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  1. hi flora well done with the deco -it sounds really nice my son digs his heels in too when he picks up on the fact im adament over something....ha which is just about everything at the moment..........hes only 7....lol i try and do meals round the kitchen table but he also either messes about /laughing/or starts manipulating my other son to the point where no one can eat-then i have to seperate them -my son dont mind being sent to his bedroom sometimes to eat cause he says we all make to much noise-particully if im washing the pots you must of been worried when he went out the door-my son has worked out how keys go in door now-before hadnt a clue so when i lock up i now hide m y house keys-well to where i know where they are.........otherwise i worry. i bet he will finish it off in the morning <'> >< rq
  2. my boys go back on wed hence my 7 year old has given me hard time all this week-but really i think he wants to go back to get back into the strict routine we had going. i just hope he settles with the new teacher-know it will take a while...but fingers crossed. rq
  3. hi loulou sorry to hear what a rough time you are having -hope you get the help you now need congrats on the new baby due take care of yourself rq xxx
  4. Extraordinary People (Documentary) Time - 21:00 - 22:00 (1 hour long) When - Wednesday 23rd July on five The Rainman Twins. Series of absorbing documentaries exploring remarkable stories of human experience from all over the world. Savantism is a rare disorder in which sufferers of developmental disabilities, often autism, are capable of acts of genius that far outstrip their expected level of ability. In Flo and Kay's case, they each have extraordinary memories for facts and dates. Through interviews with several medical professionals, the film attempts to expose the truth behind this misunderstood condition. (Subtitles, 4 Star)
  5. just came by this tonight as i was checking out the news -http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7513661.stm ive thought this all along i get really scared of being ill-and i do seem to have a weak chest-i go downhill fast...when i get colds ect....... ive printed this off for future reference-as it really highlights what stress we are under....and others do not see this at times i feel.................. Page last updated at 23:29 GMT, Saturday, 19 July 2008 00:29 UK E-mail this to a friend Printable version Autism parents 'infection risk' Child with autism Children with autism struggle to communicate with those around them Caring for children with developmental problems such as autism or Down's syndrome can weaken parents' immune systems, research suggests. Researchers at Birmingham University found they had a poorer immune response to a vaccine against pneumonia. It appears that stress causes the immune system to function less efficiently, the team wrote in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. Charities called for better support for parents struggling to cope. Previous work has shown negative effects in elderly people caring for a spouse - but this is the first time that a similar result has been seen in a younger, healthier group providing round-the-clock care, the researchers pointed out. This is a good indication that their immune systems are not functioning efficiently Stephen Gallagher, study leader A total of 60 parents received the pneumococcal vaccine as part of the study - half of whom had children with developmental disabilities. Blood tests showed that those caring for a child with developmental disability had lower levels of antibodies to the vaccine than those whose children did not have such difficulties. After one month, 20% of parents providing long-term care had an ineffective immune response, compared to 4% of the control group. At six months this had risen to 48% while the levels in the control group remained the same. Stress Study leader Stephen Gallagher said low levels of antibodies suggested parents' ability to fight infection was weaker: "This is a good indication that their immune systems are not functioning efficiently." Stress was likely to be responsible for the immune deficiency, he added. "These parents are sometimes extremely stressed and what they need is appropriate help and training." Co-author Dr Anna Phillips said parents caring for these children are "incredibly dedicated" and not in a position to take time off. "However, knowing the effects that providing round-the-clock care can have on their health may help raise awareness that these parents need help to manage their burden of care." She said the parents should be added to the list of vulnerable groups eligible for vaccinations such as the flu jab. "We are continuing this work by looking at how sleep patterns affect the rates of infection in these parents," she added. Amanda Batten, head of policy and campaigns at the National Autistic Society, said: "Carers often display great strength and resilience whilst coping with this complex disability, but many receive very little help and support, and are under considerable stress as a result. "It is imperative that carers are given access to services such as short break schemes to help them before they reach a crisis point." Carol Boys, chief executive of the Down's Syndrome Association, added: "I am not surprised at the results of this study. It just confirms what we already suspected might be one of the consequences of the constant stress that families have to endure."
  6. thanks guys im not going back drs i will try all the other methods-i had never heard of the banana thing.....so thank you for the info
  7. hi thank you very much for the reply -i will be doing this,,,,, the nail file did nothing -i think i know which ones u mean do they look more like a grater type metal thing? i imagine that would get the lump down better than a emery board.............. shall be out hunting for duct tape tomorrow......... poor lad has gone sleep with exhaustion of it all....... rq xxx
  8. my son who is 7 has a verucca i have been to 2 drs now to try a nd sort this out first one gave me cream to put on and use nail file everynight as you can imagine this went down like a lead weight-to the point of people in the street would think a murder was going on i gave up and went saw another one who said just leave it if its a battle -will take a year to go..............said dont bother no need to worry going swimming...............am i imagining this lot............. i said but its really hurting him hes dx asd and finds walking hard anyway...............cant u freeze it off-his reply was it would be really painful and they dont do it on kids usually............... veruccas are a virus are they not and they spread -and tonight my sons foot looks 5 times worse and hes just had a wailing screaming match with me over it all again............... i attempted to use file again -as its clearly a big lump but all hell broke loose and now im all worked up/ looked at net drs thing and theres hardly no appointments tomorrow for him...............what do you think i should do? anyone had this? i feel like e mailing the practice or phoning the nurse as when i said hes dx asd -they look at u like sooo what..........surely drs should relise how this effects there senses more and there feet ect............feeling quite angry now...........
