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  1. A friend has recently told me about a supplement called DMG which sounds very promising from the bits I have read so far after googling it. But you can't beat personal experiences! So wonder has anyone here tried this with their children and have you seen any benefits. Many thanks.
  2. Just been reading in Autism File magasine about something called the Scotson Technique. This is a new one to me in the arena of therapies but it sounds interesting and plausible. I wondered if anyone here had any experience of this - has anyone tried it with their children?
  3. Hi - wonder if anyone has any tips or advice on how best to teach a young (aged 5 and a half) ASD girl simple maths. We do quite a bit of work at home with her to try to underpin her learning in school as she is achieving "well below the level expected" etc. But I am struggling with getting her to understand even simple addition if it involves a number over 5 as she can only do sums using up to 5 fingers on each hand. Are there maybe any good books or resources or programmes that anyone has used to help their child with maths? Thanks for your help
  4. Sally, thanks so much for your reply - that's really helpful - lots for me to think about and look up and good advice re taking things forward. I am uncomfortable with her being discharged so this is really good advice - thank you again.
  5. Hi, I am wondering if there are any other parents out there with a similar problem who can offer advice from their experience? My 5 year old daughter, recently diagnosed ASD, does not speak in some situations but is highly verbal and practically never stops talking at home to us! She only speaks to us (her parents) and her two Grandma's. She's never spoken to her Grandad, Uncle and many other family members. When we are out she will not reply to people in shops, cafe's etc when they say hello and does not speak to family friends, some of whom she's known since birth. At school she does now speak one to one to her teacher and LSA and a few children but not many. If we meet her teacher outside of school she will not speak to her then. She does not answer the register or speak in front of the class at all. To me I had felt this was selective mutism but her SALT disagrees and she has now discharged us due to our daughters good level of verbal and language skills. I feel a bit lost in the wilderness now as to where to go from here. I was kind of told there isn't really a problem but to us it is a problem, especially her not speaking to other family members. Has anyone else experienced similar problems with their children of good verbal ability but just not speaking in some situations? Has anyone tried any strategies that worked? Or had any particular type of professional help that worked? Thanks for your advice
  6. I have been looking into vision testing/treatments for ASD children. I started off down one path and then found all these other things so now I am confused! Please can anyone clarify what and if there is a difference between orthoscopics, vision therapy and behavioural optometry or are they all part of the same process of evaulation and treatment. ie. could an optician/optometrist assess and treat with coloured lenses and vision therapy programmes? I have followed some threads but still can't quite get my head around the differences and what path I may be best to take. Many thanks
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