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  1. Hi all thought this might be useful to some of you. It is a Browser toolbar geared towards Autism possibly the first! I have downloaded it and there are some great things on it including a big directory of links to services and resources. You can get it here http://autismnetwork.ourtoolbar.com/
  2. Here are a couple i found not sure if they are any good or not http://www.tonyattwood.com.au/articles/booksdiagnosis3.html
  3. You guys and gals must see this very moving film!!
  4. We got one about 3 years ago and it certainly has had some good use the kids love it especially Josh seeing as he has ADHD as well as Autism it burns some of that energy although he still has plenty left lol
  5. Agreed you may get better help if a diagnoses of ASD is given
  6. Thanks for that post it was very constructive and happily accepted you have a point and will be acting your advise. I see what you mean about the line in the sig never thought of it like that i have used it for some time as quite often or in my experience anyway some places are very negative and generally do not help anyone but it does seem these days things are much better (no offense anyone by the way i know how hard it can get). Anyway thanks.
  7. Hey all i would like to ask you all a big favor. I know your all very busy and do not have a great deal of time to spare but here goes anyway. I would love you guys to think of one topic that you feel very strongly about regarding ASD's and related conditions. then start that topic in our forum here http://www.autismnetwork.co.uk/forum.html this will only take a few minutes just make that one post to start the topic is all i ask. What i hope to achieve from this is getting some good conversations going which will also result in have good informative content on the site. I would be forever in your debt if you guys could post just one topic each if you want to post more than on thats fine to. Big thanks in advance. Take care Gavin AutismNetwork.co.uk Founder
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    For actual PECS try the free ones here http://www.autismnetwork.co.uk/new-pecs-ca...r-free-t45.html You can also request certain ones that you need.
  9. These people that are talking about a CURE just can not except there child has Autism! Yes one day may be there will be some amazing cure but i doubt it, it just really gets my blood boiling. While these parents are franticly hunting for a cure etc etc there child is just getting dragged along or even wors ignored while the parent searches for some sort of reason or peace of mind. Its just mad yes there are a few that do with a lot of help and support learn to manage there behaviours well and can come across as "normal" for want of a better word. This hoverer should not be broadcast as "my child was cured it is false and untrue!
  10. You can try here too http://www.autismnetwork.co.uk/new-pecs-ca...r-free-t45.html
  11. You can also download a selection of PECs card sets from here http://www.autismnetwork.co.uk/new-pecs-ca...r-free-t45.html The set are: Gestures Medical Activities Food and drink one Expressions Sports Transport Bathroom and selfcare
  12. I am lucky enough to have a supportive and understanding family which is great but unfortunately my wifes family are not so understanding and honestly think Josh will get better on day. It's not an illness we tell them! They hand us articles about people with ASPERGERS that have amazing skills or that run a relatively normal life and tell us maybe Josh will get better and have a hidden skill like this trying to explain to them that Josh is Autistic not Aspergers is a nightmare and drives us insane. Anyway thats that lol
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