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  1. hi ya westie <'> >< rq xxx
  2. <'> >< hi witsend good to hear from you rq xxx
  3. thanks guys <'> i rang up the 2 leaders today to explain more in depth ect and one has dealings with sen or something and they have had experiance of some children at cubs with autism and other difficulties..................bet i sounded like a mad woman rambling on.......... so i feel bit more reassured and they are going to get an older lad to help him out but try to make it not look so obvious so thats good....... i am going to really try and hes going next week....i think it will help his self esytem ect ect.......i know its hard for him to make friends -he dont have many -well about one whos on the spectrum-at school and they dont see eye to eye much.....i undrstand and am not pushing the friends thing but i want him to feel he can acheive more and he likes the idea of the badges tonight have been having a good cry to myself as seeing him at the beavers in the social situation-as most of time hes with me -or has support worker -or school...which is structed.............im trying to say seeing him as i did-and seeing the looks upon his face and almost the desperation to try and do what was right at the same time not knowing................what was meant of him---it just really hit me hard....and i felt very overwhelmed for him....at how much his life must be a struggle...ect ect..........and i so wanted to run up to him at beavers and wrap my arms round him to tell him hes ok........... :wub: ....but i waited till he had finished .......i guess everyone here knows what im talking about....its like you want to protect them so much.......... rq xxx
  4. anyone -have these children in beavers/cubs...? my son really struggled with the noise level and the team games they did -first time hes been-and he was shooting me daggers across the room.............. he got very upset.........and i felt really hurt for him as he tryed so hard to fit in but it was very noticable to watch .........he hated the team thing/rules and felt very self councious-the leader instructions was far too much for him to process.......... he said he hated it .....but also enjoyed some bits.............. am going to try him again next week..........i was tryed to help him get out of the house more ect......... wondered if its worth pursueing? i feel he would benifit really.........but on the other hand i dont want himto stick out................and you could really see the differences .........i kept telling him how fab he is and hugging him...........but i do so worry about himas the other kids notice it and then segarate him-well this is what happens at school.......... rq xxx
  5. yes your right -my son is like this-glad you highlighted this as i think this gets overlooked in school.............my son has not progressed much at all with just the basics like round face ect.....and yes he tends to stick to same pic ....like thats all he knows .............i really should try to learn him some more ......but yes the arty side of it does not flow.............rq xxx
  6. i had this with my son.........and i went along with it for many years thinking this must be just how it is.............. then it was getting to the stage where my son wasnt staying in his room ....and i had to sit outside his bedroom for 2 hours or more....just to keep him from running round the house late on.........and also in a effort to try to make him relise it was bedtime. then when he did go to sleep-i would go bed but would be woken up over and over in the night-with my son in a state-i was told they were night terrors-but i do think it was like you said anxiety-he was unable to tell me why he was crying ect......and then he would attack me for going in his bedroom......you couldnt calm him down ect-or get to the botttom of what the problem was.....so i was left just standing about half the night..... until recently when we went back to camhs-i told them -and they gave us the melatonin...........as we really couldnt take much more...........it was also making him more worse in the day . hes been on it a few weeks now -and the improvement is massive-he even is glad he has them as he relises it helps him.....(before-this he was begging me for help -actually saying he needs help to sleep). its good to see him having a peacefull sleep....and not in a awfull state half the night..... rq xxx p.s -i know though that some people on here have tryed it and it didnt work for there children....so i guess it just depends-i only need to give one capsule-but it states you can take up to 2 on the bottle.
  7. thanks for the replys everyone.......... <'> the dentist managed to take the tooth out the other day.he was really brave about it.
  8. i have this issue-my son who is dx asd is nearly 7 and my nt son is 5.............with me its the other way round sort of -my 5 year old is passive and gets pushed around and controlled by my asd son........... my asd son is soooooo jelouse-he sabbatages any time i try to spend with my 5 year old..... they fall out all the time-they will fall out of anything -ie a piece of scrap paper......... i have to say my 5 year old has already learnt alot of stuff which i didnt want him to of my asd son-ive tryed my best explaining it to him ...in the end i just had to say to him look your brother is autistic -thats why he does these things-but you can not do it because its not the right way to go about things...............but your brother does as he cant understand things.......... there is some books you can get too -that explain things to siblings -i had one as well..............im lucky in a way as my 5 year old is alot more mature than say nt 5 year olds (i think this is because hes had to be........) and he now understands alot more..............but he has learnt alot stuff i didnt want him to..............which i am in the process of trying to correct...........some which is unavoidable as you have to live all together....... rq xx sorry i relise your daughter is alot younger..........but id agree with the other posts -try to tackle it while shes young-of course she wont understand full explaination..........but try to tackle the behaviours you dont want....i think i let things slide a bit when mine were younger .....as well as me being on my own and then going througgh all the assessment process.......and feeling low in myself ........its better to try and nip it in the bud as young as you can......harder to change as they get older.......xxx
  9. hi mumble <'> i dont think the thread has got out of hand -its ok -everyone has a right to express there views..............and ive read every post in detail.........i can understand all sides of the coin.........thanks to every one for replying with your honesty XXX
  10. first of all i would like to say i did not mean to cause any offence -when i posted the title of this thread-i did do it rather quickly and should of put more thought into what had been written-but also it was not my words and i was just going of the article printed. secondly -my take on the matter is very close to what pookie 170 has just posted ...............with regards to the vaccination of tiny infants.i totally agree with this. thirdly -i feel that if you or your family have autism in your family -more should be done by the health proffesionals to investigate this-before going ahead with vaccination/without even asking or going into your family background..........lets face it they go into your background if your about to have an operation.....but nothing is asked when you infant is took into the drs for injections....apart from is the baby feeling well today?-please correct me if this was not the case with you -but it certainly was with me and my son!!! fourthly-i was trying to look it up on the net but couldnt find exact dates if and when they stopped using thimerosal in vaccinations? anybody know? rq xxx
  11. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2008/mar/27/h...lthandwellbeing extract from the link........thur 27th march 2008 But Wakefield continues to raise concerns about the safety of the vaccine. In a recent interview with the Observer newspaper, he said: "I've done what I've done because my motivation is the suffering of children I've seen and the determination of devoted, articulate, rational parents to find out why part of them has been destroyed, why their child has been ruined. "I can't tell you that we know that the MMR vaccine causes autism. But the Department of Health can tell you with 100% certainty that it doesn't, and they believe that, and that concerns me greatly." His supporters have vowed to help clear his name and more than 7,000 signatures have been collected in an online petition. The GMC inquiry is unlikely to resolve the rows about Wakefield's work. In a statement the regulatory body made clear its investigation would not assess the merits or safety of the MMR jab.
