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  1. Jeanne My little one is only 6 so not at the wisdom tooth stage yet. However, he has lost his first couple of teeth and aside from the panic of them actually coming out he has been agitated and upset more and he keeps pointing to the ones that are coming in Also personally, at age 39 I have recently had 2 wisdom teeth start to come through a little more and one of these had food that had got stuck and caused infection - and it was the most painful thing I had ever had! I could not think of anything else at all apart from this constant pain, it was just throbbing all the time. I had some antibiotics and it made a big improvement within 48 hours. It could be worth getting the dentist to have another look, as its so difficult to keep them clean at this stage LisaKaz
  2. My son is 6.5 and exactly the same. We are under the continence service and she tells us that this is a very common problem Often Leo only goes for a wee first thing in the morning then perhaps once or twice in the evening, once he is home. He has never used the toilet at school or out and about and only recently at his grandparents They never seem concerned about his lack of fluid, though try at regular intervals. I queried about health and she said if he had an infection he and us would know about it One thing that was suggested to us was to get a disabled toilet key. Think they are called Radar keys. Then your child can use a toilet on his own with no unexpected flushing or hand dryer noises. LisaKaz
  3. Never had any direct dealings they have never responded to any emails. They seem to signpost a lot They are opening a free autism school in my area, but will have to see how that all goes next year!
  4. oh yes! I can so empathise with this. Our DS said nothing at 3 and at nearly 6 he never shuts up. Not only that he talks very loudly. We have a volume chart and we show him it to bring him down in volume but its lasts for 20 seconds then its shouting again It never stops, my ears are ringing!! He can parrot whole books and scenes from TV programmes word perfect - I know some episodes of Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly of by heart No idea what the solution is LisaKaz
  5. yes he is making progress in SALT. He is now forming sounds properly and she has moved on to some topic work that helps him with concepts So this term on, next to, behind, in, in front of etc... He is tested each time she is back in and a new area is then set I have to say this seems to work really well as he is starting to use these terms in sentences and they even make sense! lol LisaKaz
  6. Meeting went well School are supporting that he needs the 32.5 hrs (he has this now) and hope the LEA will agree. If not they will be arguing it with us If he does not get funding for it, he will have it anyway Relief!
  7. thanks everyone! Feel a bit more relaxed now - its just our first one Sally, Leo gets speech therapy from SALT once every half term and she leaves activities and tasks for his one to one to do and she does them 3 times a week. This is all specified in statement He has no other therapy in school Lisa
  8. Thanks Sally not seen any reports, though verbally was told that his current teacher has recommended full hours Yes he is statemented and it says 32.5 hours additional support though one to one, to work in small groups with aid of one to one to help with social interaction The school I have to say are fab. A child that in Sept had no interactions with peers, could not hold a pen or read, now has a small group of friends is writing and reading at the recommended level (age 5 to 6) I could not fault anything that they do. They are immensely inclusive and I have a communication book everyday telling me what he has done, who he has played with and any achievements he has had so we can talk to him about this at home Just the hours thing that worries me. LisaKaz
  9. Its his review today! Am dreading it Leo is currently reception going up to year 1 and as yet no transition in place. We have annual review this afternoon, so hoping for some answers My main concern is that there is a SEN funding shortfall at the school this year as it is a high attaining school with a good reputation for SEN fo higher than average number of SEN pupils - hence lack of money They are applying for the top up funding but not heard if that been successful Leo currently gets 32.5 hours one to one and he needs it. If its cut not sure how he can cope in mainstream, he needs the support more at unstructured times such as break and between activities, than he does in the classroom I am led to beleive they cant just cut hours due to funding there has to be a good reason such as improvement etc.. but I am not convinced this will happen Can I refuse to sign if I do not agree with any changes? Am so hoping that they just agree that he needs his current level of support to continue LisaKaz
  10. Yes Leo when he was younger repeated words again and again and again. At 5 he now repeats whole sections of books or a tv programme over and over. it can get very tiring!
  11. my son was diagnosed at 3 with very few words, some made up words and grunting and pointing was his main communication He is now 5 and in mainstream school with one to one provision. I wont lie he is behind his peers, but he is speaking and learning new words daily. He knows all his letters and is reading and starting to write. i did not see this even 12 months ago, so a massive change for him!! So there are no guarantees, but with early diagnosis there is certainly a good chance of big change LisaKaz
  12. Leo had this problem he went from very loose stools to being very constipated We used to give various treatments that seemed to make us lurch even worse from one scenario to another It is worth seeing a paediatrician and also maybe a dietician as they may be able to suggest small changes that can help LisaKaz
  13. Sa Skimrande! They are not dumbed down, they are the normal films. They are really good for perhaps people who struggle in a usual cinema setting. in my case my son would be bored by the trailers and may annoy others talking or if he gets excited about something in the film Cineworld and Odeons hold monthly autism friendly screenings The key changes are:- The lights will be on low The volume will be turned down There will be no trailers at the beginning of the film You'll be able to take your own food and drinks You'll be able to move around the cinema if you like I think your comment of dumbed down is not very understanding, you should know that autism affects people differently
  14. I have not commented on all the changes and issues recently, as dont feel its appropriate But I think its wonderful how the forum had pulled together and its lovely to see some new moderators especially ones who are regular visitors and contributors to the forum
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