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  1. Hi I have set up a website for parents and carers of Aspergers children or adults. The is aim is to also raise funds to set up a support Group in South Wales as there is not one at present.Any amount, even a pound will help towards my goal. My son is 11 years old and has Aspergers and there are many parents in my area that will benefit from a Group. Please visit www.shezaroo.com and even if you are not able to give, please become a member (Joining is completely free)Thank You
  2. Does anyone know if a change in diet or avoidance of certain foods will help? Son of 8 yrs diagnosed 3 weeks ago and dont really want medication if another alternative
  3. shelley1974


    I am seeing CAMHS on friday and not sure if want son of 8 with ASD to have meds. Are there any alternative therapies?
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