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  1. I'm just unable to form any meaningful relationships, they just do nothing for me so because of that I feel an overwhelming sense of isolation, as I've always felt. I lived in hope for many years that this would somehow change in the future but it never did and I've now resigned myself and accepted it wont for me.
  2. If anything the Rainbows leader was over reacting and clearly does not understand ASD behaviour. She obviously needs a bit of education and understanding of the issues and it's a perfect opportunity to teach the other girls about it. Looking at the Girlguiding website - http://www.girlguidi...sabilities.aspx It might be worth contacting someone higher up in the organisation to ask for advice.
  3. I've always wished I had good social skills, the kind most take for granted. It would certainly make life much easier than any academic qualification would. I would go as far as to say good social skills would probably help in the pursuit of the academic side of things. I left college after one day because I couldn't face it.
  4. Jota

    Sore Loser

    I'm 45 and still hate losing. I can't even let my son win at something by deliberately failing so when he does win it's a major 'in yer face dad' moment!
  5. Hi and welcome to the forums. I'm in a similar situation as I was diagnosed a month ago at the age of 45 although I'd kind of suspected it for the past couple of years after doing some research. I was a bit different in that I was glad I had an explanation for the way I was/am.
  6. Jota

    hi everyone

    Hi Claire and welcome to the forums. I was diagnosed a month or so ago (aged 45) and now I suspect my dad has it and maybe my mum too.
  7. One of the 'joys' of my AS is I don't do tradition!
  8. Might be an idea to try out expanding your first response a little bit so if someone asks if you want a coffee say 'no thanks, I've had enough today' or 'I've just had one thanks'. If you give them a bit of reasoning behind your answer it might satisfy them more.
  9. Jota


    If you'd informed those cops they'd have a duty to act. As it was they probably couldn't be bothered, must have had an important meeting with some doughnuts.
  10. Jota

    Hi From a newbie

    Hi ruthie and welcome to the forums!
  11. Hi Lab Pet and welcome to the forums. I'm across the other side of the country from you but it's not any warmer!
  12. Hi. I'm 45 and was diagnosed with Aspergers a couple of weeks ago. I went to my doctor and rattled through all that I felt, the difficulties I had and have had since childhood and she wrote a letter to the local psychology department (NHS). They got in touch and I had a few meetings with a psychologist (I think it was) a couple of months later and she got me to fill out a questionnaire and she gave me one for my mum to fill out about what I was like as a child. At the end of that she said I had Aspergers. I'd previously had a diagnosis of depression in my 20's and anxiety/social phobia in my 30's but after taking all that in and reading a bit about it I always felt it didn't get to the root of the problem but I always had problems describing how I felt and it's really only been the last few years where I've gotten my head around it enough to be able to describe it well. Why not make a list of everything you have problems with and take it in with you to the doctor. I always had problems of getting really anxious in the waiting room then my mind going blank when I went in to see the doctor.
  13. Hi Porilllion and welcome to the forum.
  14. Jota


    You can legally watch the BBC iPlayer online too without a TV licence. Some other channels have their own version too.
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