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  1. http://www.cloudywithachanceofmeatballs.com/ just recently took my sons to watch this film-seemed that the main character to me had aspergers/or was on the spectrum.... my boys loved it -wondered if anybody else has seen it yet ? rq xxxx
  2. hi tally i hope you have a good break and fun with your christmas pressy xxx
  3. fry it in a frying pan with some butter -turning both sides............. i always cut it up while in the pan with knife and fork just to check inside if the flesh is still pink or brown. i sometimes add chopped onions/tomatoes and a oxo cube in aswell while its cooking.
  4. ive had the pleasure of having this twice first my youngest caught it then i did -then my parents and half the town-then my eldest and then i go get it again my sons been of nearly a week now with it and the cough is only just going a bit -after antibiotics-was a real bad dry barking cough--horrid plus raging temp............. i think i have the flu now-where your bones hurt if they are touched ect-dr given me antibitiocs for my chest.......... cant breath through my nose at all..... hope everyone recovers soon xxx
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10...plications.html
  6. rainbow queen


    big hello <'> rq xxx
  7. my son has always found using cutlery hard work-but he has learnt to use the fork and spoon but needs lot more practice with a knife hes 7 and a half and he always has his fingers in his meals-i think its a sensory thing -he likes to touch the food and smell it too.....then what happens cause he has like this tic-where he touchs his ear and hair-the food ends up in his hair but he does not seem to notice this. all i can do is just prompt to use fork and spoon -as im having issues with meal times as it is -
  8. bye bye js mum thanks for all the support you have given over my time on the forum best of luck RQ xxx
  9. yes i have noticed one on one seems alot better with my 2 as well -trouble is im on my own so its really hard to do..........
  10. <'> >< <'> sounds like my days out think you was very brave doing london-i had a job myself coping there when i went for a weekend- you would think you could get to sit on the train -i had same problem you say about your son complaining about his legs i get this all the time with my son-in fact he hates walking anywhere-he is hypermobile so i think this adds to it i went to the drs recently about this moaning and complaining of his legs and he got reffered back to physio-who checked his feet over and said he had no archs at all in his feet and his toes had grown funny to compensate-so there was a reason for it-because i was starting to think it was just sensory or lazyness so we are on the waiting list to see someone who fits things in shoes to help with this. thought id mention it-because my son is 7 and up till then no one had really looked at his feet or ankles? so may be worth checking out <'>
  11. just wanted you to know your not on your own many a time ive sat crying over this but i am slowly learning to accept what i can do and what i cant and each time my boys make small stepps to doing that bit more-i guess it just takes time. i have a car but i wont drive places with my asd son in the car with me on my own and my younger son-he cant be trusted. just recently ive been getting my asd son used to travelling by bus-and in fact today we went to the science museum on the train and the bus................so proud of him today he tryed really hard . saying this i tryed to do this yesterday and it failed-and i had to give it up as theres no way it would of worked. it helps most when you prepare them for whats happening next ect ect..............well my son anyway and you have to stick to it my son has trouble waiting-and any waiting usually causes him to kick of into a teacher mode-repeating and rambling the same phrases over and over towards my younger son who cant stand it and then this leads to the fight......... keep strong -i know its hard.xxx
  12. ive asked this before been trying to find where i asked it but couldnt see it i even printed it out but cant find it my son has again managed to turn pc sideways as in everythings to the side and i cant remeber how i got it back last time can anyone leave me some step by step instructions again? many thanks all xxx
  13. this made me giggle i do hope hes ok though must be a die hard 80s fan
  14. lol hahha peeing in your boots when i was younger and we had a coal fire -i got chillblains and i was made to stand in a bowl of pee-i cant remember if it worked or not-have to add it was my own pee...............ewwwww
  15. just thought id give this a mention just been in town hunting for xmas ideas and in the shop that comes with a big catologue-not sure i can say it-starts with a A found great idea robot money box-lights up and says things when coins put in and counts them tells time date/arlarm clock-on offer with 5 pounds of at mo i think both my boys will like this-they dont really go for cars and other boys things really-so im always having to search and search-but i think this may be a GOOD ONE. <'>
  16. just dropping a line to say hi guys im still around -i read the board most days ect even though i havnt posted in while hope everyone is ok things had calmed down a bit for me and my son when he was percsribed melatonin and through out last year with help of great teacher now............. things are going back down hill again-sept went into year 3...more work/not keen on teacher/no friends/feeling different/ having lots anger issues again at home...even i think some depression now-as hes started saying the odd things like not bothered if cars hit him in road ect ect ----i have heard others mention these things on here before-hes 7 now so maybe all the negatives and frustration is coming out...also caught him hitting himself . camhs said they would be intouch after oct half term and with school -of course as ever been our case school thinks hes managing fine.....................i guess i should start listing stuff again to take along with me when appointment comes through. the other problems are constant arguing back/wineing and wailing on and on and on/not wanting to do anything basicly unless hes at control of it/ruining everything me and my other son attempt to do /unhappy leaving house/unhappy staying in -CANT WIN SITUATION all the time somehow-grinds you down anyway sorry this has turned into a moaning thread thats where i am...............at present.... regrads RQxxxx <'>
  17. i too have had this with my son -hes 7 now-there was a link on here to a thread all about passive child at home ect-i tryed searching but couldnt see it-maybe mod will??
  18. my son did taekwando just before he turned 5 for a year he did it and got to green belt i think it helped him loads and he loved the routine of it all however i struggled getting himthere and back as it was klike 4 half hour slots a week and the whole undressing thing-produced loads meltdowns that i gave up....also cost was a bit high.but i was glad i perserved for length i did.....as im sure it helped his co-ordination... but i may get him back into it again at another place.........hes since joined beavers....
  19. aww thanks good luck with getting a dx <'>
  20. i know this should be in the meds section -but thought it would get looked at more here my son whos 7 has had melatonin now for a few months-we go back to see camhs in sept for review about this do you think they will bring him off it? i dont think i can cope if they take it away-id hate to go back to how we was-its bad as it is-but it helps at night-and he gets a better sleep. im sure it helps him next day too-as when the times ive tryed him without it-he went back to being unco-operative in the mornings again ect ect and playing up worse. just wondered if theres a time limit about usage. before it got perscibed i was at me wits end .........and it was making me ill as well........i just wouldnt like to go back to it all again. many thanks rq
  21. the thing im dreading next is the christmas run up-at school.................wont be far off after oct half term.... we had real bad time last year around christmas or the run up to it........... i felt like i was going under a bit.........but since then we have got perscribed melatonin thats helped alot-and also ive had my meds changed...so feeling alot better. rq
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