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  1. I agree with uniform in principle but wish they would ditch shirts and ties in favour of polo shirts and sweatshirts. Dd2 [Nt 14]has recently had a new Headteacher who insists on top buttons being fastened, Ridiculus, IMO, she really hates it, I know how she feels I was at secondary school 30 years ago and cut all the top buttons off my shirts so that I could not do them up when the teachers told me too, got me in plenty of trouble, but I never did a top button up. LOL. Don't anyone tell Dd2, she'll have the scissors out. Oh meant to say Chris at Dd2's school the girls wear ties and have to tuck shirts in the same as the lads.
  2. Soo glad he had a good time, if he didn't have time to get changed he must have been having loads of fun. If you are looking for something else residential have a look at YHA do it 4 real, they do an assortment of short breaks in the summer for a mix of ages [don't know how old your ds is] Dd2 13, went on one last summer and had the time of her life, cheaper thatn lots of places and if you get tax credits it's only £100. Ha ONLY but you know what I mean. Hope you find something suitable.
  3. Apparently people's bodies can become more tolerant of antihistamines, don't know if thats true but a few people i know who use piriton say that if you take it regularly you don't get so drousy. Maybe this is happening to your son. My Dd1 was given phenergan when she was about 3 to make her sleep for longer, it was a disaster she went out cold for about 3 hours and then ran round the house like a loon for the rest of the night, LOL. wouldn't recomend that one. Personally I occasionally take piriton if am a stressed and can't get to sleep. It works wonders for me!! Oh and I agree with winston I haven't met many 5 year olds who can sit still for 3 mins either.
  4. Well dun to your lad. I have always giggled when mine say "we can wear our own clothes today" I can't help but reply that even the uniform is their own. Some kids make such a big thing out of it don't they. My middle Dd who is about as NT as they come gets herself sooo worked up about looking right!! Personally I hated them, my sisters flares were always too short for me by the time she had grown out of them. Love the pome BD!!
  5. Hello, I am in my forties too and have a child currently being assessed for posssible asspergers and another who i believe is proabably on the spectrum somewhere. They certainly have a lot of traits!! As I have learned more about it I know that she gets it from my side of the family. I really strugled at school and have pretty rubbish social skills. My father is similar. I was in the fortunate position of being able to take some time out from work and on returning took a slightly different career path but now I am bored again so I know where you are coming from. Your daughter was lucky to have a teacher with some knowledge of AS, I struggle to get my Dd3's teacher to understand what her difficulties are. But maybe that is me not being able to express myself verbally. Hope your daughter gets on ok. at secondary, my Dd1 was much happier at secondary because in the top set she was with like minded kids who wanted to learn and her phenominal [sp] memory and enthusiasm made her very popular with the teachers. Sorry really long reply to your post!!!
  6. Whatever you decide on I hope you and your son have loads of fun with it . I bought a good quality round one about four years ago for my then 17,10 and 3 year olds. they have absolutely loved it and now granddaughter age 2 loves it too. Just to add Dd3's favourite game is bouncing on the space hopper on the trampoline. How bouncy does it need to be I ask myself!!!
  7. got the tshirt


    I used to scribe for year 6 children in my old job and a good knowledge of english is vital. Sudents answering questions verbally do so at normal speaking speed and it is the scribes job to get what they say on to the paper as quickly and acurately as possible. I would go into school before the next exam and get them to give him another scribe. Good luck
  8. HI GTS - Not sure if you misread some of my post or something or misunderstood it, but i said exactly the same thing(?): No Baddad I didn't misread your post but I ran out of time to say what I wanted to say so just thought I would finish off by explaining that in my experience, it isn't always practical to allow children to choose where they go to calm down.
