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    Hi Mumble, I can totally empathise with you because the same thing happened to me, I was studying music but every time I had to do a performance i would go to pieces, the way I got through my A levels was with proprananol (beta blocker) from the doc for a week before. It did stop the shaking etc but by the time i got to Uni I couldn't face doing any performances at all !! So I skipped lessons where i would have to do this and dropped out altogether at the end of the first year. The thought of doing something in front of someone terrified me and yet privately i would imagine playing (piano) to the Albert Hall or something daft.I have since got over it to some degree and did play at church. Since then I have got my diploma with the open university and am studying towards a degree with them (home based, no performance, history of music and theory, that sort of thing). I since have been dx with an anxiety disorder, but wish I could have overcome it back then. Medication is a thing for you to use ( in YOUR control) to help get these important things done. There are herbal remedies too....Bach's remedies ,kalms. etc Maybe finding more out about a kind of confrontation therapy or whatever, where you gradually become accustomed to speaking out etc. I was told to imagine every one in their underwear !!!! Hope it gets better for you. You are worth it !!
  2. <'> I have no advice, but want to send some hugs, you must be feeling terrible. <'>
  3. So sorry for you all.It happened to us in January with our 11 year old dog. <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'>
  4. Wow, I can't believe this is so common. My son wont let me part with anything (i do it when he's not looking and he doesn't usually remember about it). We had a new shower fitted the other day because the other one was broken and it caused a huge upset, he didn't want a new shower and please can we keep the old one?So when it was changed he insisted we keep the old ( ruined) one , so i told him i'd put it in the loft and he accepted that.(it's in the bin really). I have to be sooooooooo sneaky about throwing things away ( even wrappers etc) as it upsets him.He says they are memories and can't bear to have them thrown away. I just have to do it when he's not looking .He still has toddler toys in the garden playhouse ( pull along toys !!!) he's 8 now but will he get rid of them?Will he boot!!!!
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    steve expelled

    <'> <'> <'> thinking of you Hev, <'> <'> <'>
  6. <'> <'> Although my son is younger (8), we had all the tears and unhappiness through primary school and yet this year something has changed (suddenly ,out of nowhere ) He is growing in confidence, has a fantastic T.A that really cares and is doing well. He still has lots of anxiety, which is really upsetting, but goes into school happily (it's part of his routine, i suppose). I tried bach herbal remedies and it really has helped him. I don't even put it in his water now but he is much better. He still does his routines on the way to school and says he hates walking to school because he has to do things he doesn't want to ( walking aroung the grid so many times etc) which upsets me, and he finds it noisy at school.The T.A now does his spelling tests seperatly in the morning before school and he now gets every one right, whereas in the classroom he wouldn't get many at all. I find it helped when he made a couple of friends. Does your son have any friends at school? I really hope things get a bit better for him, it's no joke to be anxious ( I Know ) and all the noise and movement must be horrible for him.Does he have any support from the Autism Outreach? They have helped to put things in place for my son.Sending you lots of <'> <'> <'> Oh and everyone things i am too soft on my son as well ( implying that I'm the problem! )
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    Hi Ultramum, Just to let you know, i've been feeling the same and am seeing my doc tomorrow to review /increase my anti-d's.I have been feeling so low lately. I think everyone has these times to some degree but I end up feeling there is something wrong with me, that i'm not normal. Isolation is the worst thing and yet it's the thing we tend to do when we are feeling this way.i really hope you start to feel a bit better ( me too!). <'> <'>
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    I give up

    <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'>
  9. Hiya Hev, I had a major argument with my best friend about a week ago, because she doesn't totally understand (but thinks she does) and is telling me that I need to be firmer and that he does it for my attention. My son is very anxious and has certain rituals on the way to school etc that when he gets nervous he does.At the mo it is running around the slabs in the pavement so many times, when he does this i just wait and this annoyed her.i think she thinks I encourage him and should just walk off and leave him to it. Anyway we had a major argument because I am trying my very best and don't need her insinuating that I am causing the problems.She does only want to help but unfortunatly people just see the behaviour and then see the parent trying to support and decide it's because the parent is too soft. I have this off my Mum as well. I find my friend and mum get angry/ annoyed at him because they see it makes it hard for me and hubby. I know my Parents and my best friend love my son to pieces and love us too. Try not to be too upset at your sisters, i know it's awful but they are hurting too, perhaps they are frustrated and feel powerless to help. I really hope things improve. <'>
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    Fear of flying

