies but in a nice way - mostly. Teacher agrees she has a problem with understanding written words. I asked how she is generally and she said DD is a "live wire" which to me means hyper, she is also a real chatter box and is very very popular. Hum, I have a sinking feeling. The BEST thing is that she is going to ask the SENCO to have a think about her and have a chat with me! This is the SENCO who avoids me at all costs. I spoke to the SENCO last term about her and she said she'd put her on an IEP just to make the teachers aware to keep an eye on her but nothing has materialised Hoorah for such an amazingly brilliant new term at school.
  5. Today my freind who is the parent of my son's freind told me that her son has 1:1 literacy lessons and has come on leaps and bounds since the beginning of term. The SENCO is in contact with her to tell her all this. School picked up that he may have a problem with learning a month before the end of last term, then at the end of term they were told that there would be loads of help in his class so will he be able to have a signifficant amount of help in class. DS tells me that the boy is in another class for literacy and numeracy - the same class where DS's TA dissapeared to when she should have been in with DS! If I had not grilled DS about which lessons his TA was in with him I would never have known he was not being supported and would not have made his teacher change the set up so DS got the support (on paper not in practice). So basically DS's 1:1 TA was in another class with this boy for those lessons, DS was left on his own. We all know what a nightmare it is to get a statement and all the hard work and years of stress - but it's ok, I'm so glad it has paid off and the help allocated to DS has been given to someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and on DS's statement it says that "he should have an individualised literacy program tailoured to suit his needs". He doesn't have this as far as I'm aware. This boy has only just been identified as having problems - perhaps the school have in fact messed up and read the name on the top of DS's statement wrong and think it is for this other boy! Looks like I need to go and have a chat - again! I really don't think I have the will to carry on with this. Went to CHAMS on Friday and she is going to get in touch with school and find out what has been put in place for DS, like what literacy programe, have the staff been trained on all this and how they are going to impliment everything. When is half term again??
  6. I would make an appointment with Parents in Partnership today so you can find out what you have to do to get things started. Make a record of all his behaviour from birth and take it with you as they may be interested to see it, it is significant and will help if you write it down so you don't miss anything out when you speek face to face. In our local Secondary School they are piloting keeping the kids in school until they are 18, is that happening where you are? If so you have a couple more years. If not then I would be enroling him on a college course of some sort for next year just so he is still in the Education system for a while longer which will mean you still have access to advice and support.
  7. I wondered where you'd been. Sorry to hear you have had such a terrible time. I hope your opperation went well anyway after all the rest of the stuff dies down, what a nightmare for you all! Best wishes and I hope you have a speedy recovery now you are at home.
  8. Blimey, exactly the same thing happened to me, Parent Support arranged councelling for me because I was getting more and more stressed due to being beaten up in the playground by my son every evening after school from the day he started and yet school said he was fine! How frustrated?! In the end, at the begining of last year I sat in a room at school for an hour with The Ed Phyc, Parent Support, the SENCO and my husband and refused to move until he was referred to CHAMS, the Ed Phyc kept trying to tell me I just had to do a reward chart (because they work for her daughter!!) with him and I constantly told her I had been on 3 parenting courses and reward chards don't work with him but only antagonise him further. He was diagnosed last year at nearly 9, I first told the Health Visitor and Doctors that I was worried when he was 7 months old. If you knew me before all this and could see me now you wouldn't recognise the person you see and hear. What I always say is keep a detailed diary. Record everything down to all he tiny stresses, the funny noises, the rage and what started it, record when and why he is calm and what started the rage, everything. Record when he went to bed, if he slept, could he get up in the morning, can he get up at the weekend and not on a school day etc etc etc. My son kicked off over everything, just being asked to but his shoes on was enough for him to lash out of tantrum for an hour. I wrote it all down, I was embarrassed to hand it in to school but that is when they realised that things were terrible - parent support that is. Keep plodding on, do it for your own sanity because in doing something you are being a great loving parent and that shows through your post. Youre here now so we will listen and help where we can. xxx
  9. Thankyou for all the info Ian, I will read your site with interest later. I am going to be talking to one of my Twins' teachers today because I can see she is struggling but her sister is not. What an interesting study that would be, identical twins poles apart educationally. The one who is struggling is left handed which could be the link - who knows. DS didn't decide which hand he was going to write with until he was 5 and it has beed said by his dear old teacher Aunty that he appears to be left handed but writes with his right hand! Strange.
  10. I thought I would write a little post to say what great people you all are and thank you for replying to my posts and offering support to my often rambling posts. It really means a lot to me because I don't have family support so feel fairly alone with it all - you have really made a difference to me. Stopping now before I start gushing!
  11. I just added 15 (quarter past) and 10 minutes together. Well I mean my son did - honest! I get him to show his workings so they can at least see that I am trying to explain how to do the sums. I did have to do a google search to find out what the PRODUCT OFF meant though which is terrible I know!
