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  1. I was wondering if someone could advise me.Does my daughter need to be statemented,in order for me to try and claim DLA?
  2. Hi,many thanks to all who have replied to my post.All feedback,and advice has been very much appreciated.Thank you.
  3. Thanks Dana,much appreciated.Although im not sure if my daughter is going to be statemented,would that make a difference?I have a meeting at her school in a few weeks,with CAMHS who diagnosed her,and Senco. I have dealt with Senco at the school before,and they are not very helpful at all.Seems like they are reluctant to help/support,unless she is statemented.But she only has mild ASD.
  4. Hi Tally plaesed to meet you,and thank you so much for the advice...i will look into it.
  5. Hi,just thought that i would introduce myself. Im a 32yr old single mum,to 2 beautiful girls.I have recently found out that my eldest daughter (15yrs old),has ASD. For many of years i have fought with the system,trying to tell them of my concerns regarding my daughter.She was labelled 'a problem,difficult,child' at school.I would like to get in touch with other parents/carers who have been through similar,as im just trying to get my head around it all,as i was only told today,that she has mild ASD. So any advice given,would be very much appreciated.What support am i entitled to? Am i eligible for some financial support? Etc.Thank you for taking to time to read my post,i will look forward to some feedback...many thanks.
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