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  1. I'm in the same possition, my son who has a dx of Aspergers is agressive all the time at the mo. He is constantly being excluded from school for hitting, pushing, throwing chairs/tables. So i understand what ur going through! What concerns me about your post he is on half days because they can't cope with him. It's their job to cope with him dispite any difficulties he has and i think its unfair of them to do this. What they need to be doing is focusing on what is triggering the behaviour any rectifying that. My sons school (after a suggestion from me!) lets him have certain times durring the day to go off and vent his anger in a safe and supervised way. Anyway in answer to your question yes, this part at least, sounds very familiar!!!
  2. His teacher is also in agreement with you guys, that it's possibly tourettes. Have made the referral (god knows how long it will be before i get an appointment!) so will see what happens. Thanks all xx
  3. Hi Ric, I'm not sure i can be of much help, but I found this website for adults with Aspergers, http://autism.lovetoknow.com/Adult_Asperger_Syndrome Hope it is useful to you. Good luck.
  4. Lain


    Hi, I have two sons on the spectrum, one of whom is AS. From what you have said these behaviors do fit in with Aspergers. It is so overwhelming at first when there seems to be so much you want to adddress, take each thing one at a time it makes it all so much more manageable. Do you have regular contact with the school to come up with strategies for him so that school is easier to cope with? My boys have trouble getting to sleep. They find it hard to 'switch off' ready for sleep time. The only thing i can suggest is to make sure you have a structured consistent bed time routine (maybe using a visual timetable) with some wind down time in there some where. Don't know if any of this helps at all, but wish you luck.
  5. Thanks Guys, have looked at a few tourette's sites and think you are right, will get a referral to his specialist asap (here we go again!) Have also had a chat with my son about it and he is keen to go ahead to find out what the cause is. xx
  6. I have two boys on the spectrum, both of them have (not sure what term to use!!) repetitive mannerisms such as throat clearing, jerky head movements etc. I know these usually are part of ASD but I have began to worry about my 10 yo who is Aspergers as he has around 6 of these 'mannerisms' which he has most of the time. They have increased recently and worse then i have ever seen them. Both he and his peers at school have noticed this. Some he knows he is doing but can't stop where as the latest one (a sharp 'shh' noise while talking) he doesn't realise he is doing it. I counted 7 times in one sentence. They seem to get worse when he is stressed, anxious and strangely also when he is excited. I decided to look it up on the net but all that had done is get me confused over tics and stimming, as i understand it stimming has something to do with sensory input? How on earth do you tell if it is a tic or stimming? If any one can shed some light i would be extremely grateful.
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