  9. hi my sons waiting for appointment with the dietician-aug it will be we have same trouble. the gp said they have those milkshake type drinks-i was buying complan but gp said they not designed for kids or something similar-or might be the sugar content in them -not sure-anyway we are waiting.....
  10. MARIO i have this in my house-maybe not as bad -but going back a bit it was till i got the melatonin at night i take the mario stuff of him well both my boys and make them go at least a week without it-i tell you they go crazy-its like a drug to them-first thing upon waking is mario-i couldnt take no more-so the lot went away-it seems to work temp-if it starts up again i do it again....they now catching on they will lose it all if it keeps happening. <'>
  11. get appointment at the cab too take all your bills-if you owe on credit ect ect-they can take measures to stop the interest-and set you limit of small amount you can pay back-they write you a letter- also gas and electric-i think its british gas do a fund thing that helps to pay of outstanding gas/electric debt if u are struggling.
  12. you need to get out from private renting----im pretty sure local council or housing association is alot cheaper..........well it is around my parts----i used to private rent/ you could write to your mp for support in trying to get accomadation that is not private....based on your cash situation-you should tell them staright -no way can you carry on like this..........
  13. i can really relate to this glad im not only one with me being single mum and tackling all tasks -times when ive gone under with illness-like i got some sort phnemonia thing -a while back/then wisdom tooth out-or just times u have the trots or sick and i swear to god my son goes worse shows no attempt at understanding -or relate it to times he was ill......... was literally jucking up in loo-and hes there screaming at me over all sorts trival stuff ect ect............. and wont let you sit down quiet to calm down or try to recouperate........nightmare i pray i dont get ill nowadys and avoid folk with bugs and colds like the plague i could cope normally but i think its worse as u have to stay on top form to cope with our kids........ rq xxx
  14. sorry to hear this jsmum ive always found your posts informative and supportive my son has global developmental delay as well as now being dx asd i dont think anybody is judging you <'> >< <'> you shall be missed if you go take care rq XXXXXXXXX
  15. and for those who refuse to take the rfid chip inside them-well just type in fema into you tube and its not just happing in usa -its happing in the uk too.
  16. its all small steps to a Totalitarian state the big one next up is putting (RFID) chips in us-yes thats right us humans.......... -check it out guys its coming to a town near you soon.....
  17. DEAR OH DEAR the saga continues i have felt so ill its unbelivable-up all night-temp/trots/sick/pain/cant eat/dizzy/ the most godawful smell known to man in my mouth and the taste is none ive ever had in my life so back to dentist -in fact begging dentist on anwerphone at 4 am in the morn TURNs out its something called DRY SOCKET and hes had to pack the hole up with a medicated dressing that tasted extreme too-but hell nothing beats the other taste have to return on thur if no better............. since looking it up on net-it seems common and one awful experiance u never want to go through again i had to laugh-i had my dad with me-he got out of the car and said -flipping heck smells like theres a dead cat along this road -i replyed no dad thats my mouth rq xxx
  18. its OUT when down to place this morning-waited an hour-didnt care anymore had gone past my pain thershhold-couldnt wait to get in that chair this time stuff seemed alot stronger what i was injected with so it seemed to do the trick and my mouth was able to open wider- got antibitotics and painkillers-am now suffering agin but at least ITS OUT and now it can heal up.............
  19. well today has been the pits dentist rang me and told me to wash my mouth out every hour -take ibrufen and paracetamol and hes reffered me i should get phone call this afternoon -but there was none so im on phone in morning -cant hack this ...its terrible-awful taste as well in my mouth -cant eat/all swelled up/just want it OUT-i can tell it needs to be ....its all come from nowhere this really-other week bits fell of it now this-had x ray and yeah its gone.......... he couldnt get it out as it crumbled away so there was nothing to hold on to-plus i caouldnt get my mouth open enough......... bring on childbirth anyday.............
  20. rainbow queen

    Cat Sick

    my cat does the retching i think they do it cause of hairballs in there throat ect.......many a time i run round the house trying to get him outside quick thinking he will be sick -but then he goes ok.... <'> its cat poo i have probs with ewwwwww my god trying to get rid of the smell in the house is hard work.............xxx
  21. well seeing as i never do any ironing i thought id try and get a new iron as maybe thats why im no good at it-mine ive had over 10 years-and its just basic-my clothes could do with some ironing wondered if any of you had any tips on buying my sister swears by R****** so i go off looking -and no cant find any made by R****** in any stores near me-how strange-do you know if R****** now makes under another name? like they do sometimes these companys -ect -i have lost track of whos been took over by who..... or if you have another one that you think has been good for you? id go on that which site but u have to pay thought id ask first-as im a bit useless buying electric things........ thanks rq xxx
  22. thank you -both of you i understand it now rq xxx
  23. thanks -i am stocked up with paracetamol.....
  24. ive tryed looking it up on net i think it means big things or obvious things-i may be wrong though.......
  25. nightmare had all the injections ect-was in chair hour and a half-and it wasnt moving i couldnt get my mouth open enough-and now its just crumbled away the bits he was trying to get plyers on pain is terrible where hed been pushing and pulling got to be referred somewhere else now...........i just hoping i dont need to be knocked out for it.
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