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  1. Okay, thankyou for your replies, here's the story. India was dx Aspergers at 5 years old, in year 1 she had a very basic IEP, i was never involved in this, apart from getting a copy of it, it has never been adhered to. If i go to the school about a problem India is having, they look at me like i have 3 heads and make me feel like they don't believe a word i am saying. When India was dx, her psychologist 'forgot' to put the referral in to the specialist advisory teaching service, roughly at the beginning of year 2, They came in and spoke to India's teacher (who is the school SENCO) and she told them India was fine, had no problems and they had no need for them in school, they went away without even seeing her. India moved into year 3, new headteacher started at the school, i went and explained my feelings about not beeing taken seriously regarding India, In the September (2009) i was informed that SATS had been in to see India and would contact me in due course, no-one did, i repeatedly asked what they had advised, to be told- they will contact you. On Monday i had a phone call from school to say SATS were in school and wanted to see me, I went over full of dread, expecting to be treated the same by them as i am by the school, but she was FANTASTIC, finally someone was saying the same about my child as i have been saying for years, she was disgusted with the schools attitude, she said India isn't coping at all well, she said she wanted her started on school actoin plus asap, and a resourced IEP put in place, she said something about trying to get 5 hours a week funding put in place for 1 to 1 work on India's social needs, she also said if no progress was made in a few months time then she wanted to apply for statementing, school have always insisted India should not be statemented because academically she is very bright, they don't really care wether she is struggling socially or not. There is SO much more i could say, but that is a very basic version of what is going on.
  2. That is very sad, sorry to hear of your loss, I hope you are doing okay xx
  3. Hiya, my daughter was dx at 5, she wouldn't have been if i hadn't pushed for all the assessments though, my daughters school seem to think that because my daughter isn't aggressive, likes physical contact and is very clever, she can't possibly have Aspergers I have given them Tony Attwoods paper on girls with Aspergers, but still they act like they know best. Tony Attwood's paper is here, if you would like to read it... http://www.aspergerfoundation.org.uk/infosheets/ta_girls.pdf
  4. Hi Loraine Hope you and your's are doing okay xx
  5. Gosh it is a long time since i have been on this forum, Hi to all of you who may remember me Can someone explain very clearly and without jargon, what school action plus involves and also a resourced IEP. TIA x
  6. Hello Hope you are well? Im furious about it as i knew to claim my carers allowance at the same time but no-one has ever mentioned having to inform tax credits of this, when i claimed as a single parent in January i did tell them i had a claim in for DLA for India so do you think that may go in my favour? I have no idea if they documented that or not. 6 months worth of money at �67 a week is a hell of alot of money to lose
  7. Hello all, have not been on here for a while, hope you are all doing well, India now has an official dx of Asperger's but she is doing well, want to know if anyone can give me any tax credits advice please, i won a tribunal for India's DLA which got took off her last year, we were awarded all our middle rate care component back, backdated to 2nd oct 2007, i informed Child tax credits and they are making me a payment on Thursday, however they are only backdating me 3 month of money rather than the 9 i am owed, they told me to appeal in writing if i think this is wrong (which i do). However i found this.... Disability elements Backdating is also possible by more than 3 months where entitlement to one of the disability elements is dependent upon an award of a qualifying benefit. When you apply for tax credits, HMRC ask you to attach a letter to the claim form if you have applied for one of the qualifying benefits but have not yet received a decision. Providing you then notify HMRC within 3 months of the award of that qualifying benefit, you should receive backdating to the date from which the disability benefit was awarded or from the date of claim ? whichever is the later. If you have an ongoing tax credits award, you must notify HMRC when you apply for the qualifying benefit and then again within 3 months of it being awarded in order to receive backdating of more than 3 months. Example Sandra is claiming tax credits. She applies for Disability Living Allowance for her daughter Amy in April 2007. If awarded then Sandra will be entitled to have the child disability element included in her claim. Unfortunately the Disability Living Allowance decision takes 6 months and Amy does not receive notification of her higher rate mobility award until October 2007. Providing that Sandra notified HMRC that she claimed Disability Living Allowance in April 2007, and again notified them within 3 months of the award in October 2007, Sandra will receive backdating of the Disability element to April 2007. However if Sandra failed to notify HMRC that she had applied for Disability Living Allowance for Amy in April 2007, she would only be able to claim 3 months backdating from October 2007. So therefore i am not going to get that 6 months worth of money am i?? why does no-one tell you that you have to do this stuff? i mean it isn't my fault that no-one informed me that i had to notify CTC that i had applied for DLA. If i appeal do you think il get it back? it is alot of money to lose. Thanks in advance if anyone can advise.
  8. Hello to all you who remember me!! Havent been on in ages, hope you are all doing well? i see some old faces still here!! Hi Hev A quick update on how we are doing, India is now in year 1 at school and having problems galore, her teacher is wonderful im glad to say and is very good with her, we still havent had a written DX, although all the professionals agree she has aspergers verbally, there has just been a MAT meeting about her, she is having lots of input and at the next meeting which i can attend it is expected she will be given the DX, her little brother turned 1 on friday!! A year has flown by, glad to say that i have no worries about him and the gut problems he had turned out not to be chrohns but were related to him having a milk allergy. Id love to hear how your all doing!
  9. Cant give you any advice kirstie, hope it turns out ok for you <'>
  10. Ah thankyou very much!! He does look scrummy doesnt HAR HAR ME HEARTYS!!
  11. Thats awful,hope he recovers quickly <'>
  12. I know i dont post much but can i ask you all to vote for Luca!! He is on the 2nd page looking very cute!! http://www.colgate-smiles.co.uk/default.aspx Thanks!! Hope everyone is well x
  13. Hi im reclaiming again too,is it battering your head as much as it is mine?
  14. It is realy scary,i feel so frightened,i dont want another of my children to have any form of autism or even a bowel problem,i just seem to lurch from one problem to another,are you exclusively breastfeeding your new baby? (congrats btw) soya milk is not recommended at all now,especially not for girls,something to do with hormones in it my paed was saying yesterday,i did breastfeed but luca had such a hard time with it my milk dried up,luca also has gastro reflux too,can i recommend you use colief?we did have some success with that for a while. I just know i am going to be constantly on the look out for autistic signs now,i have tried not to be in that frame of mind but now with the bowel problem i am fearful.
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