  12. hi no doubt this has been a thread before-having bad time trying to get my son to do it-well in fact even when he does its no good........ ive been told of by the dentist twice now.....as his teeth are bad and hes only 6-ive asked debtist to talk to him which he did but no joy.... and now today we had to go out of hours at hospital-for abcess-looks like hes got a golf ball in his mouth.....got antibiotics and told to ring dentist up.....sigh ........ do you think i should print something out about asd and teeth brushing...for the dentist? as i cant face being talked down to again.................my 5 year olds teeth are all ok- my son attacks me at mere mention of brushing teeth-and i always had to force him ...but now very hard to get him in bathroom let alone brush teeth..................feel i am partly to blame as ive not pushed it for keeping the peace... rq xxx
  13. ive been looking at them too do you know if the prices are a different rate for disabled children? id looked at my local one and it did not say any different,the prices are a bit high for half an hour-i mean im sure thats the going rate....but they bit pricy for my budget. rq xxx
  14. <'> >< <'> hello there rq xxx
  15. oh yes am having similar probs too with my son he had an appointment at drs one day and they gave him some dates-he really enjoyed them -so i thought ahhh some other fruit he can have and went and got some only to be told no way as they was not in the same packet ect ect...and refused point blank to even taste them............. and yeah its gone on to other things -and his diet is very restricted really -then i have added bonus of my younger son copying it too i have really sort of given up buying new things.........as he will not budge when hes made his mind up. it also saves arguing -then you get family saying oooooo i wouldnt put up with that-in my day u got what u was given --ect ect only my son is thin as a rake anyway and id rather not throw food in the bin -so now i try make do with what i know he is ok with. rq xxx
  16. can you ask your gp to be put in touch with incontinence nurse-me and my son have recently had one appointment . she worked out that in fact my son was not drinking enough waterin the day-sounds odd i know but true he has to be promted to drink up...............so she set a plan on how much he should be drinking and he has to avoid alot things to as these irratate the bladder blackcurrant coffee tea cola hot choc choc milkshakes orange citrus yeah doesnt leave much options -have to say i went out all for it-and have slipped up and relented a bit as it caused major disruptive behaviour with it all...........sigh....but we are peservering-my sons 7 in june. he also lies in it and has no awareness as such to take bed clothes off ect -and will refuse when i try to make him-hes ended up having awfull rash on his legs ect as well-so for them times i put him back in nappies-as his skin was far too sore to cope. we was advised last drink at 6.30 .....which have to say in practice was near impossible -resulting in many more meltdowns but im steadly pushing bit by bit -so as to he dont notice big change straight away-then he dont dig his heels in as much .....going take time . rq xxx
  17. i will second that what cmuir has said there In terms of gaining compliance, R was extremely difficult. He'd order me around telling me to get this, get that. On the other hand if I asked him for anything, different story. I tend to be careful about how I phrase things ie if Robert asks for a package of crisps, I'll instruct him 'when you pick your jacket up off the floor and hang it up on the peg, then you can have crisps' rather than saying 'you can't have your crisps untll you've picked up your jacket' (he simply hears 'can't have'!). Again, this took a bit of time and I think R was limit testing. i was having loads problems with this-ive since tryed remember to change my tone and the way i phrase it and it does work-well more often then it used to- i also have same probs with violence.......and the lengths he will go to to start an argument are unbelivable-he tryed at tea time-over and over -when he relised i was changing the subject and distracting him he gave up-but boy does he know how to try -i have probs reconising this before it happens -im trying to work on it myself-particully if im tired or focused on other things -he tends to get me then as i engage my mouth before thinking and before you know it -its a blown out argument. i know its going take some time this and it dont come naturally to me as it may to others but im going try my hardest
  18. thanks everyone -i managed it -lol took me few days to get to doing it -i printed this off too -so have it handy if it happens again -though ive told him not to go in settings
  19. good old harry hill -missed it tonight but my boys lurvvve him to bits x
  20. by heck hes a bit of alright -the one singing the song ...lol xxx
  21. thanks yes its the full screen -and yes you cant move the mouse to where u want-i will try what you have said -thanks . ill have to print this out off here then take paper with me and try it out as -im on mine here in my bedroom-the irony of it all is ive just moved his out of his room to living room -so i can time him on it ect.....and see what hes doing rq xxx
  22. hi my son has managed somehow to do this when pc is on everything is wrong way round-as in its all sideways on the screen instead of the correct way round? have no idea how he did it or how to get it back wondered if it was a simple thing i could do myself -or if i did to call someone in again?
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