  12. Mumble it's worth a lot because maths was my weakest subject at school to say the least and I need the feed back. I was 10 30 years ago so things like this are a very distant confused memory. The thing is that none of the children understand the questions because they are not doing it in class, at the moment they are doing 2 D shapes and then 3 D shapes which they did in year 2! Wouldn't they be better off teaching them this stuff (or other things they don't already know) rather than letting us parents stuble through it for hours? The teacher said they have to get at least 20 out of thirty correct to pass these weekly tests that they send home but the parents are having to go through every step to the point where we are practically giving them the answers. It seems pointless - the whole class look like they are maths geniusess and must all be in the top set by now and we parents look forward to getting the results each weeks to see if we passed!
  13. Thankyou Kathryn, I seem to doubt everything I think these days! All my confidence has flown away which could be why I keep posting here. x
  14. Sending you some of these <'> <'> My son is a lot younger so I can't advise but I know someone in the know will come along soon. Youve come to the right place. xxx
  15. Oh dear, I have messed up haven't I!
  16. Its the wording that we thought was the problem to be honest. Instead of "How many minutes from ten minutes to ten to quarter past ten?" shouldn't it say "How many minutes from ten minutes to ten untill quarter past ten?". Am I being padantic and old fashioned? I am begining to wonder if I should get the tippex out and also have decided never to write anything I am unsure of in biro oops!
  17. Yes but it's all to do with his Autism and lack of concentration silly billy!!! Sorry, the sarcasm isn't directed at you at all honestly, you all know where I'm coming from. I am generally giving up now to be honest - see my post about Maths homework and you will see why. Hopefully Secondary School will be better. Or perhaps moving to a desert island would be an alternative. Still never mind off to see my DD's teacher tomorrow about why her reading hasn't progressed past level 2 - she's in year 2 and already 7. Hey ho. Think I may post about that now. Thank you for all your helpfull replies. Edited for spelling - ha ha, on a dyslexia post
  18. "How many minutes from ten minutes to ten to quarter past ten?" I know what me and DH think about it but what do you think. The only thing I will say at the moment is what hope is there! I have written a comment next to the question and I am wondering if I am out of order. The whole class get a sheet of 30 questions like this every week and us parents spend a very very long time explaining them to our children (all the parents are talking about it) apparently they are not doing maths like this is class so we have to teach them how to do it at home. Mwah x
  19. Just wanted to add that this is in no way meant in a distrespectful way to my DH or anyone else it's just me observing my own home situation and weather anyone else had felt simlilar things. I hope no one thinks I am putting anyone down is all I'm saying.
  20. My twin daughters like Alpro Soya (sweetened) and I do buy the cheeper longlife versions too which they like as much on cereals etc. Only one of the girls will drink it as a drink, the other one likes the chocolate flavour one but will not drink the plain one on it's own.. I think they are vile but they are used to it due to being off cows milk since they were 2
  21. I think the percentiles are like the charts you had in the Red book you get when the baby is born, the 50 percentile line is average in terms of height/weight/reasoning etc etc it can equate to any test. DS and DD have had lucidity tests done at school and both were scoring on and below the 5th centile line for a couple of the processing abilities (bad mummy can't remember which ones now!) and that was considered a cause for concern because they should have been around the 50 percentile to be average. DD is showing a lot of understanding issues and causing concern there because she doesn't understand at lot of what is going on around her but is a total cherub and goes out of her way to be my slave (to the point where I have to stop her!) those percentile results have shown that she has got an issue or two but we are not sure weather the effects of that will cause enough problems for her to be an issue at the moment.
  22. Just wondering what you thought of it? DH can't understand why the mother of the boy who went to residential school was upset! When the older guy who had a job and was meeting a girl for the first time and was sitting on a bench with her miles away from each other I said they looked like us! He didn't understand. They also looked like us when sitting in the cafe not talking at all. Sometimes I feel as though I live alone but he IS a nice guy but just doesn't see the need to communicate or make loving gestures or pat you on the back when you are seriousely chocking (this morning) even if he is standing next to me. The programme brought this home to me more than ever. Did anyone else find it thought provoking for the wrong reasons?
  23. Hi, Ive heard that a lot of public speekers do as Kathryn said to over come nerves when talking to a large groups of people or even just speeking 1:1 with someone. Apparently the other person thinks you are making eye contact even if you are actually staring at the frown lines at the top of their nose. Oh and you are allowed to look away from their face too, don't think you need to stare at them for the whole conversation, I once had a freind who used to say that she must "do" eye contact throughout an entire conversation and would seemingly stare unblinking for absolutely ages, it became a wee bit un-nervering. I find eye contact difficult and it is very hard to get the balance right isn't it. Sometimes I find it hard to look at someone if they are being very intense but there again if they don't look at me at all (like my DH) I find that off putting in conversation too. BUT (rambling now I know) on the other hand I am very aware that I examine and study people's faces/hands/whole body/clothes if I like them/etc when I talk to them just because people and how they look or dress facinate me for some reason - I often wonder if this puts people off talking to me!
  24. They are going to provide the services through outreach services in schools, patients' homes and another area of the hospital. I fear the main service will be made through school which is the scareiest part for me. It will be closing next July so I think I'd better get some quality sleep in before then for I fear it will mark the end of DS's menatonin because his consultant is the only one who will prescribe it due to it not being tested enough for the GP's.
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