  9. Baddad .... I did say I thought jonathon's mum handled his "meltdown" well what I didn't say was that in the circumstances of being in a theatre with probably many exits and unknown people around I would have probably done exactly what she did. I agree that children should not be "pinned" but I do think that there is a place for holding if that means that the child stays safe. In my own experience both at home and at work there have been situations where I have held/restrained a child [or prevented them from leaving a room] who was either a danger to themselves or to others because they are not in control of their emotions. I once held a child at work because he was running out of the school gate. He had gone beyond being reasoned with at that moment and just wanted to run. Did I do the right thing? I don't know but at the time I acted instinctively to protect an out of control 7 year old from danger.
  10. Its not a term I use either but to me it means a complete loss of control, Having worked with children, many with sp needs for over 20 years I have seen this on many occasions, the child [my own included] cannot be reasoned with/talked to during "meltdown" and needs somewhere safe and reassurance that things can and will be sorted out when they have had time to calm down. This does not mean that agressive or violent behaviour gets ignored or forgotten, just that it is dealt with in a calm way when the child has regained control. Thinking about Young, autisitc and stage stuck last night, if you saw it, I think Jonathon was filmed during a "meltdown" and I thought his mum handled it very well bearing in mind she was being filmed at the time. that's just my opion though, but I thought I would give it as you asked!!
  11. This is one of the reasons we don't have a pet, I know my kids would be like this, Dd1's xboyfriend bought her a hamster once she wasn't really bothered about it so the younger 2 adopted it, we had to buy it toys and find babysitters for it and of course when it died they were absolutely devastated. You are being held to ransome and you need to set out some really firm boundaries with your daughter. Remember to give lots of warnings of impending visits to give her chance to get used to the idea. Maybe she could leave something special of hers to keep the cat company. I agree with justine, you are very lucky that your mum gives you a break. I can't get babysitters and have had one 2 night break in 21 years. Don't let a cat spoil your time out [ even if it is cute].
  12. Dd3 used to and still does sometimes get very distressed about going to school. It's no where near as bad now, I have always told her that she has no choice about going to school and that I am going to take her whether she screams or not. She used to hide her uniform and hang on to the door frames and all sorts. It took all of reception [i had a phone call from the Headteacher once to tell me Dd had vomitted all over the new reception carpet] and most of year one but now she is resigned to the fact that she has to go. Sometimes I worry that the fight has gone out of her over school and now she has become passive. But its less stressful than the daily battles. We do not have a dx either but she's being assessed. Having said all that, there have been many times when I would have rather kept her at home, I am not superhuman and I cried all the way home many times. I know that home ed would not work for us and she is at a good school, a couple of times I got it wrong and kept her off when she was conning me that she was ill, but that made it even harder to get her back again.
  13. I had a discussion with Dd3's headteacher about this very subject not long ago, I tried to explain obviously not very well how different Dd3 is at home and how she has very tight control over herself at school and seems to explode when she comes out, I mistakenly said "its like having two different children " and she immediatly said that this sounded more like a mental health issue to her. I have no idea how to make people understand what you are trying to tell them!!
  14. Thankyou for your replies, I think I will go in to school, I do try not to talk about peoples race, or any kind of difference with Dd3 the trouble is that if she asks a question and I don't answer it she will ask again and again and again[ you get the picture] until I answer her. It's really difficult, I try to give fairly bland, general explanations but if she is not satisfied she will just go on and on.
  15. My Dd3 is 7 and very literal, she is fasinated / obsessed with peoples race, I don't have a problem with this but I am worried that she is going to upset someone at school. She likes to catagories everything, including peoples race the trouble is she then refers to the person by their race, so if a boy wears a turban he is an indian boy who must therefore come from india. We have tried many times recently to explain that the children from different races who are at her school were more than likely born in this country and therefore are british and Indian/chinese etc. At the moment I think she is only exploring this at home but I don't know if I should go in to school and warn them that race could quite easily come up in conversation. My other children didn't really take much notice of race at this age, I don't knnow if this is a normal part of development or something that I should be worried about. She struggle to understand about hurting peoples feelings and I have been trying to teach her lately that some thoughts about people need to stay inside her head. Don't know if anyone has experienced anything similar and sorry for the long post. I have been mulling this over for a couple of weeks now.
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