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  1. Oh oops, my error, hmm, doesn't really matter, but I would put it at the beginning. It doesn't matter if you've done the survey by now though. By the way, thanks for your help everyone! A few more responses and I'll be able to start upon my analysis!
  2. Hi all! I'm afraid I haven't been on this forum as much as intended. Anyway, just to reintroduce myself, I'm an undergraduate sociology student currently writing my dissertation on ASD and Employment and Discrimination. I have to conduct my own research, so I've made a survey for people to fill in - just a bit about yourself and your experiences with employment and finding work and most of the questions allow you to write what you want. For your own information, I'm self-diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, so I'm not just some random student doing this because I have to, but actually have a genuine interest in researching this as it's something that affects me too. I've been having a few problems with motivating myself to get it done, but nearly there now and once I have some results I'll be able to fly through and finally finish it So it'll be much appreciated if you can take the time briefly to complete the survey for me. It should only take about 10-15 minutes unless you have a lot you wish to write about. You can use this thread to discuss any of the issues that the survey raises too and share your experiences with others. Here's the link: http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey....cpei9pesu756864 (Let me know if it doesn't work) Many Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm Matthew, 20, from Southend and I'm in my 3rd and final year of studying Sociology at Warwick University. I've been curious about Asperger's Syndrome and other Autistic Spectrum Disorders for quite a while now. When I was a baby I was tested for autism and whilst I was then diagnosed outside of what they defined autism to be then, they considered me to be a borderline case, seeing as knowledge about autism varies greatly over time and within the medical profession, I believe they may have misdiagnosed a case of Asperger's within myself, though I've yet to face up to have any official tests or diagnosis as yet, though its something I want to do within the next year. I've always been the outsider within most social groups, though socially, life has never been better for me here at university and I'm having a great time. However, I've always had problems making long term relationships with people, and I dread graduating, as I know it will mean I will inevitably drift apart from those I've got to know at university, just as I've drifted away from those I've got to know at primary school and secondary school. I can generally get by by myself in society I think, sometimes I'm quite happy to talk to people in the right situations - my housemates or those I've known for longer, but in large groups of people, I tend to be much more shy and I'm certainly prone to bouts of social awkwardness very frequently and sometimes find it hard to understand me, just as I find it hard to understand them sometimes. I guess one way of putting in is that I'll try my best to get on and like other people, even if doesn't look like I am, yet other people don't seem to have the patience to do the same with me. I'm currently focusing my dissertation on how those with Asperger's Syndrome are treated by the rest of society. There are a lot of issues I want to cover, such as, the problems people have in forming relationships, in gaining jobs and careers as well as just getting by to by in daily social life. Linked to this is discrimination against those with Asperger's and how public opinion is formed upon it, looking particularly at the role of the media. And in a separate area, I want to study attitudes to Asperger's within the medical profession - dealing with the lack of medical knowledge in the area and how this leads to misdiagnosis, under and over diagnosis, and different attitudes towards treatment of the condition, ranging from drugs to counselling and other methods. Also there's the area of those who attempt to find a "cure" to autism and aspergers, as well as those who believe the conditions don't exist and believe their causes are social, rather than neurological with a comparison to the similar public disdain there is towards to ADHD. If anyone can help me with my research into these issues, it would be much appreciated. :-) I have decided to join this forum both as an aide to my research and to find out more about myself and what makes me who I am. I hope to find those with similar experiences I can identify with. Well, that's a bit about me, thanks for reading :-)
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