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  1. Would this not be covered by the school's insurance then?
  2. I also cried for 20 minutes after I watched the video. For me I don't see Autism/Aspergers as a seperate "thing" from my son. I see them one and the same. It is part of him like his arms/legs. I wouldn't take it away from him. I don't pray or use voodoo nor do I want to. What I would change is the stigma, the confusion and the utter ignorance surrounding Autism/Aspergers.
  3. Thanks Sally, Sean won't wear the ear defenders as no one else does and hates to bring any attention to himself. He hates being the centre of attention even for his birthday. He has an OT and next time we see her we'll bring this up! Loud unexpected noises are the worse for Sean. He's easily distracted and will try and hide from the noise and I've often had to cover his ears while he crouches against the nearest wall while a police/ambulance/fire engine goes by. He aslo starts to panic if a helicopter or jet plane flies over. Thnaks Tally we'll try and get one asap!
  4. Thank you Chris was nearly in tears yesterday from all the odd looks and tsks directed his way watched a woman in Debenhams stand and stare at him opened mouthed! Will see if our local office sells them if not I'll order one. Alisha
  5. My son is 6 years old and was diagnosed with Aspergers in Jan of this year. He has a real fear/dislike/hatered of hand driers. We never make him use one (he will panic if someone else does)he is so frightened of them he'll try and wash his hands with his arms covering his ears. After having to cover his ears for him while he washed his hands while keeping my 2 year old close to us today has been a nightmare. Almost every disabled toilet we found needed a R.A.D.A.R key. I also started thinking how long can he keep coming into the ladies with me and while my husband can take him into the mens he isn't always with us. If he is entitled to one how do we go about getting one? Thank you Alisha
  6. I applied for my 6 year old in April 2009 and we had a reply last week. He gets middle rate care but no mobility. I had a lot of help from the guide on the Cerebra site and help from members of another forum I use. I'm sure if I didn't have that help and support there is no way we would have been sucessful.
  7. Sean will be 6 in the begining of May and has 2 obsessions. Henry Vaccums (the ones made by Numatic) and Dr Who. He asks everyone he meets if they have a Henry he also knows which shops in town have them and which of our friends/family have them. He can name every one made by Numatic and their names/colours. He loves Dr Who especially the early Drs and will obesses alternativaly.
  8. Thank you everyone for the very warm welcome
  9. I didn't have enough children around for him to play with nor did I get him baby sat enough by family/teens.
  10. I'm Alisha and I have two children. Sean will be 6 in May and Lily will be 2 in July. Sean was recently diagnosed with Asperger's at the end of Jan. When Sean was 3 his Play School teacher approached me asking if she could have him observed by some professionals that were going to be in for another child. We said no. He hadn't made any friends and found the entire session stressful but we put it down to being so young and thought things would improve once in school. Once he started school, only a few months after he turned 4, his teacher did mention that Sean was having trouble communicating and associating with other children and asked if she could get the Educational Psychologist in to observe him. She thought Sean should be seen by a specialist Paed as it was clear his social developement was very delayed. She also suggested he be seen by a Speech Therapist as she wasn't entirely sure he was understanding everything he was being told. Also she wanted him to be assessed by a physio therapist as his movements seemed to be vrey toddler like rather then child like as well as his hand writting being very behind as well. He has this assessment in the begining of April. He was supposed to have it a few weeks ago but then we had a load of snow and couldn't get there! The Speech Therapist told us he had a very delayed understanding. His spoken speech was almost over developed so it hid his understanding being so far behind. It took 14 months from when the Educational Psychologist first observed him until the diagnosis. However we seem to be facing the biggest problems with our famillies. They seem to be in denial and make me feel like I'm making up everything and that the school and Paed just want to label him. According to them nothing is wrong with him. I agree there is nothing wrong with Sean he just thinks differently to the rest of the family and needs support making sense of our world! Anyway I wanted to say and look forward to reading the forum
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