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  1. Have any of you heard of this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXEfjVnYkqM...feature=related Just wondering. x
  2. Thanks Pearl Nicky and Loobylou <'> <'> Watch this space, my daughter is transferring some photo's over to my computer so I can upload some photo's of our little adventurer. I wonder where she has been, maybe to visit the Queen. can she swim that well. She could have been to London and back to Sydney for all we know. Will post some piccies soon. Of our little 'Angel', thats her name. :)xx
  3. Tally, Thank you so much. I think by following your advice brought her home earlier. When I rang the pound they said to put food out and then she will be able to get something to eat. But then I thought about what you said, in not leaving any food out except for water, and I truly believe if I had left food out, she just would have ventured off again. So she gave off one of her very loud 'Meows' as she was so hungry. Her meow isnt that loud, so if all the windows and doors are closed we dont normally hear her. So just wanted to let you know it worked. Thanks so much Tally. She's like my big teddy bear. Relief is a wonderful thing. Big sigh, I can breathe again. Reading your other post Tally, thats what you need to do 'breathe' in and out. I imagine how you are feeling is just like this 'tension' I had while my cat was gone. Imagine how relieved you will feel when your mind is clear on what you want to do and need to do. So maybe there is a sprinkling of a message into your stress in all this. Take care hun, thinking of you, and your future plans and happiness. <'> <'> <'> <'> Love Fran xx <'>
  4. I know what you mean <'> <'> after the trauma I went through with my first childbirth I said the same, then the need or desire to have a little girl or brother or sister for B outweight all my fears. The second birth was no complications at all. I think the first born is so overwhelming. I hope you over come this if you can. Just sending you lots of these <'> <'> <'> <'> Take care Love Fran xx <'>
  5. 1.45pm next day I hear MEOW she's home. I ran out the back where she normally comes to the door, no cat, then I thought I was loosing my mind. :( So I opened the front door and in she ran as if - nothing had happened, not a scratch or bump, and not limping, just a bit skinnier because she obviously hasnt eaten in the past 48 hours. Gave her a big hug and some food and she is as happy as happy as can be, and so am I <'> <'> <'> Gosh I rang all the different places and had decided I was going to wait till this afternoon to do the door knocking. But she turned up. Soooooo relieved. It is the worst worst feeling when they disappear like that. Thanks for listening, thanks for putting up with me. Happy ending <'> maybe she has a boyfriend. xx Thanks again, Love Fran xx
  6. Frangipani


    Tally <'> <'> <'> I think by typing that out, you will feel a lot clearer in your mind what you really need to do. The most important thing is to look after your health. I think you know in your heart what you need to do. Just don't feel guilty about making any of these decisions. As I see guilt is stopping you from doing what you feel you need to do. Perhaps there is a sense of anxiety but the more you talk about it her and with your mum, the pieces of that puzzle will become clearer in your mind. It is impossible to think clearly when you are completely stressed. In the short term do what is achievable. Don't put yourself in burn out mode any longer. From what you wrote - you have done your best and the best is all you can do. You have huge responsibities and I know all to well how hard it is to juggle it all on your own. Thats why I work from home. Like you said, you need some time out before you make another career change so you can think clearly. Keep posting though hun, it really helps you process your thoughts when you write it down. Just by doing that, the answers will become clearer. Become an accountant. Most flexible job ever. be your own boss. Even better. Just a suggestion. Sending you lots of these <'> <'> <'> Love Fran. xx
  7. Still no show now I am feeling nauseous. Thanks for your help, will follow your advice. They are predicting sunshine today so it will make it a bit easier. I keep hoping she has sort shelter in someones garage and is stuck in there or a garden shed or something like that. Will go door knocking rather than leave a note. She was really healthy so remaining positive. Thanks again for your posts they are helping me remain calm. No man in the house to do this job, I am mum and dad in this household. hoping she will come bouncing through the door. Everytime I heard a cat meow on the telly I thought it was her. xx <'> <'>
  8. Still no sign of her unfortunately its now after 1am. I searched high and low on the roof in the garden but there are so many pockets I cant get too and it was teaming down with rain and is absolutely freezing here. Hopefully she will turn up in the morning. Or I will put a note in each of my neighbours letterboxes to look out for her. etc. Or ring the council. See if she is handed in. She is such a cute litte thing but such a scallywag, she is probably snuggled up somewhere keeping warm and sheltered from the extreme weather we have had over the past 24 hours. Thunderstorms, lightening, icy rain. Its fleezing. I have had burmese and moggie cats, the last time this happened to me was when my burnese cat was injured. So trying to remain positive. Now the kids keep going out in the cold calling her. No show Come home puddy I miss my fluff ball. xx G'Nite all. <'>
  9. Thanks Tally, I will go and have another look. <'>
  10. She has never done this before. We have had her since a kitten, I shes about five / six years old. She loves to snuggle up on my chest and into my neck while I watch tele. Shes my morning alarm clock. I am absolutely soaked to the bone as I couldnt find the torch, then finally found the torch, asked the neighbours next door who I thought she would have gone to but they havent seen her to. I finally went around every inch of garden with the torch and it started bucketing rain. Only thing now I guess is to see if someone has handed her in. Luckily she is microchipped so that gives them our address and everything. Except I have changed my phone number. It didnt actually hail here, mainly further inland. She is probably snug as a bug in a rug in some warm place somewhere without a care in the world. But surely she would come if she noticed the torch or heard me calling. Sorry, just thinking out loud. Rattle rattle.
  11. Getting butterflies in my stomach. She wouldn't come in last night. We had a blanket hail storm over Sydney last night and today covering many parts in Sydney with what looked like snow but was very small hail. I looked everywhere for her today and no sign of her. All I can think of is she has taken shelter somewhere warm because of the cold. Now its been raining on and off all day. She has a sheepskin bed on the back verandah with blankets and shielding if she wants to stay out of a day and snuggle up but she hasnt even been anywhere near that. Not been around looking for food or anything. Its just after 9.30pm and now I am really starting to get anxious. Trying not to worry my daughter. But now I am wondering whether to go out with a torch. Too late to knock on any of the neighbours doors. Quietly freaking out. Fran.
  12. Thanks Tally, that helps a lot. <'> Some good tips and advice. This friend has a strong English accent too, this might have stressed him a bit as you said. Thanks Tally. Love Fran xx <'>
  13. Frangipani


    Oh that was funny I have a few other jokes that must go with that. You may already know them but one is about Horsepital, Tweetment, and Oinkment. If you havent heard them and would like me to post them, let me know. I posted them in the Joke thread once where ever that is. xx <'>
  14. Now you will have a daily reminder because you are at the top of the thread hope you had a great time at the pub. Sounds like you did. <'> xx
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