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  1. Ah I see, thankyou Grace
  2. Can anyone tell me why my son has 32.5 hours on his statement when he is only at school for 31 hours and 15 minutes a week? Could the extra 1 hour and 15 minutes be for the time before school, like 15 minutes a day before the bell? We were told he could not be there before the bell as there was no one to be with him. Many thanks for any replies.
  3. Many thanks Tally, I have since spoken to his GP and he has suggested reducing the dose of Cetrizine as he was on an adult dose (prescribed by GP) as he is a big 9 year old and adult doses start at 12 for that medicine, fingers crossed it works!
  4. My son has been prescribed Cetrizine for hay fever, I started him on it in the evenings when he was off school so no melatonin, it seemed to have no affect on him in a drowsy way, but cleared the hay fever. When he went back to school I decided he should have it in the morning, his TA said he was very tired by breaktime and he should have it the night before. I spoke to his paediatrician who said Cetrizine is a modern hay fever tablet that doesnt cause drowsyness unless its a side effect(?) and he can have it am or pm with melatonin, now I am confused as if he is experiencing a side effect of tiredness from the Cetrizine should he have it alongside the melatonin in the evening, what could a double whammy do? Sorry for the long and garbled post but feel am being told conflicting and confusing advice
  5. A question for people whose children have been prescribed melatonin Were you told to give school nights only and give your child a break from the melatonin at weekends? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Thankyou Kathryn Thankyou GaryS thats where I was reading from and would have given the link! It is a wonderful and informative site thanks again mmmmm my doctor had never heard of GF/CF!!!!!! But will ask!
  7. Hi I have been reading about Phosphatidylserine, and it is claimed to help those with ADHD I could add some links but dont know if I am allowed? Any way after doing a search on here with no results I wonder if anyone has any views/info on this? Many Thanks Also apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place am not really sure where to put it!
  8. Many thanks for this info I have done some more research and am now off to buy some!
  9. This is very interesting indeed I am def going to give it a go!
  10. Hi Robert pleased to meet you!
  11. morgana

    Hello :)

    Hi Aine, I am new as well, pleased to meet you!
  12. My son and I had to wait to sign in for a club in a queue and not people we knew, when he announced in a very loud voice, "What is THAT smell?" I quicky said, "Smells like someone is cooking dinner", (thinking oh noooooo what next!) he replied, "No its not, its definitely not dinner"! I try to hurry and then after much sniffing he announces, "Do you know what I think it is, I think its toast!" PHEW!
  13. morgana

    Hi ya :)

    Hi BethK, nice to 'meet' you, I am new as well! I think its fab that your boy is pointing to let you know what he wants that is very good, maybe some pecs will really help him
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