    My family in America travelled to stay with us, they travelled on September the 11th exactly a year after the 911 attacks, it was my cousin, her husband and her 2 little girls that stayed with us. I asked her weren't you afraid of travelling on the Anniversary of the plane attacks and she said ,No ,because Airport safty is much better now than before plus If anything happened they were together as a family.The following year we travelled out to them and were going to do disneyland in L.A in the middle of the trip, (they live in Idaho).As the time got nearer we went to war with Iraq and the status of travelling to America changed to high alert. I got so frightened and kept thinking...Is a trip to Disneyland worth it etc etc etc. I worried myself sick but in the end we went, I was anxious on the plane untill we touched down but the feeling did settle and the long and short of it is.........My son loved it, wants to stay with his cousins again, I had a really good time and was soooooo glad I didn't cancel.For me I felt like we took a risk but it was worth it. My best friend has exactly the same fears as you but in the last 2 years she has made the trip to spain twice, each time she has made herself really ill during the experience but took bach remedy, which helped her. Now she doesn't let it spoil her families plans and knows that the fear soon passes and once she has touched down , they have a wonderful holiday and experience. But there is NOOOOOOOOOOO way she will try America because I wanted both our families to go to Florida.It's too long for her. But that's fine, she is happy to do the spain/portugal trip now and her family love it. I hope you can pluck up the courage, I have an anxiety disorder and get sssoooo angry at all the things my anxiety spoils. I'm sure your counsellor will be able to help and put your fear into perspective. <'>
  11. Thanks I have just tried it on him when he was having a panic and he has calmed right down and is playing nicely with his Dad in the other room.Thanks <'>
  12. Hi Joeboe Glad that some friends are coming home to play, maybe this is the start he needs.Good Luck <'> <'>
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    news from Loulou

    <'> <'> <'> <'> Congratulations <'> <'> <'> <'> <'>
  14. HI everyone I have posted before about DS anxiety and he is finding it hard to go out even somewhere nice if he has a "thought" about me dying, it seems like a OCD type of thing really.What I wondered is that I have anxiety and use Bach's rescue remedy and Kalms. I think you have to be 12 to take Kalms but I can't find any info on the suitability of using the flower remedies. Has anyone used these for their kids and at what age? My son is 8, but his anxiety is really starting to restrict him.Thanks in advance x <'>
  15. Hiya Joeboe, My son is now 8 but back when he was in the infants he was the same, playing by himself and it broke my heart. What we did was have a word with the teacher who suggested 2 boys that he must have sat with and who were really nice boys and she suggested that we try inviting them home to play. We did this and though now he has 2 other best friends, he still classes these lads as his best friends and we still have them over every now and then. Also in year 2 he stopped even playing with these 2 boys and went back to playing by himself and the way the school encouraged him to join in with their play a bit again was to give an organized task every week for him to do and he could choose someone to help (this was during dinnertime) and because he found a structured activity easier to socialise , it worked again and he started to play again and became much happier at school. Now he is in year 3 and plays all the time with his new best friends, has a lovely time and when I look back I never would have believed it. Try not to worry, but it is a good idea to ask him if there is anyone he particularly likes and invite them to play. Hope everything goes okay <'> <'> <'> P.S As to the bullying, it happened for the first two years of infants school and each year I had to go in and they sorted it. It was a good school and in year 1 some older lads were tormenting him about his speech and the headmistress went ballistic ! She made the culprits stand up in the assembly (these lads had done it to numerous other pupils), gave a talk to the school and made the lads stay in at dinnertime and write a letter unaided to ME apologizing for making fun of my son........they never did it again
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