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  1. Hi Thanks for your replies. He doesn't say the same things each time. But the same few things for example so far we have heard numerous times (a word I think it is supposed to be) that sounds between a chicken and a cockerel. Bog is another word he says frequently (not a word we use ) sat having tea randomly shouted potato although we where talking about as a family something not related to food. He has only ever had facial tics and no other body movements. I haven't looked if he had his facial tics at the same time as saying something as we have tried not to draw attention to it. When he says something it is in a higher pitch to his normal voice sometimes although not all the time and he seems to shout it. Just to add the first time I heard him say 'bog' I thought he was being rude so asked why he said this and his reply was that he always says it and that he doesnt know why. This is what raised our suspicions. When he said the word again the next day I asked him to stop saying it as I didn't think it was a nice word and he he just said he likes it. Also when he shouted potato in a higher pitched voice he noticed what he had done and then started with banana, cherry etc. we felt he was trying to disguise what he had done in the first place and make it look like he meant to say it. Hope this helps
  2. Hello My son was diagnosed three years ago with aspergers and motor tics. The tics have been around for years (eye blinking and mouth stretching mainly - they change in severity and frequency. He is not bothered by these and gets on with day to day life. Recently as in the past few weeks he has began what we suspect to be vocal tics. We are not certain if these are tics or just him randomly coming out with something. So my question is whilst we are waiting for a cahms appointment to come though as parents how do we know if they are vocal tics or not. Is there anything that would give us a clue.
  3. Thank you. I will definitely give that a go.
  4. He knows how to do what i asked of him but the part of the jigsaw he is missing ( time and time again ) is the reason why I have taken his computer off him. He see's himself as never at fault. He cant seem to connect the two things together even when I explain. I take PC and he thinks it is acceptable to take my things (understand his logic but not the right way about things) This then escalates and cannot reason with him, distract him etc.. and he is then so angry he is unable to calm down. I have used various different scenarios and examples when he is calm but to no avail.
  5. Hi. I have not been on here for years as everything has been going brill. I am Trying to work out how I get through to my 12 yr old son that when he has done something wrong and has had a punishment (taken say his pc) it is not the fault of the person who has given the punishment. I have explained it until i am blue in the face but he doesn't understand at all. I can't get him to see reason and realise that he was in the wrong. Any advice most welcome.
  6. LS2242


    My son(10) has tics and has done for the past 3 years at least. He did have them before then but I did not recognise them as tics. He got his official dx last week of Aspergers and a co-morbid of transient tic disorder. They say his tics are not part of criteria for AS but more of an extra due to the stress he has which come from reasons of the AS criteria Hope that makes sense.
  7. Thank you everyone. I feel much more at ease now. Just keep telling myself nothing has changed. I still have the same questions but time will tell. Since I last posted he has taken a step back but school are looking out for him. As for the tics - will wait and see what happens. After looking at the links posted (thank you) and doing more research it is evident it is not a temporary thing (lasts less than a year) he has had them for what I know off a minimum of 3 years already. At the end of the day he is who he is and I love him to bits. His tics and AS are what makes him the person he is.
  8. Sorry the app for my phone for this has gone strange and posting errors I deleted. I will post again tomorrow from a pc
  9. Hi everyone. I have not posted for ages due to various personal reasons. Th lllllllllllWe today got our official diagnosis for our son (10) of aspergersc and a co-morbid of transistory tic disorder. We expected the AS but not the other to be documented. I don't know why I feel so flat as it was expected but I do. All seems so final and life long. We have made and our son has made such huge progress in the last few months but now it feels like my world has fallen apart even though nothing has changed since yesterday other than a bit of paper. Does that sound pathetic! It does to me but I can't shake this feeling. Can transitory tics lead to tourettes syndrome? Will he carry on improving with our support? Will there be more things that become a problem for him? So many questions! I am scared right now for what the future holds for our son.
  10. Wow- you know your stuff. Thank you very much. I will be passing this info onto the other parents to and I shall be drafting my letter today and trying to get a copy of the curriculum that should have been taught. Meeting on Tuesday with other parents from the school regarding the special measures. I shall then personally hand in my letter to the relevant people as most of them will be there. In the meantime looking for another school for my other daughter! The only problem is, there is none locally and I would not trust her going on a public bus to the next nearest school but as my don is at avdiffetent local school, it would be very difficult to be in two places at once. Will give this some serious thought. Thanks again
  11. Really sorry about the spelling errors, I was typing this out on my phone whilst quietly getting more flustered about the whole thing and trying to get the post sent before their tea burnt. Hope u get the jist of the post. I can resend if it is a bit difficult to interpret.
  12. Hi all This is not a question regarding ASD but I know there are alot of people on here who know alot about the education system. My dd is in her final yr and had an exam in 2 weeks. It had all cone out with all the kids finds beginning of yr10 all they have done in food tech is coursework. They have cooked only 4 times. Exam in 2 weeks is nothing to do with what they have learnt whilst doing course work, as the coursework has been more about market research. Also learnt yesterday that there school has gone into special measures, which did take me by suprise! Question is in every subject she is predicted A or B's. I realise it a little to late to domuch about the good tech course but am really annoyed and upset. Childrens parents have complained to the head and deputy and all we get is we will put the exam back by 2 weeks! Er the fact is they have to learn over a years work in that time. Today after another unsuccessful lesson, feel the head actually dies not really care and pretends no one has brought it to his attention. Who do I complain to? If which I suspect my dd and alot of the other kids fail or dont get a good grade when they would have been capable of if the curriculum had been taught, I feel like sueing the ******* Amy advice
  13. Had a few weeks ago the report from the EP after a Multiple Agency meeting. The report said that they would introduce social stories at school and give us patents training in how to do them and with effectiveness! Great i thought, until our training session was cancelled. However this morning I received another report from the same person about the SAME meeting saying basically school to THINK about doing social stories and basically for my son to be left to manage as he is doing ok academically. These are two conflicting reports. My understanding was that of the first report and that ss would be introduced regarding change of routine. I have SALT now coming in to do more assessments but that is only because I have been a pain in the bum really, and insisted on it. After half hour with my son she has already noticed bits and pieces and is coming in again tomorrow to look into things deeper and speak with teachers. Question is how do I deal with thes conflicting reports? Do I write and bring it to their attention?
  14. Just got back from GP. He has chest infection and looks as though tonsillitis is on it's way. Given antibiotics - another challenge. If he still won't take the medicine then he said he will have to go hospital and on another drip. Tried hiding it in drink but he knew and immediately was sick. Let's see how the day goes, will try all the tricks. Thanks
  15. Just got back from GP. He has chest infection and looks as though tonsillitis is on it's way. Given antibiotics - another challenge. If he still won't take the medicine then he said he will have to go hospital and on another drip. Tried hiding it in drink but he knew and immediately was sick. Let's see how the day goes, will try all the tricks. Thanks
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