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  1. I'm giving in with trying to get my life sorted! I can't be bothered with all the hassles that come with the work. I had a call from the doctor that came to see me yesterday and he said that without speaking to anyone that knew me from my childhood it is impossible for him to complete a full assessment. As I discussed with him yesterday, a few years ago all our family had an argument, and though I have tired, the family have just grew further and further a part. I mean my mother sent me a text early this year declaring that she was too old to be a mother, though she is still 'mothering' two of my older sisters. At the end of the conversation he made it clear that without that information he wasn't able to do anything so I agreed and said thank you for coming out and hung up. I would just like to thank you all for your help and support, especially Tally, and hope you all have great lives
  2. Its been near enough a month since I last seen anyone with regards to my mental health or autism, as you may recall to start with my 'problems' were classed as being due to mental health problems but then I was told that it mightn't be – in fact the last doctor I talked too was near enough saying that it was 100% down to autism (which had been on my medical notes since I was a child, but I've only recently found out) and because of the persuasive argument that he put forward, I agreed that it could be the reasoning behind my problems, I mean it made sense. Today I have met with my local autism team for the first time, it was okay though they did 'catch me off guard' – he said within his letter that it would just be him coming to see me, but he actually had a colleague and though he did ask if I was okay with her coming, and I did say I didn't mind, I have just emailed him asking if he has to call out again that he does tell me in advance if there is going to be anyone with him – I mean I think it was obvious that I wasn't that comfortable. It went okay, we covered a wide array of topics i.e. my family, childhood, etc. but I really don't know what I was expecting – I mean I was kind of wishing that he would say “There is a strong possibility that.... and this is what were going to do”, I didn't care if he said “you have” or indeed “you haven't” - I just want some answers! He has gone away to talk to people that have known me for some years to 'discuss' my life with them, I know it will only take a week or two, but I am kind of more annoyed than I was this morning, if that makes sense? I was hopeful last night, thinking that today would be “the day” to give me some direction to what is going on, but instead I am more lost than ever. I have been running in one continuous loop since being told that autism was on my file and now I want clarification, I'm going around and around even more. I just hope his 'enquires' don't take that long, as I don't know how much longer I can actually go without knowing!
  3. Hi, I'm training to become a software engineer, so I do get my computer messy at times too - its been known to enjoy the odd drop of wine when I've had a long night, lol. To basically clean a computer, or how I do it; Keyboard - to remove surface dirt you could use a product called anti-static cleaning foam, it usually costs around £10 but can get pricey toward the £25 end of the scale. Spray a small quantity of the foam onto a lint free cloth and scrub, adding further small amounts of foam until clean. Screen - I find that places such as Curry's have cheap spray/wipes for screens that are clearly illustrated. Sorry to be not much help, but I get most of my supplies from uni lol. Hope it helps at least a little. 00Gray
  4. Again thanks for the further replies! Tally, I was thinking of keeping him on side until he chose to ignore what I was saying... The doctor I seen on Tuesday said that if nothing else my epilepsy tablets, which I stopped taking awhile ago, should 'stableise' my mood at the moment - because within the mental health teams they also use it for manic conditions, but when i mentioned it to my GP he 'wasn't sure' - but I am meant to be on these tablets anyway, even if I hadn't seen the other doctor... I just don't know at the moment. Baranigirl, I am going to see when the other GP is in but the autism team did say that they should be in contact within two weeks - so if all else fails it shouldn't be that long. xx
  5. Hi I've put off replying until today so I could attach an update too, I was kinda being hopeful that things would go without any problems and that I would be writing as such in a happier frame of mind, but things never go to plan. I've just walked out of my GP's for being a pain in the neck, the doctor I seen earlier this week recommended that I start my epilepsy tablets again - not only to control my epilepsy, but to also "calm my mind" in the short term - until at least i've been to see the autism team. I hadn't even got on to the fact that he suggested trying anti-depressants too but was 'cut off' by the GP saying "Oh I don't know what I can do", "lets wait for the doctor to write"... considering that I am meant to be on these tablets anyway its annoying because he couldn't just write a script etc. and do his job! (the other doctor had already warned that it could take approx. 2 weeks to write to my GP because of the back-log that he has.) In the end I got up and said "if its too much trouble doing your job don't worry" and walked out - I just thought there was no point in wasting my time! Thanks for the warm welcome x
  6. Hi, I've been a member since January but haven't actually had time to introduce myself - I think I was putting it off because I didn't know for sure if I had autism or not, if you know what I mean? - I have worked with children with SEN, including autism, but never realised that I actually showed any signs - though apparently it has been self evident. Verging of three years ago now, I went to see my GP with 'anxiety' problems and he simply dismissed it and said that it was down to my autism and that was the first I had ever been told that I had it on my record, apparently its been there since I was five and I am now 21. Anyway one thing lead to another and I kinda went into denial, I tried to hide the fact that I had autism - it didn't work that well because I went through an episode of psychosis shortly after and gained myself a referral to a CPN. My CPN wasn't that good, she was always forgetting that she had an appointment with me, forgetting to do what she had promised to do, I honestly thought she was testing me, but it later turns out that she was just bad at her job. Realising that my CPN was doing more damage than good, I walked away and for a year I managed to cope with whatever it was going on... I think I just got to a point where I went on auto drive - the important thing was I was surviving. The past few months my social anxieties have been getting worse, my life has ultimately ended, and I took an overdoes - daft I know, but it made sense at the time - I had no life, there was nothing to live for. My partner found me and got help, I was discharged on the understanding that I would go and see my GP and get referred to an appropriate NHS health official. My GP refereed me to a mental health doctor, I can't spell the name of it. He said that looking through my previous notes made by my last CPN and by my childhood doctor he was surprised that no one had actually picked up on the fact that this wasn't down to psychosis, or indeed any other type of mental health problem that he could help with - it was my autism that had caused the problems, he spent an hour explaining his reasoning and I've got to admit, for the first time since i've been having problems - it actually made sense! I am now awaiting to see my GP again on thursday to get a referral to the local autism team - hopefully they'll be able to help! Sorry about the long post, but wanted to say hi.
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