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  1. I am taking a rest from being an active member on the site. I don?t know how long for. It may be days, weeks, months or years. I can?t think that far ahead just yet. My life has been a very big muddle recently and I need to take a close look at my life. To be totally honest I came to this site looking for information on ASD and I found what I was looking for so I thank all the staff and users of this site. But I think I have found a lot of information in such a short space of time that my mind is overloaded. Add to all this a stressful job, deaths in the family and a girl friend with ASD, OCD, Challenging Behaviours and Anxiety Issues and you have a very complicated life. One thing I can guarantee you is that my relationship with my girl friend is far from on the cards. We have been through a lot together and I don?t think anything can change that. It has created a bond that I don?t think anything will break. Next week we are having a meeting with Social Services and I am, to be honest very nervous about this. I am meeting them with my GF in a public place (my idea so they can see how she is outside of her home environment). I am hoping support will be offered. If I feel able I will update you after the event. I would like to thank all for their support, encouragement, friendship and passing on such needed knowledge. An extra thank you to all the team of mods and hosts for sorting out a little problem for me recently. Hopefully soon I will be back to my strong self but till then I will pop in to check my PM?s and maybe read a few posts but cannot guarantee I will be an ?active? member. If anyone wants to contact me please PM me and I will reply when I can. All the best to every one on this site and I hope to be back to full swing soon.
  2. Probably not an accident, head banging, although I am only guessing, she never admits to it or lets people see. She must be very stressed to do it though. I am guessing it is head banging because she is sorry she did it if it was an accident she would not care. Oh and she fixed it with pritt glue and paper!! (i phoned to make sure she was ok)
  3. mum22boys no her head really did go through the door
  4. Yes as far as I am aware she is fine just a bit of a head ache! It happens quite often.
  5. When is a door not a door? My my GF's head is through it
  6. Yes me too!! And I just found out how it got there Sometimes I wish she was NOT honest!
  7. Oh good she has that too!
  8. Text read as follows... we need new dor for bedroom big hole it was me Nothing like the honesty of ASD. I will investigate when I get home
  9. Don't worry about it. The guys on her have enough work without sorting this silly thing out. She use to not use words with an odd amount of letters is. She is getting better. We will get their in the end. Anyway Lets just leave it I will sort her out I am use to it, not easy but use to it.
  10. Yes BUT if you add the 1 and 8 you get 9!!!! It is a visual thing and I know nothing can be done about it but try and explain that to oreo!
  11. Thanks Flutter She saw a tv clip of a birth and didn't speak for 3 days She likes the tought of it i think she likes looking after the dogs and thinks it will be the same!!
  12. Kerre, To be honest I do not have a clue why she hates them but it is a big issue 90% of meltdowns are due to odd numbers. eg hospital number on hospital letters. seeing a clock with an odd number in it or the date on a news paper. or even her age or my age. house numbers everything she spots one a mile a way. Our tv is programed so bbc 1 is channel 2, bbc 2 is channel 4 and so on. And she will not watch bbc1. Maybe another member can tell you if it is an ASD thing. She will add numbers to make them odd eg 11 is 1 + 1 = 2 but she still will get upset over it.
  13. maybe we will see. I hope she will be ok with it but it does have a 5 in it. I am not joking she has BIG issues with numbers. She is 23. not good at all
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