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  1. I have not posted on here before but after looking at the replies to your message I can empathise and see that at least I am not alone!! My son, too has all the behaviours you mention from 1 - 10. He is now 13 and I have been struggling with him and trying to get intervention or people to work with him for about the last five years but have been passed from pillar to post with no-one wanting to help it seems. The trouble is, now he is a teenager and much taller than me and becomes aggressive and even violent at times. I have to constantly nag him to get ready in the mornings - and he will seem to forget waht he is doing and sit vacantly on the settee. This can lead to rows. But I know how stressed he would be if he missed the bus. Things like seeming to be unable to do up his laces - at 13! - yet I know when he has swimming etc at school he manages. I sometimes feel that I have to be a slave to keep the peace and to stop from living in a pigsty. He won't put things away and from his pespective I am constantly nagging. He doesn't see the need to have a tidy room yet can never find anything and shouts when he can't. Every night I tell him to pack his bag - I physically have given up on this - he seems to take forever, and then there is something missing. So when he is about to leave in the morning he often takes his things out of his bag - oh so slowly! - to check and repack - never mind the time. Then rushes off without coat/ keys / lunch etc. He loses things often but refuses to ask at lost property. Has lost a thick winter coat but refuses to let me get another, saying he's got one, he's just lost it. I know there's no point buying one as he wouldn't wear it. Since early December all he's been wearing is a fleece as a coat. This is also getting too small but I can't get him to shop with me for another. Mare! Anyway, I could go on and on..... How did you get a diagnosis for your son? My son refuses to admit there is anything, won't talk to me at all, has never told me how he feels about anything and will not come with me to doctors' appointments. What's PDA by the way - I'm not used to the jargon yet. Thanks, Fiona
  2. I know the feeling! I'm beginning to become more and more extreme in response to extreme behaviour - and feel awful.
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