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  1. Caroline, Look up Govan Law Centre as thry specialise in education disputes, they may be able to advise. Carrie
  2. Thank you all. DS is giving evidence with regards an assault carried out on him and his sister by his father. HIs big sister is also a witness but has, as yet, not been asked to undergo testing. It is the defence that has requested the testing but is unwilling to inform the Fiscal of the reasons as to why so I am looking at the main difference between him and his sister being ds diagnosis which is a very dangerous move on the part of the defence. The trial was due to take place this month but as a result of this will be moved to a new date. This will be the fourth time the date has moved as a result of the defence requesting something or claimiing they need more time. Ds is fine about being a witness but is having a bit of trouble with the fact the dates keep moving with no concrete reason as to why. It is a very difficult time for all of us. Carrie
  3. Hi, To cut a very long and painful story short my son dx with Aspergers has given a police statement and is now cited as a witness to appear in court. He will be giving evidence via CCTV. He coped well with giving his statement and is happy to go to court to act as a witness. The problem is the defendant is trying to stop this happening and has requested that my son be subjected to psychological testing with a view to determining whether or not he is capable of being a reliable witness. At the moment no reason has been given as to why he is being singled out as being unable to be able to undertake the role of witness and I am inclined to thin it is because he is an easy target to dismiss because of hie dx. Does anyone have any info or know where I can easliy and quickly lay my hands on info on children with ASD giving evidence. I am going to contact NAS on Monday but am interested to hear if anyone has any info or experience of this. Thanks Carrie
  4. The way I got E into a unit was essentially through staged assessment. He was stage 3 which was the top level and then was entitled to exceptional funding. It took alot of doors being slammed and alot of blame being placed back in my direction, from believe it or not the Ed Psych! CAHMS were very supportive and came to a copuple of meetings to put the case that mainstream wasn't suitable. I looked at the school I think you are talking about and was advised to look at the school for the deaf(using code incase not allowed to name names!). E got his place in a communication base attached to a school and it was the best thing for him as it gave him a foot in both camps when he could cope with it. Requesting a CSP seems to send everyone into a fluster as they have deadlines to meet and the meeting itself is a good thing as you are likely to get a range of medical and education professionals together and a carefully thought out plan might result in both camps adressing issues from their viewpoint. I don't know if they still operate but IPSEA were a great help and can act on your behalf if needed, attend meetings with you etc. Enquire were not quite so useful to me. The other option is The Govan Law Centre who may be able to advise on the legality of it all and have an idea of what to do next if they are not budging. It seems so long ago I went through this but I think the key was the staged assessment, I assume they have the same kind of thing in Edinburgh. I have all my notes somewhere so will have a look through them and see if there is anything else that may help. Carrie
  5. My son has a range of difficulties which mean reading is almost impossible. He has a reading vocab of a few sight words and the problems cross over into written work aswell. He is only in school part time and this has been the case for the last year which obviously isn't helping but his reading issues are more deep rooted. Does anyone know of anything that can be used to take the pressure off him for reading. I suppose I am thinking of something that could effectively read everything for him. He has screen readers, wrtiers for when he is using the computer but I am thinking of things that can be used for books, comics etc. Any info would be great, or if anyone has a child in the same situation would love to hear what is being done! Carrie
  6. Don't know if it will come off but Eden Court are hoping to have an autism showing of Harry Potter. They had one a few weeks back for another film and were really pleased with how successful it was. I am sort of stuck for ideas as ds has trouble with the organised activites and we are not going away this year so it could be a LONG summer!! Carrie
  7. Thank you Frizz, forgot about everything having to be on her terms!! I think I will raise my concerns so at least we are on a waiting list and the ball is rolling! I know what you mean about school as I had terrible trouble with ds in mainstream pre and for a year post dx. Thanks for your reply Carrie
