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    Hello everyone, I have posted on these forums in the past and now I really want become more active on these forums. I hope to speak with you all soon.
  2. Hi Joy, I am quite similer to your 14 year old boy. I lack personal hygiene mainly becuase I am lazy my mum has to propt me too . What might help that helped me is a chart with symbols. My teacher made it for me.Basicly I have my chart. with symbols saying for example. "Soap On Sponge" Brush Your Teeth" Deorote on" ect. and there a picture of the action above it. There is velcro on the back of the symbols and on the bord. Each time you complete that activity just take it of the borad and put it in the bag/bucket. ect Here are picture of my chart. http://i52.tinypic.com/3531nbr.jpg Hope This Helps. Regards, Sam
  3. A few months ago I wrote this topic http://www.asd-forum.org.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/23998-school-problems/page__p__284689#entry284689. Well since then alot has happend. Now I am finaly in a speciel school. Ive been attending that school since the start of this month. Its abosulte perfect there so understanding and work to my own pace. I am in the A.S.D Base and doing enclusion into entery level science at the school. Everything going so well at school. Thanks to everyone who gave ne helpful advice on the prevoious topic.
  4. Ok Well the last time I felt like my real self was in december 2009 ever since then I just feel. Out of this world, and I think deeply all the time about everything like "What is life?" "Why am I doing this". I don't know what wrong. I am finley in the perfect school a speciel school that I started in september and decmber was when I was in my old school which I hated. Why do I just feel like this all the time its just I dont understand emotions anymore Its like the real aspergers is started to begin Ive never felt like this before. Do I need to go on anti-depressents. I also feel agited and try cuase trouble I do not even know im causing trouble until I have finshed doing it. I still luagh somtimes but I just feel like nothing exictes me anymore. I just feel bored all the time and everything above. it is the worst I have ever felt but why? Im finaly in the right school I enjoy. My life is perfect why am I feeling like this. I am 13 at the moment and going to be 14 on the 6th of december. *edit* Now I feel just normal whats wrong with me? is this pubtey?
  5. Yh I like her Karla Rocks lol
  6. Hey I was at lands end only a a few days ago it was 8th april when did you go. I saw this really good show its the one I think you saw aswell the pirate run right it was amazing I sat in thew frount row put on my 3d glasses and watched I kept dodgeing when it looked like stuff was coming out of the screen lol my fav bit was when you went underwater and all the bubbles fell down.
  7. I cant do mainstream because I just cant handle it. might not able to do speceil school since my IQ is to high it annoys me much. I wish somewhere in dorset there was Just a school for kids with Asperges and Autism but that is never going to happen.
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