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  1. Hi I have a 2 and a 1 year old as well the school he is at are great and take care of him the head and deputy spend a lot fo time looking after him and an assistant, but that runs out in about a month. we are trying to get him in an A.S.D> unit which we already knwo will be refused for lack of a place and will ahve to go to tribunal, will know wednesday . He si fine aobut it he always knew he was different.the babies won't settle tonight so are still up running around after a not so good attempted bedtime it si good to talk to people who understnad. I'm glad you sons school is good also. do u have other children? Do u still feel down about it I am worrying that feeling won't go away its changed everything to me, but I feel closer to my son now as I understand more.
  2. He got his formal diagnosis now it seems mainstream high school is nto suitable so will be placing requests and tribunals to get him specialist provision, talk abotu a leanring curve With glue ear they get grommets which last 6 months to over a year and that returns the hearing, but you must keep them dry, no swimming an dto wash their hair you have to block thier ears with cotton then seal with vaseline, if they swim they need ear plugs a swim cap and then don't dunk so we jsut don't bother with swimming. he has grommets at the moment, so his hearing si the best its ever been so ggo in fact that he is suffering with the autistic super sensitive hearing problems, damned either way, but we are used to the grommets now its been on and off since he was 5. its amazing the stuff kids won't tell you
  3. my son has it you can get insoles from orthotics if it hurts to walk far, special cutlery if it is hard to handle cutting food and gripping and it makes writing hard for him it hurts after a few words all the way to his arms, he trips, fall and hurts himself a lot but he si also clumsy and has a.s.d he is 12 we found out this year, he was alwasy more tired than everyone else, you joints are loose and usign them burns more oxygen, making you more tired
  4. in west lothian it has taken me 3 months to get an appointments letter after my son being referred in february he will be seen in May
  5. Sounds a bit like my son who probably has asperger's syndrome. could you go back to your gp adn ask for your son to be referred to be assessed to see what his problems might be and explain how down he is getting, and that these problems he is having seem to indicate he has a communication difficulty. could you call the camhs in their department and get their secretary to let you know how much longer you will have to wait or maybe write to them telling them the trouble he is having and if they could refer him to someone who deals with A.S.D ?, as if that is the main problem sometimes cahms won't help or just refer him themselves. Could you ask to see the schools community paediatrician or educational psychologist or both, to see if they will refer him or get him seen quicker.. I live in west lothian and only waited a few months to get seen and get appointments as the school doctor referred him and we went to our gp oursleves adn got him refreeed to cahms who then said they woudl be refering him to A>>S>D clinic as it is nto a mental helath problem unless he gets depressed or very anxious
  6. hi jlogan its a bit of a learnign curve, we are finding it very hard as we didn't think he was any different and now he seems different to us, nwo that we see it
  7. a) Teaching Support Service for Pupils with an ASD. Greenfield School, Boothroyd Drive, Idle. Bradford. BD10 8LU. Tel: 01274 614092. E-mail: office@greenfield.ngfl.ac.uk Bradford and District Autistic Support Group (BADASG) 18 Campus Rd., Listerhills Science and Commerce Park, Bradford. BD7 1HR. Tel: 01274 738196/626464. E-mail: info@badasg.co.uk Website: www.badasg.co.uk c) Airedale and Wharfedale Autism Resource (AWARE). Tel: 019243 609103 Website: www.homestead.com/awareUK d) National Autistic Society. 393 City Rd., London EC1Y 1NG Tel: 0171 903 3555. E-mail: nas@nas.org.uk Website: www.nas.org.uk Don't know if these are any use to you, I'm in scotland have a son who is in a similar situation, but the school are great and treat him as if he has A.s.D and pushed for a diagnosis for us and with us and that will happen in May, but my son is worse violent in the same situations but can't seems to learn to not keep repeating his mistakes and we are strict. I can't get him to learn the consequences. If after diagnosis we can't get him somewhere specialised for .A.S.D and there are a few places around I will be reluctantly home educating him, my son is depressed about it too and is scared to go back, they gave us a month off but now want him to go in on Monday, not sure if he will or not, I digress. why is it up to cahms why can't they refer him for an assessment so he can get more help, we saw them here and they told us they would have done that that if it was not already ongoing.
  8. thanks cmuir I may do that, we were in denial about his having it we thought he behaved differently due to glue ear mimicking the same traits in behaviour and as his dad was 'difficult' as a child, we now feel it si like we suddenly see it as can no longer ignore the fact and with understanding school head and support teacher at new school and readign lots ti can no longer be denied and we should have seen it, but as a result ti is hitting us a big blow and see ti all the time now we know and it is very hard for us to adjust at the moment. lindy2017 my son can no longer handle school due to meltdowns and overreacting to bullying, any little slight (and I mean overreacting with too much agression) it is so difficult, but we are waiting on assessment which could be 4 months away. Is good to have found this forum.
  9. JGardner

    Hello :)

    Hi aine I'm in a similar situation but my son is 12 and we just finding out eh has a.s.d and high school is in august which I'm nto looking forward to.
  10. JGardner

    Hi ya :)

    Hi i'm new too, a good thing about finding out early is that you can understand and learn more from the start.
  11. Hi Robert I'm janice and I'm in west Lothian, my 12 year old son is awaiting diagnosis of asperger's. I was also wondering who else was in scotland.i seem to learn something new every minute. cmuir, I didn't know they could have more than one thing at the same time, which I just hadn't thought of, although they found out my son also has hypermobility in his joints, which was a shock in itself. I am needing to learn quickly as my son has no diagnosis yet and is down for a mainstream high school so they may be a problem with transition to high school as he can't go there but August is not far away.
  12. We are waiting for our son to be diagnosed with Asperger's, we thought he had behaviour difficulties caused by glue ear and was a bit sensitive to noise and got into fights a lot, we thought the tantrums were as he was like his Dad as a child, only worse, we thought he would grow out of it, lately we saw him worsen and cease to progress at school, and fight nearly every day. Now we see it in him every day, I think we were in denial schools and people suspected it for years but he passed the facial expression pictures test at an appointment with a speech and language person a few years ago so we thought he must not have it, thats is that. We were wrong. He also did everything early as a baby, so were no clear signs then. Anyway we feel awful and it keeps hitting us in waves and guilt that we did nt see what was right in front of our eyes, the more we read the worse it seems to be and so obvious. Instread of reading abotu glue ear i shoudl ahve got a stack of books on autism and Asperger's adn I would have seen it. I joined this forum today I am on a steep learning curve as he turns 12 today.
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