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  1. If you are still trying to sort the car out, you could try a main dealer (so ring a Ford dealer, if you drive a Ford). The big names do seem to have websites/email contacts and even if you don't send you car there to be fixed, you can ask the questions you want and get answers this way. If you tell me which make of car you have, and where in the country you live, I will try to find a dealer for you. It is horrible not being able to use the phone. My husband copes by getting me to ring people for him !
  2. Is there any chance of dealing with the garage by email ? My husband doesn't cope well with phones, and he has found most places will answer questions by email these days.
  3. When you have kids with ASD, what others see as really simple everyday things seem to cause the most upset. A trip to the supermarket, on a busy day, with 2 kids, is probabaly one of THE hardest things to achieve without problems. AS JSmum said, planning, meticualous planning, before you go will make things easier, but sadly there is no quick fix. Be kind to yourself, and only take them both togther if there is absolutely no other option.
  4. caci

    Mouse ears!!!

    Search around for a set of cat ears from Haloween and either use them as they are or adapt them to a slightly more rounded mouse shape.
  5. No one actually checks what you spend your DLA on. It is different with direct payments as they are to be used for specific things. I am sure you can justify to yourself spending your extra £10.00 on (or at least towards) a new dressing gown.
  6. I think family fund may help if she is under 19yrs
  7. What Karen A wrote has reminded me of when I applied for ajob in a primary school. When I was asked why I thought I was suitable for the job, I replied, "I am a Mum. That means I am used to thinking on my feet and sorting things out." I got the job. Good luck, Oxgirl, I will be thinking of you.
  8. I assume this job means you will be making appointments, booking meeting etc ? If so, you may be asked to give examples of how organised you are. If it involves typing/shorthard (do people still do shorthand ?) you might be asked to take a piece of dictation and type it up. If this is similar to something you have done before then think back to what you did at the previous job, and use that for examples. An example of using your initiative might be doing something that needs doing before someone actually asks you. In an office that might be seeing a pile of files to be filed, realising they need to be filed, and then filig them before someone says "can you file those please". Hope the interview goes well
  9. Can you tell us what the job is (office work, shop work, working with children etc) then it may be easier for us to offer ideas.
  10. YES and I thought it was excellent. I must admit I borrowed it from the library rather than bought it. I had to renew it 3 times as I was using it to help me whilst applying for statutory assessment.
  11. Did you know you can get a RADAR key so you can use the disabled loos ? They are not just for wheelchair users. We got ours from our council (free) but they sell them in a lot of disability catalogues and on EB#Y for less than £5.00. You don't have to declare why you want it, or sign any forms.
  12. I am sure this has been covered already, but just incase it hasn't....... Do not send the originals of any document, always send a copy Keep and exact copy of what you send Always use recorded delivery Make a note of deadline dates, dates for panel meetings etc and chase up results yourself. I found when I was preparing for tribunal (for refusal to assess) it was easier to hole punch each page in the corner and use a treasury tag rather than staple things. Good luck Carol
  13. I have seen a post somewhere about people who have a medical problem which means they often need the loo at VERY short notice. I think it is ISB (irritable bowel syndrome) Anyway, there are cards available for these people to show if they are in a queue for a public loo and need to jump the queue. Would something like that help you in public places ? I agree with the others about it being fine to ask at a friend's house. Maybe if you are out with friends you could ask if anyone knows where the ladies is, rather than actually saying you need the loo IYSWIM
  14. I made an appointment with secretary at M's mainstream primary to go through his school records. I put a post-it note on anything I wanted a copy of and they photocopied it for me (and charged me 6p a page !) I sent copies (of my copies) with my paperwork for tribunal to request a statutory asssessment as my original request had been turned down because the school hadn't submitted enough evidence.
  15. I think the MODS are stating this to cover any possible come back, claims for negligence etc. I don't think they are asking anyone to change what they say, just asking people to use common sense and not do things "because XXX on the forum said it would work" This forum is for help and support.
  16. caci

    Year 6 SATS

    Do you want you son to sit them ? I am fairly sure if a child is working below a certain level they don't have to sit SATS, but you can probably insist if that is what you want.
  17. We are on the CAMHS waiting list (again, this will be our 3rd lap through CAMHS) I think we are waiting to be seen at tier 4 this time, and if we get the appointment before yours I will let you know what happens. Don't hold your breath as I have been told it could be 6 months before we are seen
  18. In that case definately claim. Even if they say no, you have n't lost anything. Just a note of caution, if Glen is going away for several weeks you may find his DLA and carers are stopped or reduced. Maybe you could make enquiries, then at least you would know what money you would still get and can try to stretch it out a bit more. Sorry that doesn't sound right - what I am trying to say is if you know your money is going to change you can plan things a bit better than if one day it suddenly stops without warning.
  19. I think income support is based on the whole income into the household. This seems to mean if you have a partner who works, you don't get it. Have you applied for Tax credits ? As Glen gets DLA if you are entitled to Tax Credits you will get a higher rate. I think direct Gov has an online benefit checker. Hopefully someone can find the link for you (sorry I can't do clever things like that !)
  20. Our 12 year old still has Calpol (the baby sugar free one). Until about a year ago, I would put the dose into a medicine syringe and let him squirt it in himself. Now he will drink it from a medicine cup. As the amount of paracetamol is geared to babies of 3 months to 6 yeras, he needs 20 mls (4 teaspoons) per dose to get the equivilent of 1 paracetamol tablet.
  21. caci

    DLA Renewal

    I haven't been in this situation but if I was, I would definately ring and ask. We spend so long waiting in queues for appointments etc for our kids and I have taken to ringing anybody who's waiting list I think we are on every few weeks just to check our case hasn't accidently been mis-placed You have nothing to lose by ringing.
  22. caci

    Going on Holiday!

    Does anyone rememeber that big white cat (Arthur?) who advertised cat food by scooping the food out of the tin with his paw ? Was he a leftie or a righty ?
  23. I think call me jaded may have mudddled some thing up. GDD is Global Developmemt Delay but I am not sure the equivilent is PDD. Our son has PDD-NOS and he is at the high end of the spectrum.
  24. caci

    Proud moment

    You have every right to be proud Enjoy your wine, and get your thermals ready for standing on the touchline supporting him all season
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