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    Hi All

    Hi Smiley, Elliott isn't under CAMHS anymore as they don't feel that they can do anything else for him, 12 sessions of play therapy changed nothing infact he seemed to get worse if anything. But I will admit to ringing them when he had a major kickoff crying my eyes out and asking them what they are going to do to help me, I was promised a phone call back on the friday but this never happened, They have referred him back to the community paed so will have to see where he goes from there but if I don't get the answers I want and he deserves I am going to be requesting a second opinion as I have no faith at all in the doctor we have got to see but will take it on the chin - FOR NOW lol Julie
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    Hi All

    Hi Emma, I know what you mean by the waiting being frustrating, I feel like it's me they are looking at and not my boys, which seems silly but you have to justify your every action to them and as Elliott likes to make up stories such as I threw him against the wall, a man broke into our car and threatened to kill my youngest son when Elliott had infact trashed the car himself. You have given me a glimmer of hope, we have had health 'professionals' involved with Elliott since he was 14 months old and still seem a mile away from getting a diagnosis but perserverance seems to pay off so will continue with my crusade to find out what is going on in his little head. Thanks x
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    Hi All

    Hi and thanks for the warm reception... Thanks for the insight Smiley, in reply to your questions. Elliott seems to fit in well at mainstream school, he has just had his SATS and got top levels in all of them, he is wary of new social events, he mixs ok with others but tends to prefer his own company, he has no extra help at school and the only difficulties the school have with him is his fixations on things and how he clings to objects that most people would disregard. Although he did stand up and threaten to shoot his class. We have started to keep a diary of Elliotts behaviours and how often they are occurring now in a desperate bid to get some help and eventually a diagnosis. He had 12 sessions of play therapy at CAMHS but that was all they were able to offer as well as putting a referral in to get him tested for ASD, we have contacted social services to see if they can maybe provide some respite but havent heard anything back from them as he can be really destructive (has put holes in his bedroom walls,breaks all his toys and more recently his pc, he also urinates everywhere) and as I said earlier he is quite abusive both verbally and physically towards us all. Bradley, my son with TS and ADHD is still waiting to get his medication as there is a 4 month waiting list in our area but he will be medicated for the ADHD initially but we are taking a risk as it could make his TS worse but if we can get his behaviour under control particularly at school, which is where he struggles the most, he acts the class clown in a bid to detract attention from the fact he cant concentrate or focus on the task in front of him. Thanks again for the information you gave us Smiley, I will have a look on the NAS website and take it from there. I am glad that you are doing well in your studies and hope you continue to do so Julie xx
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    Hi All

    Hi Everyone, I will start by introducing myself and say a little bit (if I can condense it) about me and my family. I am Julie, I am a mum to 5 boys, Bradley - 13, Kieran - 11, Elliott - 7, Ollie - 6 and Jaeden - 17 months, I live with my partner and our boys in Cheshire where I work part time as a care assistant, my partner also has 2 sons who live with there mum. I wish I had found this website and forum years ago. Bradley has Tourettes and ADHD and Elliott is a medical mystery so I'm told but after reading some of the threads I finally don't feel alone and like I'm going mad. Elliott was born at 35 weeks + 1 day, by emergency section, his apgar score was 2 and took 20 mins to reach the full 10 during which time he was ventilated, I first noticed some delay when he wasnt sitting up or rolling over at 9 months but put it down to him being lazy, by the time he was 13 months and still couldnt do anything, health professionals started to get involved, he had physio, was seeing consultants weekly and we got told we were looking at a syndrome but they didn't know what kind of syndrome. Anyway as time progressed so did Elliott, he eventually started walking and talking when he was nearly 3, he had portage, speech therapy, a behaviour therapist as he had lots of phobias and didnt sleep well. Eventually as nobody could quite pinpoint Elliotts problems he started mainstream school, which I got told was the right thing to do. Now at the age of 7, Elliott has so many quirky behaviours, CAMHS havent got a clue, they have suggested testing for ASD due to some of his behaviours which baffle us but we accept it's just Elliotts way. I just wondered if anybody recognises any of these behaviours and I'm not looking for a diagnosis, just maybe for some help with dealing with them as we find them really challenging. Really obsessive behaviour, taking every thing literally, violent outbursts including swearing at myself, my partner and his younger brother Ollie, he takes his underpants off after every toilet visit and they go missing, is like a little magpie, he is very clever at school and gets all top grades but I feel he absorbs it like a sponge as he recites what he has been told than how he understands it, he makes up stories, he has no sense of danger and would completely trust anybody who spoke to him by name, he can kind of do eye contact but looks through you rather than at you if that makes any sense, these are just some of his behaviours. I don't have much faith in the consultant he is under, as she sent me to see the physio 'to shut me up' when I said his right leg looked smaller than his left and the physio confirmed that his right leg was about 2 cm shorter than his left leg. Also CAHMS let Bradley down and he got labelled as a naughty boy all through primary school and it was put down that he behaved the way he did because I didnt have enough boundaries until he developed the twitches and then the high school noticed a pattern to his behaviour and he got diagnosed so I feel really let down by all concerned with my sons. Sorry to have gone on and I hope that I havent bored you all too much and if anybody has any words of wisdom, They would be gratefully received. Thanks for listening and pleased to be a part of your community xx
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