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I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 2010 after researching arts therapies in 2004 and realising that I was seeing myself in the research mirror.  I have previously identified (and to a certain extent still do) as "socially anxious" or "avoidant".

Lived "down south" for nigh on 30 years before meeting the love of my life and moving up to her home town in Yorkshire. What a beautiful county; epic scenery and the bleakness of the moors within a (dry)stones throw of each other!

England seems a much smaller place when you have your feet at both ends of the country ;p

I'm in the process of preparing for and choosing a Masters degrees at the moment, however by day I can be found baking at my local Sainsburys, keeping the wheels of commerce greased.  What can I say, the process of preparing for and choosing a Masters is taking longer than I thought...

As well as being diagnosed with AS (and therefore interested in it's causes and prognoses,) I am very interested in the relationship of 'outsiders' in general to society, both those that are self-defined and those that are socially/culturally and politically defined as such.

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