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  1. Thanks very much for recommending this Aut_Scot, I was fortunately able to watch the whole series in two days and it left me wanting more. Hopefully there will be!
  2. Sadly the article seems to have disappeared from The Guardian website. I've found it on the Wayback Machine though: Article on the Wayback Machine
  3. The term "speed friending" makes it sound like a very high-stressed situation... Not at all conducive to people communicating and bonding with each other on their own terms, but please let me know more about it and (hopefully) prove me wrong!
  4. Well thank you, I never thought I'd be getting all nostalgic over social media...! Refreshing the page to see if there is a reply - a week later...? I actually thought the early days of Myspace, Facebook, forums, were very positive for people who found socialising in the "real world" problematic at best. That's why I signed up for the Myspace 1.0 replicating site FriendProject.net, out of sheer nostaligia, by the by. My own experiences are tied up with the SA-UK site, a very prominent one for me in the noughties as I found my way in the neurodiverse universe. Re:Asperclick - Ahh, so I just missed the party. That would explain why I didn't receive that confirmation email.
  5. Ahh... forums, emoticons/"smilies", how very early-noughties! I'm not sure about this place in particular, but communication in the digital realm seems to be shifting towards more intimate one-to-one platforms, whereas "social media" is now 15 years old and quite often becomes a cess-pool of hostility and trolling. The other exception to this that I've encountered is the Ravelry forums for knitters and crocheters, not the most venomous bunch to begin with to be sure, but there you go! The internet is changing and things like websites and using a PC (or even a laptop!) may once again become the domain of the geeks, techies and nerds (thank goodness!) as everyone else is on Instagram and the Youtube comments section. Goodness me that was a digression! What was the question again...? Also Ben, is the Asperclick site still running as I haven't got my confirmation email yet?
  6. I notice that this is now called "The Spectrum", is Asperger's being phased out?
  7. Lazy is a problematic word for me as it implies a knowledge of a person's motivations which cannot always be assumed. From my own perspective I find it harder to do certain things due to subtle executive functioning difficulties (planning ahead, breaking down tasks, etc.) This tends to manifest in avoidance strategies that could be perceived as laziness by others. Perhaps the laziness is in my giving in to the avoidance, rather than grasping these tasks as a challenge, the laziness is really at the level of thought before it becomes action (or inaction!) Also, there's the worth-it-ness factor; if the stress of doing something is far greater than the short term benefits of having done that thing, then said thing won't get done - I am however aware that this leads to long term issues... I also have a pervasive sense of malaise that undercuts my short term judgements/decisions too. My other take on laziness is that it's used as a weapon by people who want to feel morally superior.
  8. Thanks Karen, I'll let you know! Which conference was that by the way?
  9. Hi there, my name's Brian/Byron and I'm a Portsmoutherian living up here in Yorkshire. Long story short, after years of suspecting myself of Social Anxiety, Schizoid, BiPolar and or Schizotypal (deep breath...) I was finally diagnosed with Asperger's earlier this year at Sheffield. I have a part time job and a wonderful girlfriend, and have managed living (with the help of my girlfriend and her father) in my own flat for three years now. I've also got a first class degree in the Arts, which so far hasn't translated into anything further, but avenues are opening up for me as of late that could lead to bigger and brighter things! Hope to be a good member of this community Byron T.
  10. Hello there, I'm having an issue uploading a profile image from my computer. I've made sure it's well below the 150 x 150 px required, and the files I've tried have been no larger than 30kb but I'm still getting a little pink box at the top saying the image is too large?? - am I missing something...? Thank you kindly for your help, CofB
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