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  1. <'> Hoorah! Well done to the workers. Missed everyone. redberry
  2. redberry

    bank holiday

    Pjammy day here at home! Ive promised Sam one for a while and as his 14 month old cousin came for a visit over the weekend and Sam was SO brilliant. Caring sharing, even sharing time with his dad which for Sam is the hardest! I am worn out for I had forgotton just how full on 14month old bundles of tasmanian devil can be!! Full on gorgeous though! Hope everyone enjoys the bank holiday Redberry
  3. Thank you Lufty. redberry
  4. <'> <'> For you <'> <'> redberry
  5. Hmm Im not so sure , I felt uncomfortable watching..not so bad I turned off the tv mind you! I think this guy is being used by Big Brother, they wont have his best interests at heart. He is dynamic and bouncy and sweary, my friend has a son with tourettes, he was upset watching this as he felt like he would be seen as entertainment or a circus freak. I dont know, hope it turns out cool for him. redberry
  6. Jonathon...can't believe that you nearly got away! Ive come very late to this post, but I wanted to add my delight that you are staying put redberry
  7. MMMMMMM nut roast is loverly,lots of folks I know diss nut roast cos its so typical but we LOVE it! redberry
  8. Blimey this is going to sound horrible but Ive been longing for the day we have to do a burial for Philip, Sams hamster. He is so violent, he attempts to bite us all even though we spent ages trying to tame him. We are a pet loving vegetarian household and we have had hamsters before. Philip now spends his days in his nest being coerced into his plastic ball while I clean his cage. He has bitten Sophie (my daughter )really badly, sinking his teeth into her finger and having to be removed forcibly. and the rest of us have been bitten and nipped I think he has the taste for human blood!!!! He makes me feel guilty and mad alternately...the rest of the family have convieniently blanked his existence and I long for the day we are free from this tyrant! your burial story made me laugh! redberry
  9. Bagpuss... no doubt you aren't missing fish...cos you are still eating it! CODLIVER oil!! Its not veggie pet still, keep the veggie flag flying..quorn can taste rubbery if its cooked too long. We sometimes have quorn roast for sundays dinner, but Im not that struck on it generally. redberry
  10. My Mike, South Londons most gifted painter and decorator, has definate preferences when it come s to Branded paint....he loves paint and can bore the beejeebers out of me but I do know that MCpher***s paint is cheapish, reliable and has good colour representations! If you have some other colours lying about you couls do a bit of mixing! Good luck redberry
  11. redberry


    Now hang on a mo.. I thought a pearl necklace (not a real one ) was very Rude... but not in the way all of you lot do! I get The Neils delicate, nay, sensitive description, but I always thought some thing else was involved!!! Oh well Im going to wait until Mike gets home and ask him, he reads the Profanasaurus...he'll know! redberry
  12. Yay! Well done.... Good luck Phas Jn! redberry
  13. We are all veggies in Redberry mansion (I wish!)... the mansion bit.. I mean we are really veggies! I haven't eaten meat or fish for over 30 years. (Or so I thought!) Last time I was up north for a family visit my Mam admitted that when I was younger and still living at home she would often try to get a bit of 'goodness' into me by pouring gravy on to my vegetables and then blotting it off with a tea towel!!!! Yuck!!! I suppose her heart was in the right place! redberry
  14. Hey thats fantastic positive news <'> redberry
  15. Karen, So sorry to hear about this, I really hope you feel better soon. I think it says alot about you, relects on the person you are, the fact you have such an understanding friend. redberry <'>
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