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  1. thank you for this it makes a little more sense now as i say its difficult because i dont know a lot about it so thank you for your reply
  2. hi we have a 13 yr old boy who is not the same as other kids his age and always has been differant, he has started in sept a new school and started his school refusal again which he had done before. the senco from his new school suspects he could have aspergers or something along these lines she refers to him as high functioning. unfortunately we do not really understand what she talks about, we are going to camhs tommorow for our meeting and not sure what they will do if anything. i have read a lot but most refer to the children as aggresive my son isnt he just wont listnen but never agressive with it. he is extremely intellegent in the top 20% of the population for his age i would appreciate any information on high functioning autism and aspergers from a parents point of view of what the kids are like. im sorry to be a nusiance when he may not have either but he has always had specific problems thank you mumchris
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