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  1. Go for an appeal. Always describe how you are on a BAD day and give examples, noting the effects on you and others. Get assistance with the forms eg CAB, disability rights organisation, social worker etc. Certainly mention the mental health disorders that have been diagnosed. Who cares if they think "You're nuts." It's confidential and you will probably never meet them! Unfortunately, you are one of many, you are to them a statistic, so don't worry about telling them everything. ESA is for both physical and mental conditions. All the best. Jannih
  2. I will be coming in from Waterloo Station. I will see you by the South Bank sign. I have noted the phone numbers, if any probs.
  3. Hi All We need to decide, where exactly, we are meeting up tomorrow. We know it's 12 noon on the South Bank, Royal Festival Hall, but where exactly? As I am not familiar with the area.
  4. I agree, Waterloo Station is a better option than Embankment. We will still need to be specific as to the exact location, where we meet.
  5. Hi JS mum, I am so sorry to hear this. Hopefully, it won't be for long and it will allow you a bit of "me" time, so you can recharge your batteries. Jannih
  6. It is on. We have agreed on Pizza Express, near the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. Saturday 26.2.11 (I can't remember the time but it was agreed, I will have to look back at the previous posts) The names so far : Jannih, Mumble Tally Dana. Do we have anymore to add ?
  7. Pizza Expres 26.2.2011 List of names so far: Jannih Mumble Tally Justine Dana Anymore names to add ?
  8. Pizza Express in Covent Garden, where we went last year.
  9. I'm not the best organiser in the world. Far from it. I couldn't organise a p**s up in a brewery. So, I suggest, Saturday, 26th February at Pizza Express. Is everyone happy with that? It will give us all enough time to organise time off for ourselves. I hope ! Jannih
  10. I did the same as you; I copied the triad of impairments, then underneath each one, provided examples of my difficulties. They were printed in red. Do persevere with getting a diagnosis, because you can confidently move on and address your problems more effectively. Let's face it, I was convinced I had Aspergers. If I had depended purely on self diagnosis, I would not get far, as it turned out my problems were related to a different condition which requires a different approach/ treatment etc. BTW. My premliminary diagnosis report hasn't arrived yet, but I am told is in the post. Will keep you informed.
  11. What about a Saturday in February. If those who are up for it, tell us what dates you are free, then we can work from there and then discuss where we are going to meet. I am free 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th Feb. I like anywhere, where there is food ! All are welcome, including Mumble
  12. There is something called "brain fog" which is definitely linked with ADHD. This is a layman's term.The medical word for it is, cognitive dysfunction. I've pasted a link for wikipaedia on Inattentive ADHD. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ADHD_predominantly_inattentive
  13. Gosh Nixie, I thought I was reading about myself ! I also thought I had Aspergers and went for a diagnosis. I don't want to confuse you any more but I was recently diagnosed at the Maudsley Hospital with ADHD (the inattentive form of it).They acknowledged I had autistic traits but felt I could not be diagnosed as I maintained good eye contact. What would happen with me would be that my eye contact would just wander off. eg. at work I will be interviewing a customer, next thing is that the customer will look over his shoulder, because he thinks I have seen something more interesting going on ! The Psychiatrist felt that this was an attention deficit. Certain things you say may point to this : <<I zone out a lot. I just go into my own little world. I try to stay in the real world but I dont really like it a lot of the time. Life is so unpredictable and scary and I would rather be in my world and think about things I want to. I zone out in conversations and when I come back in I have no idea what they are talking about or if someone says my name or asks me a question. When I was a child I was always called a daydreamer and everyone says Im on my own planet>> <<If people ask me things it feels as if my head is full of mist and I cant see the answer and trying to get it is like wading through treacle.>> <<My head is on overdrive all the time. Its like there are several people in there, theres always at least 2 but they are all me, and there is conversation going on all the time even when Im trying to listen to other people which means I lose track of what they are saying. The only time it shuts up is if I am reading a really good book, like Harry Potter, or if I am repeating something in my head, or if I am listening to music I like.>> <<I can just pace up and down or sit on the floor and trace things with my finger for hours >> Needless to say I think that Autism does overlap with the other stuff eg. OCD, ADHD and so it might take a formal assessment to see where you are at.
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