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  1. Ah, No thats one I hadn't thought about! off to Argos tomorrow then Thanks.
  2. Hi Lynne, thanks for your reply, they sound like the kind of thing I have been using, bed pads that lie on top of the sheet, she's such a fidget in bed though that a few times they haven't done there job lol. I'm actually thinking about designing my own!!! some kind of waterproof plastic that the mattress can be put in but with air holes on the underneath side to let the mattress breath????!!! I'm getting desperate, can you tell :-)
  3. Hi, its called Desmopression nasal spray and yep we tried it!, she is on the tablet version now, maximum dose and getting 3-4 dry nights out of 7 :-)
  4. Hiya I had her in dri-nites for yrs but when she got to about 10 she refused to wear them as they were too much like nappies :-(, I did go to my gp and ask for help as I know the elderly are given help with these kind of problems but I was told there was nothing they could give me on the nhs but I could try the website 'Eric' (way out of my price league!) She is definately asleep, she is such a heavy sleeper that alsolutely nothing wakes her! although I did wonder at first wether she was wetting because she couldn't get to the toilet in time but she gets upset and angry when she wets. there aren't any consequences for her, I dont make her sort her bed out or change the sheets as she creates so much fuss it's easier to do it myself! Thanks for your response, I have my fingers crossed that one day she will 'grow out of it' as the doctors say ;-)
  5. Hi yes have tried the terry towelling protectors there not thick enough to hold too much liquid but thanks for your reply :-)
  6. Hi, thanks for your reply, she hasn't had any help from camhs for a long time, they just don't understand how she is and yes she has been on medication before, ritalin which didn't help and also anti-depressants which made her hyper! I already use the plastic mattress protectors but they dont work, the mattress still gets wet! I don't expect any help from anyone anymore least of all camhs, I'm sure she'll get better as she gets older or at least thats what I've been telling myself for the past 12 yrs! :-)
  7. Hi all, new to this site but not new to Aspergers! I have a 12 yr old dd with aspergers who was eventually diagnosed in 2005 and its been a struggle ever since, saw camhs for quite a few yrs but tbh they were completely useless, the biggest problem with my dd is the anger and stress, it never ends from morning till night and she started her periods back in january so our house is like a war zone The reason I came onto this site is because she has never been dry at night, I dont know wether its connected or not. we have tried the alarms, drinking more in the day, less in the day, no drinks after 6pm, desmotabs and everything!!! she is on desmopressin again but my question is... Does anyone know of anything to completely protect a mattress from getting wet?? I am fed up of buying new mattress's it costs a fortune not to mention my water, electricity and gas bills , I use protective covers (which are rubbish) and bed pads but they still dont work, at the moment I have left the protective wrapping on which came with her new mattress as I don't want it ruined again but this is not ideal as it sounds like shes sleeping on packets of crisps! lol anyway this has turned into a bit of an essay. thanks for reading
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