  8. Hi, Just had a bit of a deja vue moment today with my youngest dd. A nursery child was handing out party invites in the cloak room to all children apart from dd. Took me back to ds when he was that age and as dd stood with her head hanging down swaying it from side to side and watching her hair I got another attack of "the doubts"!! She has no friends at nursery and staff have said she doesn't try to play with anyone else as she is happiest doing her own things her own way. Fine she may be a bit immature for her age and a bit of a princess but added to her need to take things apart, a favourite of ds, her ability to be on the go all day, climbing up and onto things, her love of being in boxes etc. Something just isn't sitting right but on the other hand she has a huge vocabulary which ds din't have, she has imagination but also uses quotes from her programmes which ds also did. She can play imaginatively, more so than ds and likes to pretend to be a cat or a dog. She is very demanding and hates other peoples noise but her own is fine! I don't know, I am worried I am missing something and doing what I did with ds and not acting quickly enough when being told its all down to something else. Any info on Aspergers and how it presents in girls would be very much appreciated and help put my already bothered and full mind to rest!! Thanks Carrie
  9. Hope things are a bit better today!! I now have second wind as they are back at school. Know what you mean about when a partner is on nights. You can't take them out because it's a nightmare and you don't have the energy to cope with the fall out but you can't keep them in because they CAN'T be quiet!! Thinking of you Carrie
  10. Darky, No need to apologise, I only hope you manage to get some resolution with yourself. You are right about putting all the energy into our kids and trying not to waste that energy on other peoples losses! Thinking of you Carrie
  11. Feeling really angry at the moment so really just looking for a bit of therapy and getting this out of my system!! Posted last week about mum saying she won't be having ds again I have now found out that after saying they won't be coming to my youngest's birthday they will be in the area. It is my sil 30th a couple of weeks later so they had decided to see dd then for her birthday which was fine as they haven't come to very many birthdays. Sil is having 3d scan on dd's birthday so mum and dad are going to that, very close to where we live. They have said they will now come and see dd after scan and taking brother and sil out to lunch! Also say that they thought dd's birthday was going to be celebrated at sil joint 30th with her friend. We have never been consulted about this, can't see a bunch of 30 somethings playing musical statues with a gang of pre-schoolers! We were going to take a cake along for her but the party is more than 2 weeks after her birthday so it will be confusing for her. Feeling really sensitive about the whole thing. They know my kids have no relationship with dh parents and just feel we are being slowly pushed out. They see dh parents are very close to his brother's child and now it seems to be happening with the grandparents they know. Just feel annoyed that they can make the trip to attend a scan but weren't going to see their grandchild who is here on her birthday. Feels a wee bit better!! Carrie
  12. Thank you all! I haven't spoken to mum about it, going to let the dust settle and hope for the best, will have to wait and see!! Carrie
  13. Bard, Would NEVER have proposed it when I was teaching!!! Carrie
  14. Yep, all in favour of 52 week school year!! Oh maybe half day on 25th Dec!! Carrie
  15. My only form of support has finally thrown in the towel!! Sorry this is a bit of a woe is me post but indulge me while I am feeling hard done by!! My mum takes ds once a year for a week or so and it is a god send as it is the only break we get from each other during the year and it does us all good. He is away at the moment but I have had frantic, angry and upset phonecalls from my mum and dad as he is very aggressive, destructive, lashing out verbally and physically at them and strangers and breaking property. They haven't been able to take him out because he is like a wild animal and they are scared for him, them and others. They are also really embarassed as his language can be choice. They have said they don't want to come on holiday with us early next year as we had planned as they have found him so difficult and draining. These are the exact reasons I need them to help me. Dh is not much use, too like his son, is going to be working away as of next month so I will not even have the back up of another adult on a day to day basis. I hope they will re think and once he is gone see that if 2 of them found it hard for a short period what it is like full time. They have always said it must be me as he never behaves like I say he does for them, well now they know! Looks like I will have to chase up the social worker, wish me luck!! Carrie
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