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    Music of any sort as long as it has a beat and/or a melody (actually, atonality is good too!) - specifically singing, arranging and conducting. Craft and art including customising furniture, sewing, cake decoration and designing cards and logos.
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    Hello All, First of all, thank you for this forum - I've read a few of your posts and I already feel a weight has lifted. Aged 28, I've recently started to realise that I may have AS. I've always felt out of step socially and I've worked hard to exhibit normal behaviour in social situations. I think what has really clinched it for me is that I have recently donated eggs to my sister and throughout the process I have realised just how detached and analytical I am about something that is so emotionally charged for everyone else. I feel like instead of feeling the emotion too, I've been pretending I'm feeling it and just saying the right things. I scored 36 on the AQ test (incidentally, my partner scored 4) and when I looked into AS, a lot of the signs rang true. I am really interested to hear from any of you about your experiences and any coping strategies you have, especially when it comes to empathising without feeling like a total fraud.
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