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      Depression, Mental Health and Crisis Support   Depression and other mental health difficulties are common amongst people on the autistic spectrum and their carers.   People who are affected by general mental health difficulties are encouraged to receive and share information, support and advice with other forum members, though it is important to point out that this exchange of information is generally based on personal experience and opinions, and is not a substitute for professional medical help.   There is a list of sources of mental health support here: <a href="http://www.asd-forum.org.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=18801" target="_blank">Mental Health Resources link</a>   People may experience a more serious crisis with their mental health and need urgent medical assistance and advice. However well intentioned, this is not an area of support that the forum can or should be attempting to offer and we would urge members who are feeling at risk of self-harm or suicide to contact either their own GP/health centre, or if out of hours contact NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or to call emergency services 999.   We want to reassure members that they have our full support in offering and seeking advice and information on general mental health issues. Members asking for information in order to help a person in their care are seeking to empower both themselves and those they represent, and we would naturally welcome any such dialogue on the forum.   However, any posts which are deemed to contain inference of personal intent to self-harm and/or suicide will be removed from the forum and that person will be contacted via the pm system with advice on where to seek appropriate help.   In addition to the post being removed, if a forum member is deemed to indicate an immediate risk to themselves, and are unable to be contacted via the pm system, the moderating team will take steps to ensure that person's safety. This may involve breaking previous confidentiality agreements and/or contacting the emergency services on that person's behalf.   Sometimes posts referring to self-harm do not indicate an immediate risk, but they may contain material which others find inappropriate or distressing. This type of post will also be removed from the public forum at the moderator's/administrator's discretion, considering the forum user base as a whole.   If any member receives a PM indicating an immediate risk and is not in a position (or does not want) to intervene, they should forward the PM to the moderating team, who will deal with the disclosure in accordance with the above guidelines.   We trust all members will appreciate the reasoning behind these guidelines, and our intention to urge any member struggling with suicidal feelings to seek and receive approproiate support from trained and experienced professional resources.   The forum guidelines have been updated to reflect the above.   Regards,   The mod/admin team


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  1. Son hearing voices!!! any advice please

    Thank you so much for your reply Suzy. I hadnt been on for a while so i have only just noticed it. I'm still getting to grips with the format of this forum. Ds has now been prescribed sertraline which i am yet to convince him to take. He is reluctant to talk about the voices and says he has not heard them for a while. He says if he talks about them he hears them more so he refuses to talk about them. He still suffering from high level anxiety do thats why we find ourselves down the medication route. I just hope it helps because it really is torturous seeing him so distressed. It really is comforting to know that there are people out there that can sympathise. Thanks again. Susan
  2. Any advice about Sertraline

    Hi Everyone My 11 year old ds has been prescribed sertraline for anxiety and i am scared to death about the side effects and if it will help. Does anyone have any experience with this? Did it help? DS is so anxious all of the time and i really did not want him to take anything but it is torturous seeing him so stressed out. Any advice would be very gratefully recieved. Susan
  3. Son hearing voices!!! any advice please

    Sorry, i meant to say that my GP said he would write a letter to DS Doctor at CAHMS about what had happened and is not referring me anywhere else.
  4. Son hearing voices!!! any advice please

    Hi, thanks for the replies. I should of said he told me about these voices on Sunday night and I telephoned CAHMS on Monday morning but his Doctor at CAHMS is on annual leave until 9th August. I made an emergency appointment with his GP who told me he would write a letter outlining my concerns but did not see or speak to ds. He told me that should he further deteriorate that a locum could come out and make an emergency assessment. He appears to be a bit better now and has told me he hasnt heard the voice since Sunday but then again he has a fear of hospitals and may just be saying that because he cant stand visiting CAHMS. I am at a total loss of what to do next. I do not want to make the situation any worse for him by calling in stangers to assess him on an emergency as he expressed to me on Sunday that he is scared that there is something really wrong with him and will he have to go into hospital which i of course told him he wouldnt. But, he is still very nervous and anxious. We are due at CAHMS on 11th August so I dont whether to sit tight till then or pursue something else. I am just so frightened for him and dont want to do the wrong thing in case i make it worse. I did read the very similar post on here and cried but i found it hard to relate it to what is happening to my ds as he is only 10 and nothing much has altered with regard to his routine or circumstance.
  5. Hi, my ds (almost 11) started saying two nights ago that he hears a voice in his head and that it is telling him to do stuff. It tells him he must sell his soul to the devil and most worrying to harm himself and other people. I have tried my best to reassure him that it means nothing and ignore it, try and think of something good, tell him that everyone has bad thoughts sometimes but he is in utter torment. He says that he hears the voice when his head is flooded with thoughts and then his head becomes to hurt and then he hears the voice like a whisper. He attends CHAMS but the seem to be doing nothing for him. The only improves that he has made is down to the adjustments we have made as a family such as home schooling him, changing his room so its calmer, making him a weighted blanket which was the only thing that calmed him the other night. I visited my doctor without ds to see if he could refer us to someone else because it just feels that all the services out there is catostrphoically letting him down and i am losing my strength fighting tooth and nail for the help he so desprately needs. It is heart breaking to see him in such distress and i am really worried he may act upon these thoughts. Last night i heard him switching his light on and off and 10 times becaus he said he was checking that everything was still there! He is constantly seeking assurance that the world is not going to end or that aliens dont exist. He has always had these fears and anxities but they seem to have sky rocketed in the last week and i have now idea why. I was just wondering if anyone had experience of this themselves or have children who have experienced this. I just dont know what to do anymore but reassure him. I just wish so much he felt safe and secure in his own head. Thanks for reading, Susan
  6. Urgent advice needed

