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  1. Emotional quotient is believed to be the true guide to how good or bad a person is and so the EQ test ; The Emotional Quotient test Where I scored above average. But if you score low, don't worry the EQ like so many other things can be improved, but it is a guide to perhaps where you might like to improve as regards questions at least, the body language thing is another matter but that can be improved also via relevant training.
  2. Beware of what others tell you as you have to ask yourself how qualified are they to judge others and is there a set standard that everyone must be to be considered normal, whatever that is. The things you speak of, recognising body language all of it can be learned by ASD and it is some of the experts on it have learned it as not everyone understands everything because if we did upsets could be attributed to mean actions nit failure of communication said or otherwise But IQ is what aspies are known to have high factors in when the reality is intellectual intelligence means nothing when one has to exist in a society for what is more important is your EQ or the emotional quotient, test yourself and assure yourself you are not what others think you are and be confident in what you are as EQ is another thing that can be developed so even a low score is not the end of the world. But you have to ask yourself why you seek diagnosis, what will be achieved by it and I do understand the desire to put reason to failure, but then everyone fails from time to time, no one is immune from that.
  3. Then to clarify ; Ordinary members can no longer post links to external websites without prior messaging a moderator who will then verify the link as to how safe it is and then message the ordinary member to say they can post that link ? A question based on the above ; where does personal bias fit into this, can it exist that a moderator can decide against an external link because they disagree with the content ? Do other moderators have access to other moderators private messaging, because the situation exists that if one messages a moderator who is online at the time, that moderator can go offline as suits their lifestyle and might not be on site again for any amount of time there leaving the ordinary member unanswered, of which I can tell you now ordinary members could very well be upset with ? You see, I have experienced what I suspect was moderator abuse of privilege on this website before, where a moderator sought to silence my questioning and there pursued me via private messaging asking asinine questions not related to the topics in hand of which I found deeply upsetting and indeed threatening and having experienced that I can't quite forget and so I will naturally be suspicious and what occurred today has reignited that suspicion, I am sure you will understand.
  4. I am sorry, it just seemed kind of curious that this topic should suddenly appear initiated by a moderator of whom I had requested clarification from regarding another topic, a poster who had responded to my request by going off on one which was as I have previously mentioned I believe was uncalled for and quite upsetting, leading me to understand a different approach, that of requesting clarification instead om my usual approach was not welcome nor indeed the right way to go about seeking understanding. Now I totally appreciate some are not interested in what I have to say as I do understand what I can be like sometimes, but the solution is to answer the question in the politest possible way so as not to cause upset, not exasperate the situation by ranting against and then initiating threads such as these which to me come across wholly as retaliatory given the obvious mood my request created, where I suspect what I warned against back at the new year where we had that round of nastiness leading to the resignation of some members, that of moderator abuse of privilege.
  5. There exists a problem with your desire to verify all links by having members message moderators to request if they can post such a link, the problem is, moderators are not always online, so what are people to do, wait for mod approval as and when a mod appears and do all mods have access to other mods messages ? But if one has to wait for approval when they are perfectly capable of verifying links themselves, what is that going to do to any essence of help on this forum, for people having to message a moderator for permission it is going to kill help for people will be less inclined to go through all palaver to help someone else ? But the internet is what it is wherever we may wander online we exposed to countless dangers where we are free to download whatever we wish and reap what comes with it, it is why most have anti virus and anti malware protection for just such an occasion, so really there is no need to seek to protect people's hardware when they are capable of doing it themselves as to face it, no other website makes such requests, so why here and further to that no other website requests such as you are here, so what's the real reason ?
  6. That is not what your opening post said, and it is why I asked for clarification, but I am coming to fear asking for clarification from other posters because the last time, I requested clarification - today, the poster I asked clarification of went off on one of which I found was highly uncalled for but I let it slide. And by the way, I am not twisting anything, if anyone is, it is you for saying something totally different in above quoted post to what you said in your opening post.
  7. Mine is not a link because links will be blocked as certain entities and their sympathisers don't like the truth being known. But we have questioned this before, if links cannot be provided to external sources of help then what is the use of this website as a source of help for those that ask for help ? Furthermore if links are banned then all those organisations seeking volunteers to fill in questionnaires to supposedly help ASD research are also banned which makes this place a no go area for those seeking research volunteers ?
  8. Well there is the CAB but they are over subscribed in these dire times, but other than that there is only MIND of which I have already stated. But a clue to finding anything else which might be useful is where they derive their funding from, where both MIND and the CAB are charities, as anything government funded will not be useful as the government will not support what opposes them.
  9. We vote for what is presented because we have been trained to vote as it is our one and only say in what rules us in this representational democracy which is barely a democracy itself. But what is presented is the problem, which is party politics where what a party supports is not those fool enough to vote for them, what a party supports and promotes is paid up party members interests, that is, you don't pay for a party they do not represent you. What is happening is policy not necessity, this evil that is being meted out is on the same targets this ruling party aways attacks and we know that from history yet we never seem to remember come election time, but we always fall for the same old ploy; tell them what they want to hear, get the power and we can do what we want. The last government engaged ATOS and created the ESA system, the present government is applying the last government's policies with increased vigor therefore that demonstrates adequately to me neither of the three main parties will ever receive my vote again for there is nothing like experience to teach one the error of their ways.
  10. What does that mean ? You want me to divulge what I know, if in which case follow my signature as it is something I act to raise the awareness of because it is happening and the media is largely ignoring or ridiculing with some exceptions.
  11. You can make a freedom of Information request where it is against the law for the authorities to deny. A useful website why could help is; http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/ But it is likely what you see is all held in one location but what you have come against is the fact that those who hold information do not like to divulge it to anyone other than what they recognise as deserving entities, which does not include members of the public to include families, but as said it is against the law to deny the existence of what you seek and when one reminds such people of the law they usually become more compliant.
  12. It is a foregone conclusion no one will survive this onslaught where my problem is not having worked for five years since redundancy my CV which was impressive means nothing now, all my past achievements may as well have not happened, twenty four years of employment down the pan as now I am just work shy scrounging scum for being on benefits. But what many fail to grasp regarding the loss of benefits, what it actually means to many people who do not have the safety net of family to fall back on where there are no jobs to take is what amounts to starvation and death, because without benefits there is nothing else, well there is and that is a life of crime to ensure survival in this cesspit of a country if one has the will to survive left in them which is rare if one is on benefits, because the benefits lifestyle actually destroys confidence and robs self esteem. I will not give you the facts and figures of what this current vendetta is doing to the benefit scrounger because if I do this post will be moderated because people don't like to hear the truth and that is why the plight of those subject to this government inspired evil goes unnoticed in twenty first century first world Britain, because it's not in the media therefore it doesn't exist. But if you care to find out for yourself you can find all of what I would normally put here on the DWP website itself. But to answer your question, if you have to fight, get yourself down to your local MIND office and they will fight for you because they are on our side.
  13. Fools believe in valentines day, it is after all another buyfest, one of those situations where people feel compelled to buy for those they love just on this one day, where I say if you can't say what needs to be said on any other day then what's the point. ASD and loneliness go hand in hand, learn to value your own company and you will be better equipped for the future.
  14. You have to understand Alex the corporate world is forever looking for ways to maximise it's profit and minimise it's expenditure so it will use whatever it can to achieve those goals as the reality is a workforce in their eyes is a necessary evil and something they can do without if they can so they will employ every dirty trick in the book and more besides to achieve their aims. If you seek employment you have to submit to what prospective employers will do as the choice is tow their line or don't apply.
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