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  1. Congrats Phas!! Wish mine went to a school near you!!!!!
  2. I think you are brilliant, if someone said to me give up chocolate for 8days i would think that my life had ended!!! Good on ya and keep it up
  3. Yeah i have used complimentary therapy for my son... My mother is a reflexologist and armotherapist, and I swear by alternative medicine!!!!
  4. justamom

    PE teacher

    I cant tell you how livid I am about the PE teacher, and I have had a day to calm down. We had app with Rheumatologist, she was very adement that he should not do any form of PE whilst he has inflammation or pain, she will write a letter for me excusing K from PE until further notice..... She is concerned that his blood test is a bit raised, because the methoxerate is such a potent medicine especially for kids she has to be careful that is does not affect his bone marrow so we are going to have to have more tests.... He might have to have injections into his hips to help with pain, we will just see how the steriods work or not... Both hubby and I have phoned and left messages, even the receptionist recognised my voice (and accent South African), hubby said he is going to the school on thurs morning at 8.30 and he will not be leaving until he is seen.... God help that school the XXXX is gonna hit the fan....
  5. justamom

    PE teacher

    Hi all, I have still been popping in but have not posted in a while!!! Hope you are all well! K has been ill lately and off school for 1 week due to a flare-up of his arthritis.I sent the following letter in today:- I wanted to inform you of K's current situation regarding his arthritis. He has not been very well lately and has not been at school over the past week due to a severe flare-up of his arthritis in his knees and hips. He was seen on Wednesday by our GP who wanted to admit him if there was no change in his condition after a course of steriods. We are due to see the rheumatologist and we will arrange to get a letter for you stating that he cannot do P.E. even non-contact sports until his next review. Please excuse K from P.E. until further notice. K was given dention by the PE teacher today for not having his PE kit with him even though he was not doing PE. It's apparently the school rules to have a PE kit with you even if you are not doing PE - Why???? NOw they are doing cross country at school and its about 2miles, K said to the teacher today that he cant do (after handing him the above letter). Teacher said that he could walk it. What the . He has no understanding of his condition even though i have phoned and spoken to him before.... I am so glad that K refused to do it, he knows that its too much for him... I have phoned the school and tried to speak to the teacher but funny how no one is available... I am soooooo mad
  6. I agree with you cmuir, medical condition is a huge umbrella!!!
  7. We have a new puppy she is a Westie and is only 4mnths old, best thing we did was getting a puppy the kids absolutely love her and its very therapeutic for K as well he is besotted with her
  8. My pharmacy are having the very same problem, luckily K has still got a few days left but I was given 5 days worth and asked to return at the end of the week??? When renewing the perscription the nurse at the doctors had never heard of melationin she said it was the first time she had come across it...
  9. LOVE it - cant wait... I'm from South Africa and we have hot Christmas's so love the cold winter Christmas's with all the trimings and the lights dont get me started i love the lights!!!!!
  10. OMG, I dont know what to say!! Praying things work out for you!!!
  11. K has detention today for this very same thing, I have refused to let him go in the past and ended up having a meeting with the Senco because I also felt that reasonable adjustments had to be had because of his AS. Most of the time teachers dont recognise that AS is a disability - a hidden one at that so they dont realise that they have organisational skills difficulties.
  12. I think its rubbish too cant find my house either!!!
  13. I have just got my kids a westie pup and I could not make the decission you are faced with, its so hard its like having another member of the family!!! I do hope you dog is ok!! All the best
  14. I think you should phone CAMHS to ask them for advice perhaps he needs some form of counselling from someone because it seems like he has been thru a hell of a lot...
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