    Well CAHMS was much the same today. Although, she brought in a dead wasp and DS completely freaked out but eventually calmed down. It was very upsetting for him but in a way I am glad they saw the severity of his reaction because i always feel they do not understand exactly how anxious he is, they have a habit of belittling his problems or making me feel like i am blowing them out of proportion. That's a great idea Stella! We did try giving him a water gun but he found the trigger tricky to pull and would run out of water and make one big mess so i am definately going to try the tennis bat. Thanks
  7. Urgent advice needed

    Thanks smiley. I think it is a combination of both the noise and the fear of being stung. The computer fan came on last night and he jumoed out his skin because he thought it was a bee in the room. He does seem really eager to go outside to play but cannot physically bring himself to do it. He says his fear wont let him. Its then he gets really down and beats himself up because he feels he has let us down even though we reassure him that he hasnt. I think for now I am going to not pressure him at all to go outside and just carry on as normal. We are back at CAHMS tomorrow when I will tell them i think their current approach is not helping. Will check in once we have been. Thanks again, Susan
  8. Urgent advice needed

    Thanks very much for your replies they have really helped. I was feeling a bit at a loss of what to do. I think I am going to call CAHMS and speak to the Doctor about me concerns. I do think that you are right yorks as that is how we have dealt with his other anxieties and they have never escalated like this. It is just so hard sometimes when he seems in such distress and the general public and other children show no empathy. I will try not to focus to much on it and try my very hardest to use distractions. Thanks again. Susan
  9. Urgent advice needed

    Hi, I havent posted in a while but here goes. DS has been suffering with the fear of flying insects for months now. In the past he has been scared of thinking something has got in his ear, thinking he has sold his soul to the devil and travelling back in time to name but a few. these fears seem to pass and are replaced with a new one and very occasionally the creep back up when he his feeling insecure about something. My problem is that for the past couple of months he has been attending CAHMS and they have been supposedly helping him deal with this current phobia. They just seem to making it worse as DS is a virtual prisoner and refuses to go outside. This fear is really developing into agoraphobia. They seem to be applying desensitization techniques to help him cope but this just seems to be making him more fixated on the fear in my opinion. We really are at our wits end because this is so distressing for him. He really wants to go outside and play but says he just cant and goes into a panic and feels that he has dissapointed everyone. The people at CAHMS are not my favorite i have to say. DS who is 10 was dx with Dyspraxia when he was 8. His appendix burst at 9 and as he never complained about being in pain he was referred to be assessed for Aspergers. He was assessed at CAHMS and after one hour the concluded that maybe he does but we will keep an eye on him and review him in a year. To me and everyone else I have come into to contact with is convinced that he has Aspergers. I had to take him out of school and have been home educating for almost a year because he just couldnt cope with the school enviroment. I know this is a lot of information but I would really like to know if anyone has any advice with regard to the phobia. Has anyone used any specific technique or have experience of this and if so what did you do. Thank you for reading, Susan
  10. Xmas Song No.1

    I don't know why he has chosen to give to autism research but apparantly he his giving the money to the National Autistic Society.
  11. Xmas Song No.1

    I have been supporting the much publisied facebook to get Rage Against the Machine to number 1 but i came across this today and it is absoultley beautiful. Tim Minchin is donating 50% to Autism Research which is just fantastic. Its available to but on itunes. Please give it a listen. It cheered me up having just came in from shopping in town and J having a panic attack over the stairs that have wide gaps. It is an absoultley beautiful song.
  12. Kidnapping the parents

    Its a programme about kids who kidnap their dad because he is a workaholic and they never get to see him. Suze
  13. Kidnapping the parents

    Hi Everyone Has anyone seen this new programme that is coming on on Channel four called "Kidnapping the parents"? My son keeps getting very annoyed about it because he cant understand how you can "kidnap" a parent and why they would make a programme about it because it is a crime. I dont know whether to laugh or cry sometimes at the literal interpretations he makes!
  14. Son keeps putting things in his mouth

    Thanks for all the replies it has given me a few things to think about that I hadn't considered before. I tried telling him every time i see him doing to it to stop but he really freaks out and thinks i am giving him into to trouble. I think i will try this again but change my tone and language and hopefully get a better response. I think this is something that we will have to live with I just worry that he is overly anxious.
  15. Hi I was just wondering if anyone had any advice. My son keeps putting things in his mouth and chewing and seems to do it totally unconsciously. He puts anything in his mouth and chews it. We have been home edding for a couple of months but when he was at school he would chew his shirt/jumper/jacket. He has now stopped eating his clothes and has now moved on to whatever he can lay his hands on. Usually small things. He is 10 but I still worry that he may accidently choke on whatever he his chewing. Is there anything I can do to make him stop or should i just accept that this is what he does to comfort himself? Its upsetting when he does this because I think I am doing something wrong or else why would he be seeking comfort in this behaviour? Or is this just part of asd? Most recently he has been saying he is very very hungry. He eats well although does not have a particualrly varied diet and hates the feel of certain textures in his mouth, he seems to be eating constantly. I am begining to wonder if he just wants the feel of food in his mouth. He gets very upset when I tell he has had enough to eat. Any insights/advice would be gratefully recieved. Thanks, Susan