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  1. Hi, My name is David, I am 16, and have Aspergers, just wondered if anyone was interested about my home education provider? When I attended school (both mainstream and special needs, it was'nt any good, I had so much trouble with bullying and being ignored) so I was eventually put on to a provider called Accipio. This has been really good for me, I really have improved and can get on with some proper learning. I also would like to hear from anyone with the same problems as me,I love 'house music' and some computer games, although I am a bit slow thank's to good old Aspergers, I have now tried to joke about it, I always ask for Asberger and fries when going out for fast food.
  2. I just thought that some people may be interested in the type of home education that I have been getting. I was always ignored and snubbed at school (even the special needs schools) but now I have really good home education provided by my local authority, it is a company called Accipio, everything is online and is really good, as already mentioned I have Aspergers.

  3. Hi,

    My name is David, I live in Kent, I am 16 and have Aspergers and would like to talk to other people who are looking to make friends on the internet, nobody really wants to make friends with autistic people because it is too much trouble for them.

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