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  1. shellz thanks for bumping this topic. I only joined this site recently so didn't see it when it was originally posted. I have been looking for something like this for a while so I'd say yes to the original poster, definitely do it. Also what site is it?!
  2. Since I first posted this topic, my son has been diagnosed with Autism. They say it is high functioning or Asperger's syndrome. I feel relieved to know exactly why he is the way he is but it still doesn't stop me feeling fed up sometimes. I can have days where I am ready to take on anything that is thrown at me even if it is when my son is having a really bad day...like today for instance! There is a shop at the bottom of our road and I wanted to just go to buy a drink and some chocolate but it took us almost half an hour to get there because he sat on the stairs for about 5 mins, refusing to move. Then he stood outside our house for about 10 minutes because he said his brother had told him to wait and wouldn't move until he came back (from my mum's house where he is staying tonight). I eventually managed to get him to cross the road but then he started to pick up stones and throw them, he thought this was hilarious even when I told him it was 'naughty'. I always feel like I'm going to cry when he is difficult like this, but rather than cry I often end up laughing because I would probably not be able to stop crying if I started! My son hates anyone laughing and when he saw me laughing, he ended up walking back to our house so I had to run after him and pull him back! This is WHY I dislike going anywhere with him these days because it does take a long time to get anywhere and I don't drive. Does anyone else have the same problems with their child?
  3. Hi Kerry My son was diagnosed with ASD this week. I asked them what type of ASD it is and they told me that they don't categorise it anymore (not in my area anyway). They said that as he is high functioning he may have once been labelled as having Asperger's syndrome but that is exactly the same as High functioning Autism. I think the reason why they are reluctant to use the term Asperger's is because there are alot of prejudices against the term and that if you say that you are autistic, people are generally more understanding. I personally have always believed Asperger's syndrome to be autism as it is medically on the Autistic spectrum...
  4. Lilypad


    hereis a link to an article about the MMR vaccine and how the whole controversy was just a hoax. Hope it puts your mind at ease.
  5. Thanks for all the messages. It is such a relief to know I am not the only one feeling like this and this forum is a godsend! Because my flat is rented, I know my landlord could evict me if any neighbours complain. That is what I am worried about the most. I am praying for the next tenant to be deaf!
  6. I have suffered in the past with anxiety and depression anyway so I probably do have it mildly. You sound the same as me JeanneA. I have one friend who I see at the weekend but I am starting to feel like that is too much. I prefer my own company and even though my sons can be hard work especially when they are fighting, the thing I like best is when we are all home together. It feels safe and I know they are ok. I am very protective of them, especially my youngest. I worked before christmas, but I couldn't cope with it and I feel safer at home. I would work from home if I could but it's so hard to find anything like that. I will have to go on the dole soon too and look for work at the same time which I am dreading. Does anyone know if there is a way around it? They gave me a DLA form last time which I have only just filled in and I think I need to send a doctors report with it...
  7. I understand what you mean. I sometimes find it hard to read messages when people make spelling mistakes etc. But, I suppose they can't help it if they have a reading disability. The one thing that I am trying to get used to is the use of abbreviations here. I get so confused when users refer to their "DS" or "DD" and I am even more confused when somebody will post something about their "DS playing on his DS" But that is just me and i'm not going to complain about it. However, I do not wish to use the abbreviations as I really dislike abbreviating anyway.
  8. It's like my mind is only focused on one thing, and that is getting answers for my son's problems. I am constantly searching the internet looking for answers but obviously the only people who can do that are the assessors. My life is seriously only revolving around autism. I don't want to read anything that isn't about autism, I don't want to see my friends because they talk about other things and I'm honestly not interested. I don't go anywhere, the only time I leave the house is to take/pick up the kids to/from school or for any appointments. I find it hard to keep the flat clean and tidy. I think this thing is taking over my life and i'm becoming depressed. I feel paranoid that people are looking at me when i'm out! Is this agorophobia?? Is this even normal?! Also, my neighbour who lives in the flat below me is moving out because of the noise my son makes. He jumps up and down a lot. He also screams or throws things around if he is upset. I am dreading the next tenant moving in, because they might not be as understanding as the last one and I am worried about being evicted. How do I explain my son has problems? He hasn't even been diagnosed so I can't say "he is autistic" because he may not be.
  9. Thanks for the link trekster. Put my mind at ease...for the time being!
  10. Hello I recieved a letter this morning from the organisation that assesses children for ASDs in my area. They have given me an appointment for my son to attend in around 2/3 weeks. The letter says the assessment will consist of a speech and language therapist and a paediatrician. I am just really nervous about the whole thing and I need to know a few things such as: What will be involved? How long will it take? Will I be able to sit with him during the assessment? Will a diagnosis (if there is one) be made on the day? I am also worried that they might not think he has an ASD and if he doesn't, then what will happen? I know he has a lot of problems, but that could be anything( a family therapist mentioned to me once that he could have minor brain damage due to lack of oxygen when he was a baby). If that is the case, would they give me advice on this? Please could anyone offer some advice? Although I have been waiting a year for this,I am so anxious that I am shaking right now as I type this.
  11. Hi Harry. thank you very much for sharing your experience with me. I have always wondered if Tourettes syndrome can be comorbid to AS as I haven't heard of many cases. Fortunately, my son's school is alot more understanding than some of the schools that people have mentioned on this forum. This morning has been a classic example. My son was supposed to have an appointment at half 9 with CAMHS and they phoned me at 9:15 to cancel. This very obviously disturbed my son and he refused to walk back to school (we were halfway between his school and CAMHS - it's only a 5 min walk between the two places). When we got to school, he was very upset because of this disruption (I have been telling him about the appointment for the past few days to prepare him) I had to ask for his class teacher to come and get him but first he ran out of the school, then he was clinging on to me and he was crying his eyes out. The headteacher also came out of her office and they were both really supportive and told him they'd go and read a book (to calm him down). I had to walk out of there and let them deal with him which I hate doing but I understand it's their job... I just recieved a call a few minutes ago from the SENCO to let me know my son has settled down now. He also told me he has made a phonecall to CAMHS to complain about them cancelling the appointment at the last minute. This is the second appointment they have cancelled in a row, the last time we saw them was in November and if they keep on doing this, i'm going to have a very upset child but still no closer to finding out what's wrong with him. I know what happened this morning will probably affect him for the rest of the day, and his tics and behaviour will probably be worse tonight (it's a pattern i've picked up on).
  12. That must be so frustrating for you I really hope you get some answers soon.
  13. Thank you. I clicked on that link and a page came up but I wasn't quite sure where to go from there but I have been searching forums and information anyway so I suppose until he has his CAMHS assessment next month, I will just have to be patient.
  14. Hi. I'm not sure how to quote on this but when you mentioned the diagnosis in America and having to have an above average IQ, I think they tend to base alot on a person's IQ over there which in my opinion is wrong. A child psychologist once told me that professionals prefer not to test a child's IQ for many reasons - I believe one reason is that it can be unfair and damaging to their personality. Another reason is because it is not necessary. Also, may you be thinking of the AQ (Autism spectrum quotient) test?
  15. Thank you for the replies. Just hope I can get some idea what the problem is. The most annoying thing is not knowing! And bid, thank you that is very reassuring to know
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